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Chapter 450: The Dust has Settled
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"F***!" From within the Three Lives Corpse Casket, Rong Huan Xuan could be heard cursing.

He was really an unlucky one. First, he was possessed by Asura Demon Emperor, someone on the par of gods, and now, he encountered a monster that possessed the memories of a god. Moreover, it was very possible that Ling Han had some kind of relation with the ancient era.

However, Yan Tian Zhao did not even bother to give him any attention. In his eyes, Rong Huan Xuan was naturally the most minor character out of a whole batch of minor characters, and was absolutely unworthy of his notice. He looked at Ling Han seriously and said, "Is my sincerity enough? Ling Han, how about this? I don't need you to hand the key over to me, but I want to enter the Sagittarius Palace Hall with you and take a certain item from inside."

When he saw Ling Han frown, he immediately waved his hand and said, "Don't worry, this item is absolutely useless to you!" He paused a moment, then continued, "I can also get rid of the brat inside the casket for you. Others may not be able to do anything to the Three Lives Corpse Casket, but it has no effect on me. I can drag him out of it!"

"F***!" Rong Huan Xuan cursed again. If it was anyone else saying that, he would naturally scoff in disdain. However, Yan Tian Zhao possessed the memories of a god, and could be considered as the reincarnation of a god, so who knew, he might possibly have a way to deal with the Three Lives Corpse Casket.

Yet Ling Han grinned and answered, "No way!"

"Why?!" Yan Tian Zhao was practically about to go crazy. He had already made enough concessions, yet Ling Han had still rejected his offer.

Ling Han said, "As for the brat inside the casket, I am indeed unable to kill him now, but it won't take me too many years to be able to drag him out and kill him. It's a good thing to let him live as a reminder to myself. As for that key… hehe, it is obviously mine, so why do I need to hand it over to you? Furthermore, even a god would place so much importance on it. Tsk tsk tsk, that is even more the reason that I can't miss out on it!"

"You!" Yan Tian Zhao was greatly enraged, and with a sudden leap, charged to attack Ling Han.

Since negotiations had failed, the only option left now was to settle things with one's fists.

"Then you'll just have to see the terrifying battle prowess of our Peacock Race!" Yan Tian Zhao humphed frostily. As he waved both arms in attack, wings actually formed, but these wings were a hundred feet long and covered with closely woven patterns that shone with glorious light and looked to be extremely terrifying in might.

Ling Han used the Mysterious Three Thousand Sword Technique. He did not need to spend any time to accumulate power. It was enough for him to deliver a hundred-plus sword flashes with every strike to shatter all the wings that Yan Tian Zhao was shooting at him. The whole area was filled with shattered feathers that immediately transformed into a multitude of patterned designs which then quickly darkened and disappeared.

"Kill! Kill! Kill!" Yan Tian Zhao's expression became evil beyond compare, and as his figure turned swiftly, it was as if he had really become a gigantic peacock, his wings fluttering violently, and murderous intent as far as the eye could see.

Ling Han was neither shocked nor afraid. If he used the Mysterious Three Thousand Sword Technique, a hundred sword flashes would be tossed out, and it was enough for him to stand on equal footing with Yan Tian Zhao.

"Damn it. I am, after all, no longer in the body of a Peacock, and am unable to display the might of the Bright King Secret Technique to its fullest!" Yan Tian Zhao roared in rage, but the madness in his eyes did not decrease in the slightest and rather seemed to be aroused even further. "Give me my key!"

Hong , green flames actually erupted from his whole body, and actually warped the space.

Ling Han immediately felt an instant of dizziness. 'Poison!' he thought, quickly drawing out a petal of the Golden Flower of the Stone and swallowed it. Then he turned to look at Hu Niu. Thankfully, the little girl was some distance away, and so had not been surrounded by the flames.

However, after he swallowed a petal of the Golden Flower of the Stone, Ling Han felt that the dizziness that he was feeling was under control, but still did not feel any better. It was obvious that even the Golden Flower of the Stone was unable to cleanse the poison of these flames, and could only provide temporary relief.

Hiss, what kind of poison could this be, that even the Golden Flower of the Stone, something that was claimed to be able to cleanse 10,000 poisons, could do nothing against it!

Ling Han's battle spirit did not decrease but rather soared. Gripping the Demon Birth Sword, he exclaimed, "Yan Tian Zhao, receive a strike from me!" Hong , the Thunder Battle Armor was activated and transformed into a barrier that isolated him from the flames.

At this moment, the Corpse Soldier was already rendered mostly useless. It was first heavily damaged by Ling Han's Mysterious Three Thousand Sword Technique, followed by Yan Tian Zhao's green flames, so its threat level could now be completely ignored. Thus, Ling Han needed only direct all his focus on Yan Tian Zhao.

With a flick of his sword, Ling Han once again used the Mysterious Three Thousand Sword Technique. Instantly, a thousand sword flashes appeared in a wave that hid the sky and covered the earth.

Yan Tian Zhao hurriedly stretched open his green wings and shielded himself within. When the sword flashes crashed into them, light from the multiple patterned designs flew everywhere, forcing him into a continuous retreat.

When the sword flashes gradually disappeared, the wings that he had used to protect himself were also damaged. When the sword flashes decreased to about two hundred, the green wings were also completely shattered. Pu, pu, pu . The sword flashes wreaked havoc, and instantly, blood sprayed like crazy.

Ling Han was secretly shocked. He really could not underestimate this guy; if it wasn't for the fact that he had increased his original seven flashes of Sword Qi to nine flashes, even the Mysterious Three Thousand Sword Technique would not be able to penetrate Yan Tian Zhao's defences.

As Yan Tian Zhao roared in rage, he continued to throw up blood. This time, he had suffered quite a serious injury.

Yet it was exactly this moment that peng , the Three Lives Corpse Casket opened, and Rong Huan Xuan charged out with a direct slash in Yan Tian Zhao's direction. This was the moment that Yan Tian Zhao was at his weakest, and how could he have thought that Rong Huan Xuan would actually make a move against him? Thus, he was instantly hit.

Pu , green-colored blood sprayed everywhere. He had actually been sliced in two halves at the waist.

"You actually attacked me?" Yan Tian Zhao wore an expression of absolute disbelief.

"Nonsense. You yourself said that you can drag me out of the Three Lives Corpse Casket; whom else am I going to kill if not you?" Rong Huan Xuan smirked coldly. In comparison, he could still protect himself with Ling Han, and even if he did not manage to get the treasure inside the Twelve Heaven Mystery Realms, it was no great loss to him. It wasn't his in the first place, so naturally he did not feel any bitter anguish about it.

Yan Tian Zhao felt very depressed. He had never imagined that someone that could only be considered a mere ant in his eyes would actually cause him such severe injury, but how could he die as easily as this? The upper half and lower half of his body actually moved on their own. One half broke out into a run with two legs, whereas the other pushed down onto the ground with both hands, then with a leap, his upper half landed on top of his lower half, as if they could be attached back.

"When the Mystery Realms open, I will definitely stop you, and you..." he said to Ling Han first, then pointing at the Three Lives Corpse Casket. "The next time we meet, I will definitely turn you into a corpse!"

After saying such, he broke out into a run and fled. Hong , two green-colored wings of light actually sprouted from his back, and as he stretched them out, he instantly shot into the skies and fled.

He didn't die even from that?

Ling Han stood with the help of his sword. Yan Tian Zhao could absolutely be considered as the reincarnation of the spirit of an ancient god, and knew a shockingly large number of secret techniques. He didn't die even from being cut in half, so the next time they met, would he have to crush his heart, or perhaps his head?

"Ling Han, don't be too pleased with yourself. I will get myself a Gold-Armored Corpse, and will definitely take your life next time!" Rong Huan Xuan also threw out a line that fitted the situation, and was obviously intending to flee.

"I know, I know. Go on," Ling Han said impatiently.

"You..." Rong Huan Xuan humphed. He was extremely displeased with Ling Han's attitude, as if he was some minor character of negligible importance. He swore to himself that he would definitely make Ling Han regret this.

Hong , the Three Lives Corpse Casket slid away, and Rong Huan Xuan left inside it.

Ling Han, meanwhile, was in deep thought.

For Yan Tian Zhao's situation, was he the reincarnation of a god from his last life, or was he still himself? In his case, what category did he belong to then? Was he, too, in the situation that the memories of his last life had been transferred into this body?

This caused him to feel at a bit of a loss.

"Ling Han!" Hu Niu leaped over and tugged on Ling Han's hand. This made Ling Han instantly break out into a smile, and chased away the confusion in his heart.

He was who he was. He was neither the Alchemy Emperor he had been in his last life, nor was he the useless young man of this lifetime. Rather, he was an existence formed from the merging of these two, possessing both their merits and their shortcomings—a real, living person.

And that was enough.

"Come, let's go back!" Ling Han said with a smile.

"En!" Hu Niu nodded in earnestness.
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