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Chapter 445: Qualifying for the Finals
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Previously, Lu Yang's continuous forming of seals to attack was merely a deception to make Ling Han focus on him and create the best opportunity for his Frost Clouded Leopard to attack.

Indeed, he had succeeded.

"Han Lin, you are indeed very powerful. However... you are too arrogant!" Lu Yang smirked, then shot a punch directly at the pillar of ice.

With ice freezing Ling Han's movements, his defenses were naturally at rock-bottom. How could the former be able to block his full-power blow then?

Ka, ka, ka . But it was right at this moment that innumerable cracks actually appeared on the ice pillar, as if a spider web was unravelling.

Ling Han was about to escape.


Lu Yang was instantly so shocked that his hair was practically standing on ends. After suffering such a powerful move from the Frost Clouded Leopard, he actually was about to escape so quickly? Impossible, impossible! One had to know that the Frost Clouded Leopard was in the fifth layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier and this freezing attack was enough to make it lose practically all ability to attack. It could be imagined, then, how terrifyingly powerful this attack was.

Though he thought this, Lu Yang's fist still shot forwards. This was his only chance to attain victory.

Peng , his fist had yet to reach when the pillar of ice suddenly shattered; innumerable shards of ice shot out, and the impact actually sent Lu Yang flying. With an "Ah~", he spat out a mouthful of blood, and a great many wounds had appeared on his body, which had been either slashed, cut, or pierced open by the flying ice shards.

Lu Yang was still the second strongest elite on the Prodigy Roll, after all, so he managed to stop just in time, and was not thrown off the tournament stage with this single strike. He panted loudly, his eyes filled with disbelief. He had used so many powerful moves, and yet, they almost had no effect.

Ling Han slowly stepped out and said calmly, "Your pet should be in the ranks of rulers, right? Otherwise, it could not possibly possess a Talent Mystical Power."

That was right. The previous freezing attack was not simply any random attack, but the unique freezing ability of the Frost Clouded Leopard, which was why this single attack caused the latter to practically lose all ability to battle after using it.

"However, its bloodline is not pure. That's why it could only use its Mystical Power once, then collapsed," Ling Han continued. "True, if that had not been the case, how could a demonic beast in the ranks of rulers be willing to become the pet of a human being?"

Unless one had remarkably great luck and managed to take in a demonic beast that had the bloodline of a ruler when it was still very young. Even so, when the demonic beast's intelligence matured, it was still possible that it would turn against its master because a demonic beast in the ranks of rulers was too proud, and could absolutely not allow itself to serve under another.

Just like the rulers amongst human beings. They could be defeated, but would defintiely not allow themselves to be subservient to another.

Lu Yang could not speak. Though he still had many powerful moves he had yet to use, but that previous attack was his strongest trump card, and since even this move was ineffective, what else could he do?

He sighed disappointedly and said, "I admit defeat."

At first, he was extremely confident and believed that there was only a gap of cultivation level between himself and Yang Jun Hao. If they were of the same cultivation level, and he and his Frost Clouded Leopard worked together, they could definitely defeat the latter.

But Ling Han, who was merely in the first layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, managed to easily defeat him; this was a very harsh blow to his self-esteem.

Seeing him leave in low spirits, Ling Han merely smiled faintly. If Lu Yang managed to get back onto his feet, there would definitely be a place for him among the most powerful characters in the future. However, if he was not able to recover from this blow and continued to be depressed, he might possibly create the record of being the first one who had been on the Prodigy Roll yet was unable to break through to the Flower Blossom Tier.

But this was none of his business—it was merely a passing thought. LIng Han walked down from the tournament stage.

He deliberately observed the battle of the masked man. Just like him, the latter's battle style was extremely simple, but every punch and every palm strike possessed just the right amount of power. If he could use merely thirty percent of his power to end the battle, he would definitely not use thirty-five.

This did not just show the precise control of the masked man, but also his absolute control over how the battle proceeded. That was how he knew how much power he had to use to achieve his desired results.

This man... was extremely terrifying!

Ling Han felt a sense of familiarity from this person, but he had never seen this kind of battle style before. In terms of control of power, he could possibly be superior even to the Sword Emperor and the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden.

Such a monster actually appeared in the Spiritual Pedestal Tier?

In the fourth round, Ling Han's opponent was... Yang Jun Hao!

He had just fought with number two of the Prodigy Roll, and now he was going to fight number one. What a coincidence.

The two of them walked up to the tournament stage. Yang Jun Hao smiled and said, "I was just complaining about the fact that I did not have enough fun at the Prodigy Tournament battles, and now, I have finally encountered a person that is worthy of making me fight."

Ling Han laughed loudly and asked, "Didn't you have a lot of fun playing around with a five-, six-year-old little girl?"

Yang Jun Hao's face immediately darkened. He was convinced that he was invincible in his age range, yet was actually thrashed so terribly by HU Niu. Thankfully, the latter had not used her teeth. Otherwise, it was very possible that he would suffer terribly. The loss that he had suffered at the Hu Niu's hands was something that he considered to be a great humiliation.

This was really touching on his sore spot, and he instantly became angered.

"Come, come, come. Since you lack discipline, I'll give you another good thrashing." Ling Han hooked his finger at him.

"Han Lin, you are so confident in yourself. When you are defeated later, will you cry?" Yang Jun Hao asked, smirking coldly.

Ling Han smiled, and directly shot out.

So fast!

This thought merely flashed through Yang Jun Hao's head when he felt a pain in his lower abdomen, and his whole body was sent flying. With a peng , he fell onto the ground, his head completely blank.

Hua , the whole area was in an uproar.

The one and only number one of the Prodigy Roll did not even manage to resist one attack when he was simply thrown off the tournament stage by his opponent? That was too humiliating, wasn't it? Lu Yang, at least, lasted a number of moves, and he managed to even freeze Ling Han. At that instant, it seemed like he had hopes of winning, but in Yang Jun Hao's case?

Yang Jun Hao himself had not managed to react yet. He had too many powerful moves he had yet to use. Furthermore, there was no restriction on Spiritual Tools this time, and his battle prowess could still reach the level of pseudo-Flower Blossom Tier, at least.

But with a mere punch, he was thrown off the tournament stage.

"I refuse to submit!" His face twitched madly. This was too humiliating. The number one person on the Prodigy Roll was actually sent flying with a single punch by his opponent; how was he supposed to continue holding his head high if this spread out?

He wanted to get back on the tournament stage, but was coldly stopped by the referee. The latter even rolled his eyes at him, which almost made him explode in anger.

In the fifth round, Ling Han encountered the strongest person of the previous Prodigy Roll, Yu Kun Lun.

After this battle, he would be able to enter into the finals, and his opponent would be the victor of the battle between the masked person, Zhang San, and Cao Tian Yi—Cao Tian Yi was the number one person of the Prodigy Roll before the last. In terms of power, he was superior to even Yu Kun Lun. After all, Cao Tian Yi had accumulated cultivation at the ninth layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier for an additional two or three years.

Yu Kun Lun walked up onto the tournament stage, stood facing Ling Han, smiled, and said, "I had originally thought that I would be facing Yang Jun Hao, and there would be a battle between the number one person of the previous Prodigy Roll and the number one person of the current Prodigy Roll. What a real pity."

Ling Han smiled faintly, and said, "There's nothing to be done about it. I am too strong."

"Oh, and how strong are you?" Yu Kun Lun asked smilingly.

"Much stronger than you. I'll just defeat you in three punches then, because the battle on the opposite side has already concluded!" Ling Han said.


Yu Kun Lun was shocked and looked at the tournament stage beside them. Indeed, Cao Tian Yi had been sent flying off the tournament stage.

So fast?

Yu Kun Lun's expression changed in shock. Though he did not fear Cao Tian Yi, there was absolutely no way he had the ability to defeat him so quickly. But the masked man, Zhang San, managed to achieve the feat. This meant that if the two of them were to fight, he would doubtlessly be defeated.

"There is no use to think so far ahead. It is impossible that you will fight him," Ling Han said, smiling.

Yu Kun Lun took a deep breath, then actually smiled, and said, "Since you have such overwhelming confidence, then I shall allow you to have this opponent then!" After saying so, he actually leaped off the tournament stage directly, forfeiting the match without even fighting.
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