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Chapter 462: Entering the Mystery Realm
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"What's going on? What's going on?"

Outside, the crowd was extremely impatient, jumping up and down and almost going crazy.

They heard pa, pa, pa sounds earlier and now this rapturous scream—what exactly was going on inside? It was impossible not to think wrongly.

If it weren't for the fear of a Heaven Grade alchemist's power and influence, someone would definitely have charged into the tent to see what was happening.

After a while, the tent was opened, and Zhu Xuan Er walked out; but without taking two steps, she reached towards her petite butt as if it was hurt. And watching her gait, it was clearly somewhat limp.

I-it was over, their goddess had been defiled!


Ling Han felt it strange, the Twelve Skies Mystery Realm belonged was a mystery realm that belonged to the north region, so why did a genius from the east region come?

As the time approached day by the day, more and more people came to the mountain valley. For example, the Winter Moon Sect, the Beast Emperor Sect, and the like came in groups one by one, ten people at a time.

A great sect like the Winter Moon Sect possessed several dozen entry quotas and sects that were slightly lesser like the Great Sorrow Sect and the Cold Water Sect had a few to a dozen quotas.

However, only these sects were qualified to receive entries, or either leviathans like the Alchemist Society and Spirit Treasures Pavilion; however, the Alchemist Society didn't care at all, and the Spirit Treasures Pavilion gifted it to those on the prodigy roll.

When the Winter Moon Sect arrived, Ling Han saw Feng Yan. After one year, Feng Yan also advanced to the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, even reaching the second layer; his advancement speed was somewhat shocking.

It seemed his bloodline had already completely developed. Wild Strength Berserk Apes were Shattering Void Tier beings in the ancient times, and when the bloodline was awakened, it had great benefits on improving martial arts; additionally, he also had a Spiritual Infant Tier teacher who could bring him endless resources.

Before the Flower Blossom Tier, it was acceptable no matter how fast one's progression was, but if it was still so after the Flower Blossom Tier, then it would truly be frightening.

Feng Yan also saw Ling Han and revealed a complicated look, but it immediately turned resolute, with blistering killing intent.

He obviously knew Ling Han had become a Heaven Grade alchemist, and normally speaking, he would never have a chance for revenge in this lifetime. However, Ling Han rose too abruptly and hadn't gathered the power that Heaven Grade alchemists should have, so he still had a chance.

Secretly killing Ling Han, especially in a mystery realm... who would know?

This guy actually didn't attend the prodigy battle?

Ling Han nodded inwardly and guessed that Feng Yan was at a key stage in cultivation, probably breaking through to the Spiritual Pedestal Tier—the reason why he didn't make it in time.

Everyone came to pay respects to Ling Han, who was a dignified Heaven Grade alchemist and could be said to be the figure with the highest status in the north region at the moment. Even if the masters of the three greatest sects of the valley came, they would have to be respectful in front of Ling Han.

However, this was north region, and the strongest were warriors of the Spiritual Infant Tier; even stronger elites couldn't come over without difficulty. Thus, for Spiritual Infant Tier warriors, whether Ling Han was a Heaven Grade alchemist or an Earth Grade one really had no difference.

This was called: when the cat was away, the mice would play—and north region was so. Spiritual Infant Tier warriors were the strongest in martial arts, just like Shattering Void Tiers in the middle state, so they naturally didn't need to fear a Heaven Grade alchemist.

Of course, if several Heaven Tier martial artists, or Deity Transformation Tier elites, followed by Ling Han's side, the situation would obviously be different.

Although the mist in the valley had already dispersed, no one dared to enter. It was rumored that before the mystery realm officially opened, the valley when the mist dispersed was greatly inauspicious; those who entered would most likely be killed, so everyone would rather stay outside a while longer.

After an entire month's time, everyone entered the valley one after another.

The major forces in the north region jointly controlled this mystery realm, and no one could enter without an entry quota issued by them.

On the way, Ling Han took Guang Yuan, and Li Si Chan on another path. When the time came, he would store the two inside the Black Tower and enter the mystery realm using the secret key. However, he didn't want to be target for all; the inheritance of The Twelve Palaces was too overwhelming, even Flower Blossom and Spiritual Infant Tier cultivators would extend their hands while disregarding his Heaven Grade Tier alchemist identity.

Moreover, contending over opportunities inside a historic site, no one had to give anyone face, and at the worse they could just kill him… and if they could do away with witnesses, so what if they did?

This time there were certainly Flower Blossom Tier warriors that entered, like Ao Feng of the Winter Moon Sect; Flower Blossom Tier elites that weren't fifty years of age could definitely be considered young, conforming with the entry conditions of The Twelve Heaven Mystery Realms.

Moreover, the Beast Emperor Sect, the Blood Flame Valley, and so on also had such geniuses who were highly ranked on the prodigy roll twenty years ago; therefore, Flower Blossom Tier warriors… or else it was quite normal to break through in the eighties.

With Flower Blossom Tier competitors around, Ling Han decided to be more low-key.

Liu Yu Tong, Can Ye, and the others took one path and dragged Zhu Xuan Er along, heading to the bottom of the valley where the mystery realm's entrance was, whereas Ling Han came to a thick forest inside the valley with Guang Yuan and Li Si Chan, and seeing there was no one in the surroundings, he stored the two inside the Black Tower and took out the key of the Sagittarius Palace. Weng , the key immediately lit up as if it established a connection to a type of power in the mountain valley. Weng , a flash of brilliance wrapped around him, as his figure immediately disappeared.

When he reappeared again, he was in an unfamiliar place. It was a barren land with round rocks everywhere, a field of grey.

"Is this a small world?" Ling Han looked afar. In the ancient times, there were mighty cultivators who could separate a city, and even a greater place from the world, overlapping with the current world and forming a mystery land—a very miraculous feat.

Such heaven-defying handiwork, Ling Han definitely couldn't do it in his previous lifetime.

Just as he was about to let Guang Yuan and Li Si Chan out, he was startled, because not far from him, someone was teleported inside.

People were randomly teleported after entering the mystery realm, appearing in different places.

That was a very fine beauty, her skin white and sparkling as if it was a high-grade jade. She was tall with long legs and her bossom ample, extremely captivating. She was obviously somewhat at a loss, but very soon composed herself, and at the same time, she discovered Ling Han, revealing a vigilant expression.

Fighting over treasures in mystery realms, everyone was a hidden enemy, so what if it was a Heaven Grade alchemist? In here, the most important thing was to protect oneself.

The Spiritual Qi here was really abundant!

Ling Han retracted his gaze. After he advanced into the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, each spiritual pedestal layer constructed consumed endless Origin Power, so even for him, his cultivation progression speed now dropped to three months for increasing one layer.

This actually wasn't slow; after two years, he would be past the Spiritual Pedestal Tier. His base was so solid, and being invincible in the same tier, there naturally was a price to pay.

However, cultivating in here, he only needed two months to increase by one layer!

Unfortunately, Twelve Heaven Mystery Realms only opened for a few months at a time. He was now at the middle stage of first layer the Spiritual Pedestal Tier; without some special occurrences, he would only be second layer Spiritual Pedestal Tier when he leaves.


Ling Han suddenly felt a shred of crisis and immediately held a sword in hand, standing still.

The girl in the distance thought Ling Han harbored killing intent towards her, immediately turning to run.


A strange scene appeared; a rock "stood" up, smashing its fist forward, and the girl instantly was mushed into blood and pulp.
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