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Chapter 440: Enter the Spiritual Pedestal Tier
Translator: _Dark_Angel_ Editor: Kurisu

The reason why the Jiang Clan was willing to take out the key to the Sagittarius Palace Hall was because the Jiang Clan was getting increasingly weaker as generations passed and their power in Extreme Yang City was close to vanishing altogether. They were just barely surviving. Even if they had their clansmen bring the key into the Twelve Heaven Mystery Realms, they'd simply be swallowed whole and robbed blind by other stronger people since they were much, much too weak.

Thus, they decided to take the risk and find a most powerful son-in-law to turn the situation around with his help.

Just think, the Prodigy Tournament had just ended at this time, so this most powerful son-in-law had to be a member of the Prodigy Roll, so he'd have great potential in the first place. Added together with the inheritance inside the Sagittarius Palace Hall, it was practically guaranteed that he would break through and become an ultimate cultivator of the Shattering Void Tier.

And if some genius came forth and defeated all the members of the Prodigy Roll, that'd be even better—because it'd mean that he was even stronger!

In short, though the Jiang Clan had taken a dangerous step, it was also the last plan they had to turn their current circumstances around.

The Marriage Tournament would be held three days later.

Ling Han sighed. Though he had four members of the Prodigy Roll by his side, he could use none of them, so he could only make a move personally.

He began to break through to the Spiritual Pedestal Tier.

In the tournament this time, not only the male elite cultivators on the Prodigy Roll would participate. Even those senior geniuses that had just passed out of the Roll were qualified. The only requirement was for the participant to be below forty years old, and there were abundant numbers of young men that fit this category,

Yu Kun Lun, Cao Tian Yi, Bai He Shun; these first place holders from the last Prodigy Roll, or even the one before last, were all qualified to fight. Thankfully, the Flower Blossom Tier was a step that was too difficult to breach. Even the geniuses on the Roll would need to settle for about twenty to thirty years to accumulate enough martial arts comprehension and foundations to break through in one go.

For example, Ao Feng. When he was young, he, too, had naturally ranked on the Prodigy Roll as well, but it was only recently that he managed to break through to the Flower Blossom Tier. How could casting off one's mortality be so easily done?

From this aspect, Yao Hui Yue was indeed awesome, and the martial arts in the middle state were indeed flourishing extremely well—according to rumors, Yao Hui Yue was not the only powerful young cultivator in that region and there were a few others who could equal him.

As long as there were no Flower Blossom Tier participants, once Ling Han broke through to the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, who would be able to stand on equal footing with him at this cultivation level?

Furthermore, he could even obtain another chance for the instillation of power from the Black Tower, and if he really came up against an opponent in the Flower Blossom Tier, he was still qualified to fight equally with such a character for at least a short period of time.

He went into the Black Tower, entered seclusion and began cultivating.

Beside him, various alchemical pills were set out. After returning to Extreme Yang City, he had been concocting alchemical pills everyday. Firstly, to earn money, and secondly, to make preparations for his breakthrough to the Spiritual Pedestal Tier.

At this stage, a Spiritual Pedestal that could reach the heavens would be built in the Spiritual Ocean, and that required the support of endless energy. Thus, it was naturally necessary for a large amount of alchemical pills as well as a large number of Origin Crystals to be prepared. Anyone else might need ten-plus days or even a month to break through to the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, but Ling Han only planned to spend one day to complete the breakthrough.

He sat down and released the restrictions on his cultivation level. Instantly, raging waves appeared in his Spiritual Oceans. Hong long long , they shook endlessly.

Ling Han had already perfected his cultivation at the Spiritual Ocean Tier and expanded his Dantian to its limits. It was the same for his Spiritual Oceans; the Origin Power they contained was extremely pure, without the slightest contamination. Under such conditions, even though he did not actively circulate it and only released the restrictions on his cultivation, the Spiritual Oceans actually automatically began the construction of the Spiritual Pedestals, which was proof of how harshly he had suppressed his cultivation.

Hong , Origin Power condensed and five-colored divine light flickered, forming an incredibly wide foundation, sturdily enrooted at the bottom of the Spiritual Ocean. Then, the second foundation level, and the third. The foundations of the Spiritual Pedestal were rapidly being constructed.

Not one, but two.

Both the Spiritual Ocean on top and at the bottom were rapidly constructing the foundations for the Spiritual Pedestal. Hong long long, there was a resonant sound within his body. Around him, it seemed that Liu Yu Tong and the others had all heard it, and all entered into a meditative state.

Constructing the Spiritual Pedestal to connect the heaven and earth was a process in which one could interact with the heavens and the sound of Dao would circulate within one's body, which could help other martial artists understand Dao. Thus, Ling Han had Liu Yu Tong and the others all wait inside the Black Tower to bask in his reflected glory.

Only Hu Niu was restless. She grabbed a piece of dried meat and chewed. She was a little monster and her cultivation need only depend on the food she ate. What was comprehension? Could she eat it?

Inside Ling Han's Spiritual Oceans, furious waves roared. They were as tall as a hundred feet tall, manically crashing as if they intended to break apart the Spiritual Ocean.

Breaking through to the Spiritual Pedestal Tier was naturally risky, and the raging waves of the Spiritual Ocean were the danger of this stage. If they managed to break apart the Spiritual Ocean, then one's Origin Power would dissipate completely. Putting aside ascending to the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, one's cultivation level might even degrade back to the Gushing Spring Tier.

But for Ling Han, this was a piece of cake. He had solidified and strengthened his cultivation level too perfectly. His Spiritual Oceans were sturdy and there was absolutely no need for him to fear this kind of storm.

On the contrary, his Spiritual Pedestals were being built more and more rapidly.

If anyone else in the Spiritual Pedestal Tier was able to see the foundations of the Spiritual Pedestals in his mind, they would definitely dissolve into eye-popping shock.

It was too huge, wasn't it!

Ling Han's Spiritual Pedestal had practically occupied one third of the space in his Spiritual Ocean!

How large the Spiritual Pedestal was for others? Ling Han was not sure, but he knew that in his last life, his Spiritual Pedestal had only occupied one hundredth of the space of his Spiritual Ocean.

One could clearly imagine how shockingly sturdy he had made his cultivation in this life.

The foundations of the Spiritual Pedestal were built level by level, and rose form the ocean's bed. After it reached a height of about a thousand metres above the ocean's level, it finally stopped.

The first layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier!

In the future, he would need to build a nine-level Spiritual Pedestal, which would mean he had reached the ninth layer of the Spiritual Pedestal. Then, when divine flowers bloomed on the Spiritual Pedestal, he would have broken through to the Flower Blossom Tier.

He opened his eyes, his gaze brilliant. Within his right eye, there was a shocking scene of multiple big stars from coming into being all the way to perishing before returning to peace. The Black Tower trembled slightly. Ling Han's skin shone, and multiple patterns were formed on it.

The Body of Iron Sheet!

Ling Han was astonished. In his cultivation of the Indestructible Heaven Scroll, he had long surpassed the Body of Rock Cliff, but there should still be some distance before he reached the third tier, which was the Body of Iron Sheet. He had never imagined that when he broke through to the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, it'd actually upgrade his body's physique as well.

The Heavenly Luck Stone.

Ling Han immediately thought of it. Only the Heavenly Luck Stone could bring about this kind of effect.

Previously, when he refined the Heavenly Luck Stone, he had not obtained any benefits at all. However, the essence of nature did accumulate inside his body, and the instillation of power from the Black Tower also improved the quality of his body. These benefits had completely exploded when he broke through to the next major Tier.

These two factors combined allowed him to ascend to the Iron Sheet Tier in his cultivation of the Indestructible Heaven Scroll!

His current physique was as sturdy as the forging materials at the same level, which meant that he could use his body's sturdiness to stand firm against Spirit Tools and not be hurt. Aside from that, the maximum amount of Indestructible True Fluid had risen to six drops, which increased his ability to protect himself.

Not bad, not bad.

Ling Han smiled. He had been planning to change his appearance to look like Han Lin and take part in the Marriage Tournament. Now that his physique had reached the level of iron sheet, he needed not worry about not having good glove-form Spirit Tools for him to use. Instead, he could use his bare fists to parry against his opponents' Spirit Tools.

"My current battle prowess… has reached how many Stars?" he mumbled.

Before he broke through, his battle prowess was at about eleven Stars of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, and now that he had broken through, even if it was a bit difficult for a Spiritual Pedestal Tier cultivator to challenge a stronger foe, but there should be an addition of at least five Battle Stars, right? Furthermore, the Heavenly Luck Stone had taken effect, so no matter what, there should be a further addition of five Stars.

Twenty Stars of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, that was the minimum.

However, twenty Stars was the recognized limit of the cultivation level. There was no such battle prowess like twenty-one Stars or twenty-two Stars. Thus, when Ling Han was in the ninth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, his battle prowess directly soared all the way up to eleven Stars of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier.

And the Flower Blossom Tier meant casting off one's mortal chains, and was definitely not something that a Spiritual Pedestal Tier cultivator could compare with. This thus formed a strange phenomenon. Ling Han definitely did not have the battle prowess of the Flower Blossom Tier, yet had exceeded the limits of Spiritual Pedestal Tier!

And this was merely his battle prowess at the first layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier.
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