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Chapter 457: Arrangements for Various Matters
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Forget Not created another record.

Previously, there were two members of the Prodigy Roll working in the restaurant, and this had already led to a very big commotion because those people on the Prodigy Roll were definitely going to advance to the Flower Blossom Tier. Yet now, not only was there a strong elite of the Flower Blossom Tier willingly here to work as a waiter, there was even a mighty elite of the Spiritual Infant Tier who did not mind doing such menial tasks like serving food and drinks.

That was the Spiritual Infant Tier they were talking about here, an existence at the very apex of martial arts in the north region!

Now, who would dare create trouble in Forget Not?

Even the Thousand Corpse Sect would have some reservations, right? Could they lose everything in one go without any rewards and suffer a double loss after trying to harm their foe?

Not just the two of them; Tang Zu Ming had also docilely came here to work, and his identity was very soon known—a Black Grade high level alchemist, and moreover, the direct descendant of one of the two Heaven Grade alchemists of the Central Prefecture, Tang Zi Shi.


When they heard that information, everyone could not help but exclaim in their extreme shock. This was somewhat even more shocking and astonishing than a powerful elite of the Spiritual Infant Tier working as a waiter; what kind of noble, prestigious status did the young master of the Tang Clan possess? It could be claimed that even in the well-known Three Great Sects and single Valley of the north region, he could do as he liked. Even powerful Spiritual Infant Tier cultivators would have to bow their heads in deference to him, but now?

He was obediently working as a waiter.

F***! F***! F***!

Yet Ling Han was completely uninterested in all of this. He had initially planned to rush back to the Rain Country, but the Twelve Heaven Mystery Realms were about to open very soon, and he had managed to obtain the key to the Sagittarius Palace Hall. If he missed this chance, then he would have to wait another hundred years.

After much consideration, he decided to concoct the Restore Spirit Pill first, then have someone send it back to the Rain Country so that Ling Dong Xing could heal his Spirit Base. He would then make a trip home after he came out of the Mystery Realms.

Furthermore, now that he had regained the status of a Heaven Grade alchemist, he naturally should not waste it. He immediately wrote a letter which he sent back to the Winter Moon Sect to request them to release his mother.

Of course, he would not say that Yue Hong Chang was his mother, to prevent some people like the Ao Clan getting dangerous ideas to make use of Yue Hong Chang to exert some control over him. He only requested them to release her in a forceful manner, and demanded for her to be brought to Extreme Yang City where she would be sent to live temporarily in the North Pill Pavilion.

He did not offer any reason at all. So what if he didn't? I am a Heaven Grade alchemist, and I am really as willful as that, so what can you do about it?

It would take about a month's time from the moment that the Twelve Heaven Mystery Realms appeared out of thin air until the moment that others could officially enter. By now, more than a dozen days had passed, and after another dozen over days, it would be completely open.

However, in these dozen over days, Ling Han was extremely vexed.

All the alchemists in the North Pill Pavilion saw him as their idol, and every single one of them was a fanatic who came every single day to pay their respectful greetings. It was all right even if they were not able to see him personally. They would definitely still kneel down outside and pay their respects; they already thought of Ling Han as the object of their faith and a totem for them to revere.

With so many people coming to pay their respects, naturally, the news could not be kept secret forever. The residents of Extreme Yang City finally found out that the owner of Forget Not and Alchemist King Pavilion was actually a newly advanced Heaven Grade alchemist!

No wonder there were so many important people racing there to work, and no wonder that the Alchemist King Pavilion would make such a boast.

Could a Heaven Grade alchemist still not be claimed as a king?

For Ji De Rong and Shui Gu Cheng, they no longer considered the matter of them working at Forget Not a disgrace. On the other hand, this had become a source of pride for them—just take a look, the two of us were the first cultivators to work at Forget Not, and that was even sooner than any cultivator of the Spiritual Infant Tier or the Flower Blossom Tier.

In terms of hierarchy, those two would have to address them as Senior Apprentice Brothers!

Ling Han was actually quite free. He had already concocted the Restore Spirit Pill and especially requested Liu Ji Tong to run this errand. With an Earth Grade low level alchemist by his side to take care of him, there would definitely be no problems in Ling Dong Xing's recovery process.

Gongyang Tai Sun even personally made a trip to the Winter Moon Sect. With an Earth Grade mid level alchemist present, as well as the written decree of a Heaven Grade alchemist, he did not believe that the Winter Moon Sect would purposely delay matters and refuse to release his mother.

He was spending every day studying the Tiandu Heaven Star Array; by drawing parallels through inference, he felt that it should facilitate his sword skills.

"Young Master Han, Miss Zhu Xuan Er requests an audience with you." Ling Han had just been deducing the Dao of the array in the courtyard when Zhu Wu Jiu knocked on the door and announced his guest in a low voice.

Ling Han hesitated slightly, then said, "Let her come in."

"Yes!" Zhu Wu Jiu replied then left. Actually, if it was any other person, he would definitely not come and inform Ling Han. However, Zhu Xuan Er was the greatest beauty of the north region, and he truly hoped that she could become Ling Han's wife—only the greatest beauty of the north region would be qualified to stand beside a man like Ling Han, after all.

After a moment, a light knock sounded on the courtyard doors again, and two people entered.

Zhu Xuan Er… as well as Zhu Long Xing.

The Zhu Xuan Er now had not even a little bit of arrogance left in her attitude. She could not help but bow her head and maintain a submissive posture, looking very well-behaved.

"Xuan Er pays my respects to Grandmaster Ling!" Zhu Xuan'er lowered her body and paid her respects. Her white skirts spread out as she lowered into a bow, as if she was an exquisite fresh flower that was blooming.

Zhu Long Xing hurriedly bowed in respect as well, and said, "My respectful greetings, Young Master Han!"

Ling Han raised his hand, and asked, "What's the matter?" He did not have any time he could waste.

"Grandmaster Ling, can you help Xuan Er concoct the Subduing Tiger Heaven Fortune Pill?" Zhu Xuan'er directed a very hopeful look at Ling Han.

"I can," Ling Han agreed quite quickly. "As long as you can get me the ingredients, and I'll offer you a friends-only price. A Level Nine Spirit Tool should be enough as my fee, or ten Level Eight Spirit Tools would be acceptable too. However, in the case of Level Seven Spirit Tools, I would like at least a thousand of them."

Zhu Xuan'er's face had turned completely pale. Even if she was the greatest beauty of the north region, if she really sold herself, would she actually manage to get a Level Nine Spirit Tool in exchange?

"Haha, I was just joking. No matter what, we're friends, after all, so just get me the ingredients," Ling Han said with a grin.

Zhu Xuan Er breathed out in relief, but her face was still extremely troubled. Though the fee for pill concoction was waived, the Subduing Tiger Heaven Fortune Pill needed a total of three Heaven Grade ingredients, and they were not that much cheaper than a Level Nine Spirit Tool. How could a mere Spiritual Pedestal Tier cultivator like her get her hands on them?

"Grandmaster Ling, you are a Heaven Grade alchemist, so you should have some means to obtain those three main ingredients, right?" she probed.

Ling Han humphed and said, "Have you been spoilt rotten by others? Do I have any kind of relationship with you? Why must I help you? You are indeed quite pretty, but that is all there is. Don't think all in this world are fools!"

With such a harsh rebuke from Ling Han, Zhu Xuan Er could feel herself instantly tear up. She had never thought that being beautiful was something she should be happy about. If it wasn't for the fact that she possessed extraordinary talent in martial arts, she would definitely have long become somoene's toy to be played around with as they liked.

But in front of such a forceful young master like Tang Zu Ming, she felt very helpless, because the former could easily grip her weakness, and could even use forceful means to obtain her body!

...Not everyone was as gentlemanly as Yao Hui Yue.

There was indeed no one who would dare to do anything to her in the north region, but the whole world did not merely consist of the north region.

"Grandmaster Ling..." She looked at Ling Han miserably, her beautiful eyes delicate and sad. Even a heart of stone would melt for her.

However, Ling Han's martial intent was even sturdier than iron. His heart did not soften in the slightest; he merely continued to stare coolly at this genius beauty.

Zhu Xuan Er gritted her teeth and said, "Xuan Er knows what to do now." Then, she actually turned around and left.

Yet Ling Han was a little confused; what did she know? But who cares.

"Yi, why haven't you left yet?" He swept a glance over Zhu Long Xing.

Zhu Long Xing leaned close, and said with a bootlicking expression, "Hehe, Brother-in-law!"

Pu , Ling Han instantly spat out a mouthful of water all over his face.
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