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Chapter 430: Special Training
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When they saw Ling Han return dragging two "dead dogs" behind him, everyone in Forget Not were dumbfounded.

That was too awesome, wasn't it? Those two were geniuses close to the top twenty on the Prodigy Roll, and Ling Han simply knocked them out just like that?

By now, Liu Yu Tong and the others had returned as well. Naturally, they were made aware of the situation and they, too, were extremely shocked. Ling Han actually managed to easily capture two elite cultivators on the Prodigy Roll; that kind of battle prowess was really too astonishing.

Ling Han withdrew the Blood Sucking Origin Gold and said, "Wu Jiu, you watch over them and have them work hard. If they dare to goof off, give them a good thrashing. There's no need to be reserved." He had already sealed off both their cultivation.

"Yes!" Zhu Wu Jiu hurriedly nodded. Since that was what Ling Han had said, then no matter what, he would obey. Who cared what sect or faction stood behind these two?

Shui Gu Cheng returned to consciousness, but with his cultivation sealed, he could only bow his head and concede. Otherwise, if he was really thrashed by a minor character like Zhu Wu Jiu, how could he bear with the humiliation? Ji De Rong had complained the whole way, but had also become obedient. The both of them really did obediently carried trays and served dishes; they had really become waiters in the restaurant.

The hole in the wall had been temporarily blocked up, and the restaurant was once again in business. As it was well-known, there was naturally no shortage of customers, and there were some who had followed Ling Han all the way here. When they saw that there were two elites on the Prodigy Roll working as waiters here, how could they not come in for a meal too?

In the future, if they said that they had once been served by someone on the Prodigy Roll before, wouldn't that attract massive amounts of envy?

When they got hold of the menu, they first experienced a shock. What kind of damn thing was this? The price of one dish was actually one Origin Crystal? But when they saw that so many others had already placed their orders, added together with the fact that the aroma was indeed tempting, they, too, could not help but order a dish to have a taste.

There was naturally no need to explain the result of their decision.

"Waiter, give me another serving of this Extreme Treasure!"

"Me too!"

"Here too!"

Shui Gu Cheng and Ji De Rong really wanted to cry but had no tears left. Just think, the two of them were ranked elite cultivators on the Prodigy Roll, yet they had now fallen to the level of waiters carrying serving trays. What was even more depressing was the fact that the business of this place was extremely booming, which made them race and scramble back and forth. This was even more tiring than fighting in a battle.

"How many of you want to take part in the Prodigy Tournament?" On the third floor, Ling Han asked the group.


Liu Yu Tong and the others all raised their hands. Except for Li Si Chan and Guang Yuan, everyone expressed their desire to participate. Even Hu Niu raised her small hand high up into the air.

Ling Han gave them a look over. Can Ye was now in the third layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier and had nine Battle Stars of battle prowess. Liu Yu Tong was in the first layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, and her battle prowess was ten Battle Stars. Zhu Wu Jiu was in the first layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, with battle prowess of nine Battle Stars. He said, "There is still about a month's time. Let me think of how to give you guys some special training and help you all increase your battle prowess to at least fifteen Battle Stars. Otherwise, it'd be better for you not to go and embarrass yourselves!"

"There's just one month, can we really improve so much?" Liu Yu Tong was a little disbelieving.

Ling Han showed off what looked to be the smile of a demon and replied, "Believe me. As long as you all will not have died, it will not be difficult for you to reach fifteen Battle Stars."

When they saw that kind of smile on his face, Liu Yu Tong and the others all shivered, feeling coldness wrap around their entire bodies. They felt a strong sense of foreboding.

Ling Han rubbed Hu Niu's head and said, "From the looks of the current situation, only Niu Niu would be able to get into the ranks, and it would not be hard for her to make it into the top ten." He paused a moment, then said, "If Niu Niu breaks through to the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, then the first place would be in the bag."

"Hehe!" Hu Niu laughed proudly, showing off her little white teeth.

Liu Yu Tong and the others were all astonished. They had never imagined that Ling Han would judge Hu Niu so highly; this was just a six-year-old little girl! Moreover, Hu Niu was going to break through to the Spiritual Pedestal Tier? Hiss!

"Wait, Young Master Han, are you not participating?" Zhu Wu Jiu asked blankly.

"Che, there's no prize, so why would I participate?" Ling Han fanned his hand, waving off the question.

Can Ye was shocked and exclaimed, "Young Master Han, being able to rank onto the Prodigy Roll represents the ultimate glory!"

Ling Han merely smiled. As someone who had once been the Alchemy Emperor and an elite cultivator of the Heaven Tier in his last life, did he need a ranking on the Prodigy Roll to prove himself? Moreover, after he had met Yao Hui Yue, he had increasingly not taken this Prodigy Roll seriously.

"Niu is enough. Get first place, give Ling Han!" Hu Niu declared, patting her little chest.

Ling Han laughed loudly and said, "All right, then this time will depend on Niu Niu."

Two geniuses on the Prodigy Roll had actually regressed to working as waiters in a restaurant; this naturally created a tumultuous commotion. Everyday, there would be visitors attracted to come. Their initial reason was naturally to experience the wonderful feeling of being served by someone fon the Prodigy Roll. However, as long as they had eaten the precious delicacies of Forget Not, there would definitely be huge groups of return customers.

Unfortunately, there was limited space in the restaurant. Even if it opened from morning all the way to late night, customers had still lined up in long queues, which made Liu Yu Tong think of opening up a branch. After getting Ling Han's approval, she immediately began looking for a new venue in high spirits.

In the blink of an eye, another ten days had passed, and Liu Yu Tong and the others have also experienced a real hell-like cultivation session within the Black Tower.

Ling Han was really training them to the point of near death. The difficulty of their training was enough to cause shivers. Everyday, when their training had ended, they would immediately fall asleep the moment they lay down. This also caused Liu Yu Tong's plan to choose a new venue to be postponed until further notice.

However, the effects were also extremely shocking. After squeezing out the potential hidden in all of them, the cultivation of Liu Yu Tong and the others had very visibly improved. This made Guang Yuan envious, and he, too, joined them for the training.

As a result, very soon, they experienced both pain and pleasure at the same time. The four's cultivation improved very quickly, but this experience had also become a nightmare that would follow them for the rest of their lives.

Ling Han went off to the Spirit Treasures Pavilion again and made some more queries about the Nine Leaf Black Ganoderma, but Yin Hong still told him to wait. He then went to Forget Not. At this moment, Liu Yu Tong and the others were training like crazy in the Black Tower, so he naturally had to take charge of more of the restaurant's matters.

"Get lost!" However, he had just arrived at Forget Not and had not yet entered when two people stopped him from going further.

What a joke; this was his business, and there was actually someone hailing him over in front of his own business?

"This whole place has been reserved by my Young Master. It will not serve any others today, so get lost! Get lost!" One man waved his hand at Ling Han disdainfully.

Ling Han frowned. He had never allowed the whole restaurant to be reserved before. Looks like this so-called young master had done so by force. Since the latter had done things forcefully, he would not be reserved, either. He directly stretched out both hands and picked up the two of them. Then he pulled the two of them towards each other. Pa , the two of them were knocked unconscious.

He walked in and saw that his waiters were trembling with fear. Meanwhile, Shui Gu Cheng and Ji De Rong had a few footprints on their bodies; obviously, they had been kicked.

There was only a single table in the whole hall on the first floor, where a young man sat. He had an arrogant demeanor as if he wanted nothing more to walk around with his nose pointing up at the sky. He was at most twenty years old, and there were four servants standing behind him. All of them wore expressions of flattery.

"Hey, hey, hey, the taste is really not bad! Really not bad!" the young man said, as he continued eating.

Ling Han walked over, and those four servants immediately turned towards Ling Han, and rebuked, "My Young Master has booked this whole place. Get out of here."

"This is the first time that I have heard that the owner can't even enter his own place," Ling Han stated calmly.

"Oh, so you're the boss of this restaurant?" The young man glanced towards Ling Han, beckoned him over, and said, "You don't have to open up business this month. After I have finished watching the Prodigy Tournament, you just follow me back. I guarantee that it will not be your loss."

"Aren't you going to thank Young Master Long?" the four servants reprimanded at the same time.
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