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Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao 464 The Tenth Flash of Sword Qi

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Chapter 464: The Tenth Flash of Sword Qi
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All the golems weren't' very tall, about one meter or so, round and even a bit charmingly naïve. However, they piled together and reached ten meters' height now; the massive physique no longer had any charm but was instead filled with coercive power.

In an instant, the massive golem finished its reconstruction, firing a punch at Ling Han. Pa, pa, pa, pa, the speed of the fist was too fast, tearing open the air and forming ripples as the sonic boom sounded repeatedly.

An intense fighting spirit arose within Ling Han as he laughed loudly and said, "Come, come, come, let us fight three thousand rounds!"

He greeted with a punch.


Two fists greatly different in size collided and emitted an earthshakingly loud sound, instantly forming a shock wave that pushed forward in all directions. A mushroom cloud rose up from where the two were standing, rising up to several thousand meters high, and dust filled the air; it went to show the power of this clash.

Half of Ling Han sunk into the mud, and on the massive golem's fist were several cracks, which were being repaired at an extremely fast speed.

In this punch, the massive golem's power took the upper hand, whereas Ling Han was superior as far as hardness of fists was concerned.

Ling Han nodded inwardly, the massive golem didn't break past the threshold of the Flower Blossom Tier, but the several hundred golems all had the power of the ninth layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier; how terrifying was it with all their power stacked together?

If it weren't for the massive gap between the Flower Blossom Tier and the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, as a Spiritual Ocean Tier, the golem's power would have long broken through the threshold of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier.

Ling Han raised his leg and walked out from the mud. At this time, the massive golem fired another punch, but this time, the fist was wrapped in a gray brilliance, appearing somewhat worrisome.

"Martial intent?" Ling Han muttered. But could the spirit of the five elements cultivate like normal living beings?

It was obviously impossible!

This should be an inborn ability, just like Strange Fire possessing terrifying temperature, burning all things.

Ling Han circulated Origin Power and fired War Elephant Fist, battling the massive golem head-on.

Hong! Hong! Hong!

The two weren't in the Flower Blossom Tier, but their battle prowess broke through the theoretical limit of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier and could be called half-step Flower Blossom Tier; thus, their battle was also extremely fierce, and as the fists collided, their combined destructive power was shocking.

Fortunately, this was wilderness, allowing them to battle to their hearts' content.

And Ling Han did. No Spiritual Pedestal Tier warrior could possibly let him be so unbridled, and when encountering a Flower Blossom Tier opponent, he would have to constantly think about how to stay alive and wouldn't be able to put all his spirit into the battle.

Now it was different since this was truly an evenly matched battle. The massive golem's power was even slightly stronger than his, boasting even more surprising recovery power, allowing Ling Han to attack as much as he liked without having worry about killing his sparring partner because of using too much force.

Hong , as he threw a punch, seven flashes of Fist Qi were fired out!

"Haha, as expected, battles are the most direct and the fastest way to increase martial arts comprehension!" Ling Han laughed loudly. But on second thought, it would be too wasteful to use such a rare opponent to polish fist techniques.

"Watch the sword!" He unleashed the Demon Birth Sword again and struck towards the massive golem.

His grasp of the way of the sword was obviously higher than the fist's, and compounded with the tenth tier Spirit Tool, the power was naturally even fiercer. Originally, the two were evenly matched, with Ling Han being behind ever so slightly, but now he immediately turned the tables, gaining quite an advantage.

It was at least a seven to three situation, and Ling Han held the seven.

"Ang!" The massive golem let out a roar. If it were struck by Sword Qi, its recovery speed would slow down by one-fold, and if it were sliced by the Demon Birth Sword directly, then the recovery would slow down by tenfold.

The rock spirit probably didn't fear "bodily" pains, but no matter if it was Demon Birth Sword or Sword Qi, both contained martial intent, which could be used to make assaults on the divine sense terrifying, making the massive golem immensely pained.

If it had no divine sense, how could it be a living spirit? And if it had no divine sense, Ling Han would have long stored this guy in the Black Tower.

However, the massive golem was truly tough and battled Ling Han non-stop even though it was clearly at a disadvantage, exposing its viciousness.

"Ang!" It suddenly opened its mouth to roar, and a sound wave swatted at Ling Han like a tsunami.

This was a large-scale attack, so Ling Han couldn't dodge and could only take it head-on.


Ling Han groaned as blood oozed out from his nose and ears. The impact dug right into his body, affecting his relatively soft organs and brain, almost making him collapse right away.

Oh man, if this were any other Spiritual Pedestal Tier warrior, even one at the ninth layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, they would have been heavily injured from that roar, possibly even imploding and dying!

"You also have an ultimate move, huh?" Ling Han laughed loudly, his fighting spirit soaring. If the golem was easily taken care of, then there wouldn't be much point in fighting. He charged up, swinging Demon Birth Sword and raising up endless winds and clouds.

The two continued to lash out at each other. Ling Han's released his fighting spirit to his heart's content, and although there were quite a few injuries on his body, he felt extremely at ease, as if something was about rush out from his body.

He knew that it was the tenth flash of Sword Qi!

From nine to ten was a fundamental change. The tenth flash of Sword Qi could condense into Sword Ray, so it was also exceptionally hard to cultivate. However, Ling Han forgot about the tenth flash of Sword Qi, and about Sword Ray as well, only wishing to battle to his heart's content.

This secretly coincided with the way of the heavens; intentional pursuit simply equaled more haste and less speed. His action through inaction, following his heart, was the best path.

He struck with his sword, and after nine flashes of Sword Qi were fired out, a new flash of Sword Qi emerged. Although it was only a foot long, and disappeared on its own once it was fired, it was still a real tenth flash of Sword Qi.

"Haha!" Ling Han felt even more satisfied, swinging Demon Birth Sword. The tent flash of Sword Qi soon stabilized and joined the other nine flashes, bursting forth the power it should have.

This was a fundamental change!

From this point on, Ling Han could finally be called a true king amongst martial artists.

Ling Han's battle prowess rose steeply and instantly suppressed the massive golem's completely, striking the powerful rock spirit into continuous retreat without a chance of retaliation.

"Ang!" The massive golem used his old trick and roared violently again, wanting to shock Ling Han with the sound waves.

"Break!" Ling Han's eyes lit up. The Demon Birth Sword struck as ten flashes of Sword Qi flew out.

Pu, pu, pu, pu, the sound waves stormed over, but he sliced them into bits. The remaining waves were split into two and swept by his side, no longer being able to hurt him.

"Hahahha, the tenth flash of Sword Qi is powerful as expected!" Ling Han laughed loudly, bold and unconstrained.

The massive golem stopped its attacks, staring at Ling Han from afar.

"Huh, not going to fight anymore? Gonna admit defeat?" Ling Han said smilingly.

He was suddenly startled, for he saw the massive golem's body undulate like it wasn't a golem, but something made of water. It was extremely fierce, and what came after was its presence, which was advancing into in an extremely powerful direction.

'Sh!t, this golem is about to advance!'
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