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Chapter 458: Arriving at the Mysterious Valley
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"Cough! Cough!" Ling Han erupted into an endless bout of coughing, looked at Zhu Long Xing, and asked, "Who are you calling brother-in-law?"

"Hehe, my sister is so beautiful, and Brother-in-law, you are so brilliant and mighty, so whom would my sister marry if not you? The two of you are definitely a match made in heaven, and there is no other who would be a better match!" Zhu Long Xing leaned closer, acting chummy.

"Rubbish!" Ling Han shot him a glare.

Yet Zhu Long Xing was not the slightest bit scared and was still all smiles as he said, "Brother-in-law, you haven't seen my sister's face. If you had, you would definitely fall in love with my sister. She's so beautiful that a single glance would be able to captivate you."

Ling Han looked at him strangely. Was this guy Zhu Xuan Er's younger brother or someone trying to pimp her out?

Thinking about it in this way, Zhu Xuan Er was indeed quite pitiful. Aside from having to run all over the place for her master who had suffered a Dao injury, she also had such a worrisome younger brother who was so determined to marry her off to a powerful, noble person in order to shelter him from the wind and rain.

Ling Han was irritated and gave him a slight tap with his finger.

"Brother-in-law, what did you do?" Zhu Long Xing asked, confused.

Ling Han smiled and said, "I made you temporarily lose your ability as a man."

"What ability as a man?" At first, Zhu Long Xing was clueless before he finally came to realization. Instantly, he was so terrified that he began to screech shrilly, "Brother-in-law, how could you do this to me! I am extremely loyal to you and have full intentions to marry my sister off to you!"

Ling Han clapped his shoulder, and said, "As long as you stop calling me brother-in-law, I will consider releasing the seal on you."

"Brother-in-law—" Zhu Long Xing was extremely determined in this matter.

"You truly don't want to be a man?" Ling Han asked, surprised.

"Brother-in-law, I will wait until you change your mind," Zhu Long Xing declared with great confidence.

He was not an idiot. On the contrary, he was a very smart young man.

Who was Ling Han?

He was merely eighteen years old, yet had already become a Heaven Grade alchemist of which there were only three in this whole world, and was the greatest person in the entire north region! Furthermore, his cultivation level had reached the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, and in the previous test for battle prowess prior to the Prodigy Tournament, he had even delivered a blow with an estimated twenty Stars of the Spiritual Infant Tier battle prowess.

A man with such genius in both alchemy and martial arts, how many millenia would pass for even one to appear? Was there any stronger backer than this one?

The moment Zhu Long Xing heard that Ling Han had become a Heaven Grade alchemist, he was determined to have Ling Han as his brother-in-law. As long as he could become Ling Han's brother-in-law, who in this whole world would dare to touch a hair on his head?

The brother-in-law of a Heaven Grade alchemist, wouldn't that be even more awesome than the sect master of the Winter Moon Sect or the Pavilion Master of the North Pill Pavilion!

As a result, he did not mind suffering a little bit now. He was extremely confident in his sister's charm, and believed completely that she would definitely be able to move Ling Han. And once Ling Han became his brother-in-law, would he still have to worry about some seal on him not being released? By then, he would naturally return to a state of vigor and health, and who knows how many beautiful women would willingly fall into his arms.

Tolerating for this one moment would lead to a lifetime of brilliance; it was the easiest choice for him to make.

Zhu Long Xing stuck close to Ling Han like he was a piece of sticky candy, and no matter what was done, he refused to be driven off, making Ling Han very vexed. He could kill him, but Zhu Long Xing had not done anything bad. He had merely called Ling Han brother-in-law a few times, and that was not an insult.

Ling Han sighed and asked, "What will make you stop calling me brother-in-law?"

"Brother-in-law, just marry my sister. My sister is definitely the best woman in this whole world. Not only is she gentle and kind, she is also the greatest beauty in the world. Brother-in-law, marrying her is definitely not a loss," Zhu Long Xing cajoled.

Ling Han looked at Zhu Long Xing, smiled, and said, "Whoever calls you a fool must definitely be a fool himself." As someone who had lived two lifetimes, he was naturally aware what kind of plans Zhu Long Xing had in mind.

Zhu Long smiled modestly, making sure his attitude was as humble as possible. No matter what, he would definitely not miss out on this wonderful "match".

On the second day, unexpectedly, Zhu Xuan Er actually went to Forget Not and took the iniative to do menial tasks like serving dishes and wine. This immediately made Forget Not an even greater focus point of attention, especially when it was already the source of much commotion in the first place.

The greatest beauty of the north region was actually here to work as a waitress as well?

Forget Not that was already crowded to bursting point in the first place instantly experienced an upgrade in the length of the queues waiting outside. It could not be denied, the attraction level of a beautiful woman instantly defeated any Spiritual Infant Tier or Flower Blossom Tier cultivator. At least, there had not been so many customers attracted by the spectacle of Elder Shi and Zhuo Gao Feng working as waiters.

Ling Han was surprised. So this was the realization that Zhu Xuan Er had come to? To be a waitress?

He really could not comprehend the logic of women.

There was no word to describe the charm of Zhu Xuan Er. Merely two or three days had passed, and Zhu Wu Jiu, Can Ye, and Guang Yuan had all become her solid supporters. Even Liu Yu Tong and Li Si Chan had been won over, and they completely did not treat her like an outsider.

There was no need to mention Zhu Long Xing, of course. He was completely a self-proclaimed brother-in-law; his skin was thick enough that no arrow would be able to pierce through.

By now, only Hu Niu was in the same camp with Ling Han. This little girl had never had any fondness for Zhu Xuan Er, and she was even more displeased at the sight of her now. She would always bare her little white teeth at the latter as if she wanted to pounce and take a bite out of her.

The day that the Twelve Heaven Mystery Realms would open was getting nearer and nearer. Thus, Ling Han brought all the members of his group and set off. Zhu Xuan Er was naturally travelling alongside them as well. She seemed to have inherited her younger brother's thick skin too, and did not feel that there was anything strange in this arrangement.

The site where the Twelve Heaven Mystery Realms would open was located ten thousand miles east of Extreme Yang City, and taking Ling Han's speed into account, it was a trip of about four days. The group hired two carriages in total; the men would be in one, and the women would be in the other.

Initially, Ling Han would definitely have sat with Liu Yu Tong and the others, but because there was Zhu Xuan Er present this time, he chose to sit with Can Ye and the other men because he would be able to use the Black Tower without Zhu Xuan Er's knowledge.

On their way there, it was inevitable that they would encounter robbers and thieves, but either one of Zhu Wu Jiu, Guang Yuan, or Can Ye stepped out each time and the matter was resolved. They would easily thrash any band of thieves to utter, absolute defeat.

After four days, they arrived at the Martial Gu Valley. By now, a great number of cultivators had arrived as well. They had set up tents outside the valley, and were currently waiting for the Mystery Realms to open.

This valley was very mysterious. It was hidden all year round by an endless fog. Anyone who stepped in would definitely lose all sense of direction, and thus be trapped within until their death. Only in the month prior to the day that the Mystery Realms opened would the fog that surrounded this place disappear; the entrance to the Mystery Realms was in the deepest parts of the valley.

Thus, it was very simple to check whether the Mystery Realms had opened. One only needed send out some people to stand guard outside the valley's entrance, and observe whether the fog had dispersed yet.

"Fairy Zhu!" When they saw Zhu Xuan Er disembark from the carriage, at least over a hundred young men rushed over. Every one of them had eyes that shone brightly, looking very fanatical.

The title of the greatest beauty of the north region was not something that had come from empty praises.

Zhu Xuan Er was obviously used to this kind of situation. She smoothly responded, both elegant and cool, ensuring that everyone would not feel that they were able to approach her, yet she would not cause anyone to feel bad. Her graceful bearing as a goddess was on full display.

"Hahaha, I have long heard that there is magnificent beauty in the north region. Indeed, it is a fully justified reputation!" A young man strode out of the masses. He was only in his early twenties, with a tall height and long legs, as well as handsome and clean-cut features; he looked too dashing to be described by mere words.

And what was more shocking was the fact that there was actually a pair of wings of light behind him that would spread out occasionally. With a light flap, the aura that emanated was extraordinarily overbearing. He strode over and those on either side could not help but feel their spirits shake, and unable to stop themselves, knelt down.
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