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Chapter 467: A Special Formation
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Ling Han was a man of action, doing what he thought of. He immediately carved formation patterns on the massive golem's "hair," and these thirty-six "strands of hair" were the formation eyes.

It had been quite a few days since he received Tiandu Thunder Star Array. He had long figured out the formation patterns, but lacked the materials to form it. Now a large piece of material was placed in front of him, instantly making him eager to give it a try.

He had already carved the formation patterns on rocks earlier, so it was now a piece of cake.

After advancing into the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, his divine sense also increased by a whole lot, so he could carve three formation patterns in one go now. After resting for five to six hours, he could carve three more formation patterns.

Calculating in this way, he could carve ten or so formation patterns in a day, and in less than four days, he created all thirty-six formation eyes.

Inside the Black Tower, there wasn't the Dao of heaven and earth.

Ling Han summoned the massive golem and said, "Unleash formation eyes."

Ceng, ceng, ceng , pillars rose from the top of the massive golem's head, forming a formation, and instantly, the formation patterns lit up and gathered the power of heaven and earth as the entire formation became woven with white lightning.

The massive golem fired a punch. Zi, zi, zi, the flashes of lightning were also fired out; its prowess was impossible and terrifyingly shocking.

"Hahahaha!" Ling Han guffawed, appearing extremely satisfied.

This was truly a moving formation!

He stroked his chin as he thought of the formation patterns on Yin Hong's body, forming an astounding defensive effect which blocked even Hu Niu's attacks. This proved that the human body could also act as formation eyes, and his sudden idea was also inspired by this.

"I've already cultivated to Iron Sheet Body and the toughness of my physique is comparable to rare metals of the same tier, so I should also be able to tolerate the power of heaven and earth drawn in by the formation patterns… as long as the formation's tier doesn't surpass my tier," Ling Han said pensively.

If he could carve formation patterns like that of Ying Hong, his defensive power could increase another level.

"Having stayed here for four days, it's time to depart." Ling Han stored the massive golem inside the Black Tower. It was a lot easier to deal with now since the massive golem was loyal to him like a dog, so it naturally wouldn't resist his divine sense.

Ling Han advanced with Guang Yuan and Li Si chan. They actually didn't know where to go, but anyway, they'd move along first.

This wasn't a real world. There were clouds covering the skies, there was also the difference of day and night, which was the change of light and dark, but there was neither a sun nor a moon.

The three walked for a while, and the wilderness was already behind them. A vast plain appeared in front, and the carpet of grasses covered the insteps of their feet. Gentle winds breezed by, making them feel at ease.

"Wait," Ling Han suddenly said. He walked forward a few steps and parted the grass with his feet, immediately showing bones with traces of blood.

Guang Yuan also walked over. After examining for a while, he said, "This is a human collarbone!"

Ling Han nodded and said, "It should be of a martial artist who entered, but if the injury was manmade, it wouldn't possibly just leave a piece of bone. Moreover, by the looks of the cracks, it seemed to be forcefully gnawed off by sharp teeth. "

"Beasts!" the three of them concluded at the same time.

"Why wasn't there any before?" Li Si Chan was somewhat puzzled.

Ling Han pondered, then said, "The territory earlier was Small Rock's, so beasts didn't dare to intrude. From this, it can be confirmed that this beast or beast pack probably doesn't rival Small Rock."

Li Si Chan and Guang Yuan didn't dare to be careless. The rock spirit was at the ninth layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier before, and only Ling Han could care less about it. One of them was at the ninth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, and the other just entered the Gushing Spring Tier, far from the rock spirit's previous power.

They continued to advance, and after another stretch of road, a foul wind suddenly swept by.

"A beast's den!" Ling Han immediately said and leapt out. After a few leaps and landings, he found a barren land on the field of grass and dug a hole—the foul smell came from within.

Seeming to hear Ling Han's voice, a beast wormed out of the hole. It was just three feet long, dusky all over, and somewhat like a wolf, but its mouth was flat as if a duck's.

"Flat-mouthed Vicious Mongoose!" Ling han revealed a smile. "The leader of Vicious Mongooses could have king tier bloodline, which is greatly tonic!"

Even a normal vicious mongoose was in the Spiritual Ocean Tier; breeding it in the Black Tower to eat later on, it would definitely be tasty enough to make one drool.

"Si Chan, you go back first," Ling Han said and waved at Li Si Chan, sending her into the Black Tower.

"Master Han, then I'll go fight first!" Guang Yuan shouted loudly and charged out.

Although he was at the ninth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, he advanced into the Spiritual Pedestal Tier before and also received Ling Han's pointers; learning War Elephant Fist, his battle prowess was quite out of the ordinary amongst Spiritual Ocean Tier warriors.

However, this was a beast den.

Vicious Mongoose wormed out one after another, and at least several dozen of them were at the Spiritual Ocean Tier. The last few were at the Spiritual Pedestal Tier and had a special divine light; on their foreheads was a pattern that emitted an ominous glare.

Ling Han smiled slightly and said, "Old Brother Guang, all the Spiritual Ocean Tier beasts will be up to you, and I'll be responsible for the few Spiritual Pedestal Tier ones. But, don't you kill them, these will be our delicious meals afterwards!"

"Master Han, this request is somewhat high!" Guang Yuan launched attacks while complaining to Ling Han.

There were at least four Vicious Mongooses that reached the ninth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier. It was somewhat difficult for him to win, let alone subdue them without hurting them.

Ling Han laughed and said, "Can't do it?"

"I'll try my best!" Guang Yuan clenched his teeth and raised both fists, attacking the Vicious Mongooses.

The few Spiritual Pedestal Tier Vicious Mongooses wanted to go up to support, but Ling Han blocked them.

"Your opponent is me!" Ling Han said smilingly and casually threw a few punches. Peng, peng, peng , these Vicious Mongoose were beaten down. Within the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, there really were very few existences that could fight against Ling Han.

He stored these Vicious Mongooses inside the Black Tower, then watched the battle between Guang Yuan and the other Vicious Mongooses.

"Hm?" He was slightly startled, feeling a shred of a dangerous presence, and couldn't help but turn around, noticing an old Vicious Mongoose wormed out the hole. The edges of its hair had already turned grayish-white, but it emitted a presence that made Ling Han not dare to be careless.

"As expected, a king tier!" Ling Han's eyes lit up. This was an old Vicious Mongoose at the ninth layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier; despite its apparent strength, possessing king tier bloodline made it different—its battle prowess far surpassed the normal ninth layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier.

However, it was a king against a king—Ling Han naturally wouldn't be at all frightened, smiling as he said, "Old Brother Guang, you're just about to charge into the Spiritual Pedestal Tier once again, this king tier beast just happens to be able to aid you in making this step."

"Much obliged, Master Han!" Guang Yuan was exulted.

Charging into a great tier naturally needed the support of a huge amount of energy, or else one could only accumulate through time and then form an explosive burst, charging through in one go. However, this took a lot of time, and second, it might not succeed.

However, a king tier beast would make it different. The blood and flesh essence were like treasured medicine, and could definitely provide enough energy support.
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