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Chapter 448: Battle Royale
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Sure enough, even if a Level Ten Spirit Tool like the Three Lives Corpse Casket was triggered, it could only display the battle prowess at the level of the Spiritual Infant Tier.

However, in a place like the north region, the Spiritual Infant Tier was already considered the strongest level. A Rong Huan Xuan that possessed the Three Lives Corpse Casket was still the cause of much headache; he only needed to continue hiding in the Three Lives Corpse Casket and not come out, and really, there might be no one capable of doing anything to him.


However, after receiving the strike of this divine sword, the patterns on the Three Lives Corpse Casket flickered and immediately formed another skull soldier that charged towards the Spiritual Infant Tier cultivator that had delivered the sword strike.

This Spiritual Infant Tier cultivator had absolutely no interest in being entangled by the Three Lives Corpse Casket and his figure immediately flickered, choosing not to have a face-to-face confrontation with the skull soldier. He waved his sword once more, and delivered another strike at the Three Lives Corpse Casket.

"Ah..." Rong Huan Xuan once again shouted in pain. The casket allowed him to avoid any direct attacks, but the impact caused by Spiritual Infant Tier-level attacks still caused him a lot of suffering.

Another skull soldier appeared and charged towards that Spiritual Infant Tier cultivator.

Everyone could not help but pale. One attack would cause the appearance of a skull soldier; who could hold up to that? Even the strongest Spiritual Infant Tier cultivator would not be able to stand against the combined forces of so many skull soldiers.

The second Spiritual Infant Tier cultivator once again dodged, and struck in another attack with his divine sword. This naturally led to the appearance of the fourth skull soldier.

Could there be no limit to the number of skull soldiers that this casket could summon?

As Ling Han watched on, he thought that there was definitely a limit. But the Three Lives Corpse Casket was a Level Ten Spirit Tool; a Spiritual Infant Tier cultivator wanted to force it to its limit? That was impossible!

They were both Level Ten Spirit Tools, but the Three Lives Corpse Casket was really very powerful, far surpassing the Demon Birth Sword.

"It really proves itself to be the imitation of the Three Lives Corpse Casket of the Underworld, even I feel slightly covetous of it!" Yan Tian Zhao murmured to himself. His voice was very low, but Ling Han still managed to hear him.

After the second Spiritual Infant Tier cultivator delivered a series of seven strikes at the Three Lives Corpse Casket, finally, he was no longer capable of attacking again, because there were already seven skull soldiers ganging up on him, causing him to no longer have the excess energy to attack.

"Hahahaha, you are only a mere Spiritual Infant Tier cultivator, and you want to stand against me?" Rong Huan Xuan's arrogant laughter sounded, very unpleasant to hear.

However, the Three Lives Corpse Casket was indeed very powerful, and they had no choice but to concede that.

Ling Han said internally to Smal Tower, "Just take a look, he just has a Level Ten Spirit Tool and is already so awesome, whereas I have to behave myself, tucking my tail between my legs. Why is there such a huge disparity?"

Small Tower replied calmly, "If you want to, I, too, can display my full power. You can destroy whomever you like as well; anyways, you're the master, so I obey you."


Ling Han was only expressing some of his laments; how could he not know revealing the Black Tower would tempt out those really powerful characters? However, Small Tower was really too much of a ruffian, whereas he, on the other hand, almost had his nose bent out of irritation.

Why did he feel that this Tool Spirit was quite a hooligan in essence?

There were in total three Spiritual Infant Tier cultivators present, and they all made their move respectively, but it only caused the appearance of even more skull soldiers that suppressed them completely.

"What nonsense Spiritual Infant Tier cultivators, wait until I obtain the inheritance in the Twelve Heaven Mystery Realms; then I will return and refine you all into Corpse Soldiers! Hahahaha!" Rong Huan Xuan laughed uproariously. Who would be able to play around with Spiritual Infant Tier cultivators in the palm of his hand whilst he himself was only in the Spiritual Pedestal Tier?

Only he!

All those cultivators of the Flower Blossom Tier and the Spiritual Infant Tier roared in rage, but what could they do? They had no way to break through the defenses of the Three Lives Corpse Casket.

Yet Ling Han nodded internally. In the case of passive defenses, one needed only to be in the Deity Transformation Tier and would still be able to kill Rong Huan Xuan with the impact of one's attacks, even with the Three Lives Corpse Casket in the way. Of course, that was based on the premise that Rong Huan Xuan's cultivation was not in the Deity Transformation Tier yet.

This was enough proof of the might of the Three Lives Corpse Casket. It was merely in a state of passive defense, yet one would still need an attack at the level of Deity Transformation Tier to kill the person hiding within it.

Rong Huan Xuan continued to propel the Three Lives Corpse Casket in flight. Some Flower Blossom Tier cultivators were still in pursuit, unwilling to give up the chase, whereas others had already turned around and left.

There was nothing they could do to this guy if he continued to hide inside the casket.

Ten days later, all the powerful cultivators left helplessly. There was no meaning to continue being obssessed over the casket, because it was obvious that Rong Huan Xuan had a Spatial Ring and did not need to worry that he would starve to death. The only people remaining in pursuit were Ling Han, Hu Niu, and Yan Tian Zhao.

Ling Han and Hu Niu chased together, whereas Yan Tian Zhao was on his own; the three of them hid themselves as they continued the pursuit.

However, when those Flower Blossom Tier and Spiritual Infant Tier cultivators all left, Yan Tian Zhao shot out, and with a great leap, arrived in front of the Three Lives Corpse Casket.

"Hand out the key, and I shall spare you!" Yan Tian Zhao commanded calmly.

"You are only in the Spiritual Pedestal Tier; how boldly you speak!" Rong Huan Xuan came out of the casket and shot a cold smirk at Yan Tian Zhao.

"When I moved unhindered in this world, who knows where your ancestor was, and you actually dare behave insolently in front of me!" Yan Tian Zhao moved directly, aiming to grab Rong Huan Xuan.

Ling Han did not move. He was afraid that Rong Huan Xuan would escape back into the Three Lives Corpse Casket. In that case, that would be like a tiger trying to bite through a turtle's shell, with no idea where to bite. On the other hand, it would be much easier to snatch the key from Yan Tian Zhao's grasp.

"What a joke!" Rong Huan Xuan was naturally fearless and drew out a long saber as he delivered a strike.

Though the personal battle prowess of disciples of the Thousand Corpse Sect were usually not very strong, there were still exceptions to the rule. For example, Rong Huan Xuan had obtained the inheritance of the sect leader, and though he had not managed to get the other Level Ten Spirit Tool, the Demonic Noise Saber, he managed to get a saber technique which could be used together with the Demonic Noise Saber. The grade of this saber technique was not too low, and it could be used as long as one had cultivated Corpse Qi. How strong this saber technique was would depend on one's achievements in terms of Corpse Qi cultivation.

Thus, Rong Huan Xuan still had some level of ability in saber techniques, and formed five flashes of Saber Qi that slashed at Yan Tian Zhao with a single strike of his saber.

Yan Tian Zhao neither dodged nor ducked. He stretched open his right hand, and martial intent surged. Multiple green-colored silken threads spread out, and like a net, moved to encircle Rong Huan Xuan.

"Rip apart!" Rong Huan Xuan declared sharly. His Saber Qi slashed forth, but this green-colored net was completely unscathed.

"What!?" He could not help but be stunned; how could the quality of this person's Qi be so far above his own?

"Ignorant brat!" Yan Tian Zhao's large net had already opened up and surrounded Rong Huan Xuan completely.

"Damn it!" Rong Huan Xuan had not thought that there would be such a huge gap between himself and this man. He hurriedly retreated, intending to duck back into hiding inside the Three Lives Corpse Casket.

"I have already moved. Do you still think you can escape?" Yan Tian Zhao asked in disdain. Both ends of the green net had already joined together and wrapped around Rong Huan Xuan.

Rong Huan Xuan emitted a roar of rage. Because he had underestimated his foe, he had fallen into such passive circumstances. He expelled a sharp whistle from his mouth. Peng , a figure actually appeared out of the Three Lives Corpse Casket and charged to attack Yan Tian Zhao.

This was a Corpse Soldier, and there was a shocking hole in its forehead. It was precisely that Spiritual Infant Tier cultivator that had been killed by the Three Lives Corpse Casket ten days ago. Now, it had already been refined into a Corpse Soldier. However, because there had not been enough time, it had not been refined completely, and only had the battle prowess of a high-level Spiritual Pedestal Tier cultivator. But there was completely no issue for it to detain Yan Tian Zhao and not allow him a chance to make a move on Rong Huan Xuan.

Ling Han smiled. It was time for him to make a move.

He jumped out and immediately charged out. Without hesitation, he drew the Demon Birth Sword and struck at both Rong Huan Xuan and Yan Tian Zhao.

"Damn it!" Rong Huan Xuan and Yan Tian Zhao both humphed, but the timing of this strike was too well-calculated. It had taken advantage of this particular instant when the two of them were embroiled in a fierce battle and their defenses were at their weakest.

Hong , right at this moment, the Three Lives Corpse Casket slid over and stood in between Ling Han and Rong Huan Xuan.
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