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Chapter 435: Hu Niu's Battle Prowess
Translator: _Dark_Angel_ Editor: Kurisu

In this place, an outstanding performance would attract applause, cheers, and the favor of beautiful women.

Once Can Ye and Zhu Wu Jiu qualified, various beauties immediately cast seductive glances at them. Even well-bred young ladies from prestigious families like Jiang Le Xuan and Di Yin were no exception, though they were much more restrained in their interest.

Those on the Prodigy Roll would definitely break through to the Flower Blossom Tier; who did not want to marry this kind of hero, and what party did not want to attract this kind of future elite cultivator?

The Flower Blossom Tier; in the north region, that was the absolute pinnacle of strength.

"I'm going now!" Liu Yu Tong said to Ling Han.

Ling Han nodded. Today was only the registration. As a result, neither Guang Yuan nor Li Si Chan had come. However, when the actual tournament formally began tomorrow, they would both naturally come to cheer and support the others.

The moment Liu Yu Tong appeared, dressed completely in white and as beautiful as a deity, she instantly entranced all those around her.

There was no shortage of beautiful women, but there were not many beauties who were also talented in martial arts. Every single one of them was a limited, rare resource. It was also why Hua Ying Han had caused such a great commotion previously.

Liu Yu Tong also used the Four Seasons Sword Technique, and at the point when it circulated to the strongest move in its arsenal, she struck a slash at the Testing Stone Plaque.

Twenty Stars of of the Spiritual Ocean Tier!

Instantly, shocked exclamations arose from all around. Before her, there only appeared one other monster that had twenty Stars of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, but now here was a second one! That kind of battle prowess exceeded eleven Stars, which was really much too astonishing.

Furthermore, this girl was so beautiful as well.

A considerable number of elite cultivators that were already on the Roll were also watching from the crowd, and they could not stop their eyes from lighting up. If they managed to marry such a girl, that would really be a wonderful match!

For geniuses like them, they were destined to be able to break through to the Flower Blossom Tier and possess a lifespan of about three hundred years. If there was no one capable of accompanying them for these three hundred years, how regretful would that be? But if they had a similarly powerful partner, that was a different story. They would be able to share life and death together, right until the end of their long lifetimes.

Thus, beauties such as Liu Yu Tong, Hua Ying Han, and Lin Xiang Qin were the center of much admiration, far surpassing beauties such as Jiang Le Xuan and the others even if they were all more or less equally beautiful.

Liu Yu Tong bowed to Ling Han, then went off to fill in her information. This caused another bout of surprised exclamations to arise among the spectators. Why had those three all made their salutations to Ling Han, who was this guy?

One had to know that all three of them were qualified to be ranked on the Roll.

Diao Wen De's face twitched uncontrollably. If it wasn't for the fact that he had yet to register, he'd really want to hide his face and flee.

"Niu's turn!" Hu Niu leaped off Ling Han, and ran out.


At least half of the people around them laughed out loud. What joke was going on here, even a five- or six-year-old little girl was joining in on the excitement? Because there was only one day reserved for registration, the Spirit Treasures Pavilion set a minimum condition for participants—they had to at least reach the Spiritual Ocean Tier.

If you're not in the Spiritual Ocean Tier yet, what are you here for?

But for a five- or six-year-old little girl, let alone the Spiritual Ocean Tier, she most likely hadn't even awoken her Spirit Base, so wasn't this funny?

"Little girl, this is not the place for you to play. Hurry up and go back," one of the men in charge of registration said with a smile. He was being so nice and cordial for Ling Han's sake; after all, there were three consecutive cultivators who had a high chance of getting on the Roll that bowed and paid salutations to Ling Han.

Hu Niu was extremely displeased. She put her hands on her hips, then demanded, "Why not let Niu play?"

"This is really not the place for you to play!" That man was in a cold sweat. This kind of a little girl was really the type to pester endlessly, and would not be convinced by mere words.

All around them, everyone kept laughing without stop. Hu Niu looked very dainty and delicate, and this kind of little girl was very pleasing to their eyes. Furthermore, the childishness that she displayed was so fun as well, making them all extremely amused.

"Don't laugh!" Hu Niu was displeased. She was not here to play around, okay?


She struck out with a punch at the Testing Stone Plaque. Weng, weng, weng . The letters on the fourth row immediately lit up.

Twenty Stars!

Instantly, a powerful silence fell.

F***, battle prowess of twenty Stars of the Spiritual Ocean Tier on a five- or six-year-old little girl?

All of them had their hands on their faces to avoid their jaws from falling out of tremendous shock.

Was this possible? Possible? Possible?

"Niu Niu, you can try another two times," Ling Han said, smiling. He was naturally not astonished by Hu Niu's display.

"Hehe!" Hu Niu laughed, and her fist became a clawed hand, which she then struck at the Testing Stone Plaque.


This time, the letters on the fourth row did not light up, but the letters on the fifth row did. One, and two. Merely two letters lit up.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

But all around them, the spectators were all gaping with their tongues out. What did the lighting up of letters on the fifth row mean?

Battle prowess of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier?

Such a casual claw from the little girl actually had the power of two Stars of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier?

My gods, where had this monster come from!?

"P-Pass, please come here to fill in your information," the person in charge of registration said in a trembling voice. There was a total of eight people doing the registration, but he was the only one who could still speak consciously now, whereas the other seven had frozen into statues.

Yet Hu Niu had not had enough. Her punch and claw actually didn't manage to shatter the stone plaque? Hu Niu was very angry, and the consequences were very serious.


She pounced over, opened her little mouth, bared her snow-white teeth at the stone plaque, and took a large bite.


When they saw that, all those who were still stuck in a state of shock did not know what expression they should have. Such a little girl with such logic-defying battle prowess was really playing around too much? You actually used your mouth to bite the damn stone. If you battle with a foe in future, could it be that you plan to bite him like this too?

Weng , following Hu Niu's bite, the letters on the fifth row lit up one by one. Three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. In an instant, all twenty letters had lit up, and simultaneously darkened. The letters on the sixth row were beginning to light up.

My gods!

At this moment, everyone had the feeling as if they had seen a pig flying through the skies. This world must have collapsed; how could there possibly happen such a crazy, outrageous thing!

'Haha, my eyes must have blurred,' they thought.

But the letters on the sixth row were still endlessly lighting up. Five, ten, fifteen!

The whole area was in complete silence that the drop of a needle could be heard. Everyone's eyes were about to pop out of their heads as they looked at the stone plaque and Hu Niu, who was still bent over it in a very funny pose. However, not one person laughed.

Eighteen, nineteen, twenty!

Finally, there was no more change on the Testing Stone Plaque. It had stopped at the point where all the letters on the sixth row had lit up.

The Flower Blossom Tier, twenty Stars!

Everyone's mouths twitched uncontrollably. If they were bitten by this little girl…. Then even the defense of the Flower Blossom Tier would be rendered useless!

Though the greatest destructive power did not represent actual battle prowess, as you might not be able to bite your opponent. But in case she really did, then even Flower Blossom Tier elites would cry!


That was no longer a freak, but a real monster!

Yu Kun Lun: "…"

Ao Xing Lai: "…"

Zhu Xuan'er: "…"

Hua Ying Han: "…"

Whether they were elite cultivators on the Roll, or potentially going to be ranked on the Roll, they were all rendered completely speechless at this moment in time. As for the few old monsters that were standing by, they, too, felt their facial muscles twitch uncontrollably, feeling a faint feeling of frustration.

Hu Niu's destructive power made even them wary.

Only Ling Han was laughing internally. Hu Niu's little mouth was capable of even biting through the power barrier that a ruler demonic beast in the ninth layer of the Flower Blossom Tier had set up. What powerful teeth did she have then?

"Yay!" Hu Niu turned around, and flashed a pretty smile at Ling Han.
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