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Chapter 44: Battling Ma Lang
Translator: _Dark_Angel_ Editor: Kurisu

"An... antidote!" Ling Zhong Kuan moaned. This Origin Shattering Powder not only disintegrated his Origin Power, it also weakened him. It also had extremely powerful poisonous effects, corroding his internal organs and causing him to moan in excruciating agony.


Who knew if he was saying these words to Ling Han or Ma Lang, or perhaps he could be saying it to both of them.


But Ling Mu Yun could no longer say a word, and could only create a "ke ke ke" sound with his throat. His whole body was covered in cold sweat, the agony he was feeling had to be beyond description.


Ma Lang and Yu Zheng did not spare these two men any attention. They only kept staring at Ling Han in shock. Obviously, this brat's pill really had the ability to cure their poison. But the question was, how could there be such a coincidence in this world--that his pill would so coincidentally be an antidote to the Origin Shattering Powder?


Or did that mean the pill this brat had contained the ability to cure multiple types of poisons?


"You reap what you sow!" Ling Han humphed coldly, without any slightest bit of mercy. He turned towards Ma Lang and said, "Father, how about you deal with that whatever 'Little Poison Lord', while I handle this guy?"


"Are you sure?" Ling Dong Xing was slightly worried. After all, Ma Lang was in the sixth layer of Element Gathering Tier, and thus much stronger than his son, who had just entered the Element Gathering Tier.

"Don't worry, Father," Ling Han put on a confident smile.


"Heng, where is the law enforcement team?" Ma Lang gave a loud shout. As things had already proceeded to this step, he could only use force.


"Shua shua shua," more than ten people dressed in black flew in from outside the Main Hall, each and every one of them exuding a powerful killing intent.


"Aside from this brat and that woman, execute all the others!" Ma Lang said loudly. He knew that Ling Dong Xing was in the ninth layer of Element Gathering Tier, and possessed tremendous battle strength. However, he possessed the advantage in numbers, so there was still a chance of emerging victorious.


"Understood!" All the black-clad people answered coldly. They drew their respective weapons and aimed them at Ling Dong Xing.


Ling Dong Xing did not feel any fear. He was in the ninth layer of Element Gathering Tier, so how could he be overwhelmed by a few low-layer Element Gathering Tier martial artists whose only advantage was in numbers? He gave a long hiss and charged towards the black-uniformed group.


Ma Lang did not interfere. Instead, he started to circle around Ling Han and said, "I have to admit that you surprised me by actually having a pill that could cure the poison especially concocted by Little Poison Lord. I think you must have gotten your hands on an ancient treasure trove, one that not only contained valuable pills that could help a martial artist increase his cultivation rate greatly, but also high level medicinal pills that could cure all poisons. Otherwise, your cultivation level would not have progressed so quickly. You wouldn't have been able to be completely unscathed either under the influence of the Origin Shattering Powder.


However, all this now belongs to me!" He turned a gaze overflowing with greed at Ling Han.


But Ling Han only responded with a smile, and said, "The only thing you can get is... death!"


"Damn you!" Ma Lang cursed, and threw himself at Ling Han. He wanted to subdue Ling Han in order to force Ling Dong Xing to surrender.

Ling Han was naturally unafraid. With a "ding," he drew his sword from the scabbard. Then, he threw the scabbard to the side and raised his sword in a slash, displaying Sword Qi.


"What, Sword Qi?!" Ma Lang gasped in shock. He immediately retreated, and could not help the deep frown crossing his brow. He looked at Ling Han, and said, "I never thought that you would have actually managed to form Sword Qi! You were initially a trash, yet now you have even managed to form Sword Qi. I am now really more and more expectant... the treasure trove that you had obtained must be of absolutely astonishing value!


Now, I need to display some of my true abilities." He withdrew a bent saber from his waist, brandished it a few times, and actually displayed a flash of Saber Qi too. He revealed an arrogant expression, "You're not the only one who can form 'Qi'!"


Those who could form "Qi" had the right to be proud of themselves.


Ling Han shook his head, and said impatiently, "How long are you intending to keep chattering for?"


"Heng, you will regret saying these words!" Ma Lang threw himself up, the bent saber in his hand drawn. "Xiu xiu," a flash of Saber Qi danced. It seemed as if he had struck twice in one instant. Together with the power he had as a martial artist in the sixth layer of Element Gathering Tier, the power behind his blows was truly terrifying.


Liu Yu Tong could not help her hands clenching into fists, revealing an anxious expression.


She knew that Ling Han was very powerful, but Ma Lang was not Hang Zhan. Ma Lang was in the sixth layer of Element Gathering Tier, which was five whole layers above Ling Han. In her opinion, this gap was not something that could be compensated by martial arts techniques or experience.


But Ling Han looked so confident that she could not bear to stop him. She could only worry from the side, wanting nothing more than to fight in his place.

Ling Han gave a humph. His long sword once again slashed and two flashes of Sword Qi rolled out.


"Two flashes of Sword Qi!" Ma Lang's eyes were about to pop out of his skull at this. What kind of terrifying comprehension level was this? But he immediately snorted coldly in his heart. So what if Ling Han could form two flashes of Sword Qi? He was a martial artist in the sixth layer of Element Gathering Tier, and possessed an overwhelming power advantage. This was definitely not something an additional flash of Sword Qi could overcome.


The saber he had raised did not change in position, and mercilessly struck down on Ling Han.




The saber and the sword clashed, suddenly producing fiery sparks due to the friction between the two blades. Sword Qi and Saber Qi clashed as well, but they canceled each other out. However, there was still an additional flash of Sword Qi that continued on its path towards Ma Lang.


"Pu, pu," blood blossomed suddenly on Ma Lang's chest. He stumbled backwards, his face filled with disbelief.


"You have just entered into Element Gathering Tier, but how is it possible that you have such tremendous power?" He gasped in shock. When their blows clashed, he managed to estimate that his opponent's power belonged to someone in about the fifth layer of Element Gathering Tier.


To get from the second layer of Body Refining Tier to the fifth layer of Element Gathering Tier in a short two months?


This was something that Ma Lang could not accept in the slightest.


"Because I am a genius!" Ling Han brandished his sword, continuing his attack.


Ma Lang gritted his teeth. The word "genius" was something that he frequently used, and now it was snatched by someone else. He was naturally very displeased at this. Yet his opponent, at the mere age of sixteen, had already managed to break through to Element Gathering Tier, and even succeeded in forming two flashes of Sword Qi! Ling Han really did deserve the name of "genius"!


"Damn it!" He did not believe in the slightest that a piece of trash had suddenly attained enlightenment. It must be because Ling Han had obtained that mysterious treasure trove that allowed an idiot to become a genius.


This caused his desire to obtain it for himself to soar even higher.


"This is mine! Mine!" His eyes had turned red, jealousy turning him mad.

"Xiu," he pounced with his bent saber slashing out, and a bright flash of blood red flickered.


"Scarlet Trained Kill!" he shouted loudly. This was his ultimate technique and was also one of the secret techniques of Stone Wolf Sect that could never be taught to others. It was a high level Yellow Grade technique!


If he had not been the favorite disciple of Seventh Elder, he would never have been taught this saber technique while he was still in Element Gathering Tier, as this was a secret technique that could only be used by the Elders--in Stone Wolf Sect, high level Yellow Grade martial arts techniques were the best secret techniques they had, and according to rumors, only the Sect Master had the right to cultivate their one and only Black Grade martial arts technique.

Stone Wolf Claws, a low level Black Grade martial arts technique. It was also the origin of the Stone Wolf Sect's name.


The saber's light was bitingly cold, and the flash of Saber Qi, as well as the real saber, had become crimson and struck towards Ling Han from two different directions. [1]


Ling Han drew his sword, and used the Shocking Electricity Sword Arts. The two flashes of Sword Qi danced together, and were not the slightest bit less grand. Against a mere Ma Lang, he still did not need to put in all his effort and use all four flashes of Sword Qi.


"Ting ting ting ting," the saber and sword clashed repeatedly. The power advantage Ling Han had with the additional flash of Sword Qi was very obvious. Every time they exchanged blows, Ma Lang would definitely be struck by a flash of Sword Qi, causing wounds to continuously appear on his body.


Ma Lang was both astonished and alarmed. If things continued this way, Ling Han would slowly wear him down.


"Yu Zheng, help me!" he shouted loudly.
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