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Chapter 46: Entering Seven Wind Mountains
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The Seven Wind Mountains encompassed a very wide area. From east to west, they spanned close to a thousand miles, while from south to north, they covered close to four hundred miles. It was the largest mountain range in the northern region of Rain Country. There were many demonic beasts inhabiting the mountain range, and there was also a large variety of different Spiritual Medicine growing here. Sometimes, some precious metals that could be used to forge high-grade weapons were also discovered here. As a result, there were many who entered here for training trips, as well as many whose target were the numerous treasures in this place. However, the annual death toll amongst those who entered the mountains here was also very high.

Some died under the fangs of demonic beasts. Some died because of some dangerous environment they found themselves in, while there were also some who were killed by their fellow human beings.


Although no one had actually counted the numbers, most believed over half of the deaths that occurred in Seven Wind Mountains was due to being murdered by other humans. Therefore, the most dangerous existence within Seven Wind Mountains was not any kind of demonic beast, but man.


A day later, Ling Han and Liu Yu Tong arrived at Yellow Bridge Town. From here, they could directly enter the mountain range.


Because the journey this time round was quite far, they had traveled here on horseback. The two of them stayed one night in an inn in the town, and subsequently left their horses at that inn before setting out towards the mountain range with only a simple bundle on their backs.

...If they were unable to return within a month, then the inn had the right to sell off their horses. The money earned from the sale would cover the payment to the inn for holding onto their horses for a month.


The early morning sun hung high in the sky, its rays shining on the still remaining dewdrops, reflecting a variety of exceptionally beautiful colors and thus presenting a scene full of life. This was a wild, primitive, colossal mountain range. Although there were many people exploring the depths of the mountain range every single day, compared to this gigantic mountain range, the large number of visitors was really insignificant.


As Ling Han and Liu Yu Tong breathed in the fresh air around them, they both experienced an indefinable sense of relaxation.


They traveled all over the mountain range in search of the rock cave that had been mentioned in the rumors. However, they had searched for five days, and although they did find many caves, all the caves they found only led to disappointment.


That was reasonable, though--if that cave could be so easily found, then wouldn't it have long been discovered by others?




Ling Han's steps suddenly paused. He heard some sounds of battle.


"Let's go take a look," he said. This was his second life yet he still could not change his curious nature.


They followed the sounds and quickly arrived at the bank of a little brook. In the clearing some distance in front of them, there were two groups of people who were currently engaged in a deadly battle.


"This is really a small world!" Ling Han shook his head. He knew one of the parties that were currently fighting.


...They were Liu Dong, Chen Peng Ju, Zhu Xue Yi and the others. They had joined forces previously at Balance Mountain to obtain the Green Spiritual Fruit. However, as Hang Zhan's incident happened soon after, the five of them were also scared off. He never thought he would see them again here.


Out of the group of five, Liu Dong, Li Hao and Zhu Xue Yi had all broken through to Element Gathering Tier while Chen Peng Ju and Zhou Chang had also progressed to the ninth layer of Body Refining Tier. Their improvement was very evident.


After all, they had each respectively gotten one Green Spiritual Fruit.

Yet, though their side had three elite martial artists in Element Gathering Tier, they were still at a disadvantage as the other side had four martial artists in Element Gathering Tier.


Three against four--they were at a disadvantage in numbers; added to the fact that they had just broken through to Element Gathering Tier and thus their power was still quite weak... if it was not for the fact that their opponents seemed to want to capture them alive, they would have long been finished.

"Why won't you quickly surrender to avoid suffering too much?" One of their opponents said. There were four members in the other party, and all of them possessed a fierce look to them. It was obvious that they have had a lot of experience in this area, and were filled with killing intent.


Liu Dong and his group made no answer, but continued to keep up their defenses.


In the past, the strongest one of the group of five was Li Hao. It was no different now. He brandished his saber repeatedly, every wave undaunted by the gap in power between the two groups. Each slash of his saber had an air of determination to it. It was also thanks to his presence that the group of five managed to hold on until now.

Yet he had also attracted the concentrated attention of two of their opponents. "Pu pu," with two powerful blows, two wounds appeared on his chest and back respectively, and blood splattered.


Li Hao gave a loud roar and his eyes turned blood red, revealing an increasingly maniacal air, as if there was something about to explode from within him.


Ling Han could not help exclaiming softly in surprise.

"What is it?" Liu Yu Tong asked. A battle at this level naturally did not deserve her full attention.


"That guy is really quite talented, he's almost able to form Saber Qi," Ling Han said, pointing at Li Hao.


"Saber Qi!" Liu Yu Tong could not help being shocked. Whatever "Qi" it was, this kind of power was very difficult to form. However, it was common sense for many elite martial artists that under extreme emotional pressure, it would be much easier to form "Qi".

For example extreme joy or grief, or perhaps endless slaughter, or maybe the depths of despair. However, she had always possessed an icy demeanor, so she had never experienced such extremes of the emotional spectrum. As a result, she has not managed to form Sword Qi.

...According to her knowledge, that elder in her clan had managed to form Sword Qi due to the great grief he experienced after his wife had died of an illness.

Now Li Hao had actually reached the point where he was close to forming Saber Qi. So how could she not be both shocked and envious?


Ling Han smiled, and said, "You don't have to be discouraged. With my careful guidance, you too will very quickly be able to form Sword Qi. This isn't anything difficult!" To him, the difficulty was in forming Sword Ray, while grasping Sword Heart was the real challenge.


Isn't anything difficult?

Liu Yu Tong almost rolled her eyes in response. In the whole of Rain Country, how many people had actually managed to form "Qi"? Even in her Liu Clan, there were only seven clansmen who had managed such a feat!


Ling Han smiled. This girl naturally had no idea how colossal the East Star was. The strongest warriors of Rain Country were possibly only in Flower Blossom Tier... Rain Country could be considered a "backwater place".


In the wider world, there were innumerable geniuses. There would definitely be no small number of those who had managed to form "Ray", and even "Heart".


"Are you not going to help them?" Liu Yu Tong could not hold back from asking.


"This is that guy's rare opportunity. If he is unable to form Saber Qi through this experience, then the next time he gets this kind of chance will be maybe five years, or even ten years later," Ling Han said, shaking his head. "Let him face a bit more pressure."


Liu Yu Tong frowned slightly. She did not have such an optimistic opinion of Li Hao. It was possible for him to be killed at any moment under the violent, relentless attacks of the enemies rather than form Saber Qi.


"Don't underestimate the will and determination of human beings. Under extreme pressure, there is a possibility one will erupt with inconceivable power!" Ling Han smiled. He could not help remembering that in his last life, he had really been overprotected. Concocting and taking medicine allowed him to easily progress through the tiers.


It was when he started to travel all over the world in search of ancient sites that he realized that he had such a weak grasp of his own actual battle prowess. The dangers and perils of all the ancient sites he visited also managed to forge his strong determination and willpower, as well as increase his combat experience.


It was only from then onwards that he could really be considered as a powerful warrior.




A bright flash of the saber streaked across the air, as if proving Ling Han's words. Li Hao, who had initially been forced into a dangerous corner, actually displayed a surprising saber skill. What was even more surprising was that there was actually an accompanying flash at the same time the saber was brandished. It looked as if he had brandished two sabers at the same time.

He had not brandished two sabers. The second flash of saber was.... Saber Qi!




None of those fighting could've imagined that Li Hao would have been able to display a flash of Saber Qi. One of his opponents had received the blow, and as the Saber Qi streaked across, blood immediately spilled from a wound on the other's left shoulder.
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