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Chapter 429: Capturing to Work
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After getting a kick, Ji De Rong finally woke up. His eyes snapped open, yet was still a little confused. However, he immediately realized that something was off, and shouted loudly all of a sudden, "You brat, aren't you going to quickly let go of your Grandpa Ji?! Let us have a grand battle of three hundred rounds!"

"A defeated opponent still dares to speak bold words?" Ling Han gave him another kick.

"Ah pei, that's because your Grandpa Ji was too careless. Otherwise, a brat in the ninth layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier like you... Grandpa Ji would be able to crush you with one hand behind my back!" Yet Ji De Rong continued to swear with absolutely no intention of admitting his defeat.

Ling Han did not pay any further attention to him, but instead turned towards Shui Gu Cheng and said, "You come over here and allow me to give you a good thrashing, then I'll bring you back to work as a waiter in my restaurant!"

"Heng!" Shui Gu Cheng sneered. When he heard Ji De Rong's words, he finally knew what was going on here—Ling Han was indeed very strong, but he was only in the ninth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier; Ji De Rong had indeed been careless.

And who was he? Shui Gu Cheng, ranked twentieth on the Prodigy Roll! At that time, the White-Robed Sword King was enough of a monster, right? Yet wasn't he still ranked after him? And now, he was in the third layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, with battle prowess soaring straight up to eight Battle Stars, so how could a mere cultivator in the ninth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier stand against that?

"Then I shall come teach you a lesson!" he said with a smile.

Ji De Rong had been defeated by Ling Han, and if he now defeated Ling Han, how could Ji De Rong still have the face to challenge him to a fight again in future?

Facing a boor like Ji De Rong, in truth, Shui Gu Cheng felt very troubled.

Ling Han waved his hand and seven golden rods appeared. Weng , the array was activated and a white snake appeared in thin air. It gushed into Ling Han's body and forcibly increased his battle prowess by another two Battle Stars.

"Array master?" Shui Gu Cheng was shocked. In this era, there were pitifully few array masters, they were even rarer than alchemists. However, they definitely should not be underestimated.

Ling Han once again drew the Demon Birth Sword. A lot of people had seen it before in the Dark Demonic Forest anyways, so he couldn't bother to continue keeping it under wraps. The strongest cultivators in the north region were at most in the Spiritual Infant Tier, and faced with his status as an Earth Grade alchemist, they at least dared not snatch it from him in public. As for cultivators stronger than that, they could not make their way here—even if they did, their prowess would be greatly suppressed and weakened. Before attempting such a journey, anyone would have to consider carefully if such a price was worth it.

Shui Gu Cheng instantly felt his knees become a little weak; even if merely a sliver of aura seeped out of a Level Ten Spirit Tool, how could it be ordinary? And that was still thanks to the fact that he had formed seven flashes of Qi and entered into the ranks of rulers, so there was not too serious an effect on him.

"Come battle!" Ling Han smiled calmly.

Shui Gu Cheng felt a headache coming on. His opponent had an array as well as a high level Spirit Tool; it appeared he had a terrifying background behind him. It seemed like he could draw out another priceless treasure at any time, which made his self-confidence take a sharp drop.

But there was no turning back now; in front of so many people, how could he possibly shy away from battle?

"If it's a fight you want, then I shall oblige!" With a great leap, he pounced. A cold light surged forth, and he, too, had drawn a Spirit Tool of his own. It was a long saber, and he slashed it furiously at Ling Han.

No matter what, he was indeed much superior in terms of cultivation level, so he was at an absolute advantage in power. Thus, he had cast aside all kinds of flashy moves, intending to have a clash of brute force with Ling Han. This was the surest way for him to win this battle.

Ling Han used the Four Seasons Sword Technique. Sword intent of the various seasons gushed forth in a continuous cycle, circulating according to his will.

Compared with "Lord Ji"'s instant defeat, Shui Gu Cheng's condition was much, much better. At least he was capable of exchanging a number of blows with Ling Han, which made Ji De Rong extremely displeased. Didn't this mean that he was inferior to Shui Gu Cheng then?

"Brat, you really do have some skill!" Shui Gu Cheng's true skill was forced out bit by bit, he no longer dared to have the slightest reservation. This young man was really much, much too strong.

Ling Han, on the other hand, moved smoothly and skilfully. Though the benefits brought by the Heavenly Luck Stone were not visible yet, after the instillation of power from the Black Tower, there was an extremely big upgrade to his physique, and his personal battle prowess was on a completely different level from before.

Who knew how much higher his current battle prowess was compared to twenty Battle Stars of the Spiritual Ocean Tier? After all, he was capable of shaking an opponent with eight Battle Stars in Spiritual Pedestal Tier. This was something unbelievable to a great many of the spectators.

The spectators all around them were already struck dumb. This was really too much of a monster, right? There was Shen Zhong Cheng in the last round, but even he could only stand against an opponent in the first layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier when his cultivation level was the ninth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier. Yet Ling Han could stand on equal grounds with a cultivator at the third layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, which forcefully raised the record by two whole levels.

"Drawing the Saber to Cut Water, Destroying Emotion and Cutting Off Roots!" Shui Gu Cheng shouted loudly and used a great move. His long saber slanted, and seven flashes of Saber Qi surged, actually bringing along with them over a hundred saber images that gushed forth towards Ling Han.


Ling Han was slightly surprised. This saber technique was a bit like the Mysterious Three Thousand. However, his opponent's Saber Qi could only form over a dozen saber images, which was far from being capable of equalling the might of the Mysterious Three Thousand. Still, in terms of essence, these two techniques were the same.

Indeed, there was no shortage of ability in the world. However, the inheritance of the Heaven's Sword Sect could even be related to the realm of gods, and had existed for millenia without deteriorating. It was naturally not something that other sects could compare with.

Ling Han did not step back, but rather advanced. At the very moment that his opponent used such a huge move, it was also the very same moment when his defense was at its weakest.

When they saw that Ling Han actually went forth against the saber images, everyone was astonished. Though everyone knew that this moment was the time when Shui Gu Cheng's defense was the weakest, the problem was, with such a terrifying attack ahead, after forcefully parrying so many saber flashes, he himself would be severely wounded, so how could he still possibly be able to launch his own attack on Shui Gu Cheng?

But what shocked them was that Ling Han's figure waved and bent as if he was a withered leaf dancing in the wind. His nimble movements allowed him to weave smoothly around all obstuctions in his way and appear in front of Shui Gu Cheng.

...He was now capable of shooting out a thousand sword flashes, and so was naturally very familiar with this kind of attack. Additionally, he also had the divine sense of the Heaven Tier, which allowed him to successfully accomplish what to everyone seemed to be an impossible feat.


Ling Han shot out a fist, which solidly landed on Shui Gu Cheng's face.

"Aiya!" Shui Gu Cheng yelled in pain, and was instantly knocked over onto the ground. He had passed out completely from the blow.

With a wave of his hand, the Blood Sucking Origin Gols became even longer and thinner. Ling Han tied Shui Gu Cheng up as well.

"Who is so bold that dares to make trouble at my Listen to the Rain Pavilion?" An arrogant voice was heard, and a young man walked out of the tower. But the moment he saw Ling Han, his whole body shook, and he dared not utter one more word. Instead, he simply turned around and fled.

It was precisely Liu Qi Yuan.

How could he not be afraid of Ling Han?

He hadn't even done anything. He had only threatened him a bit and went to his restaurant one time, yet was almost beaten to death by his own grandfather! And to give Ling Han an explanation, his grandfather had even destroyed the Lang Clan!

That was a God of Misfortune; whoever dared trifle with him would be hit with bad luck!

There were naturally some who recognized Liu Qi Yuan among the crowds, and when they saw him behave like a mouse that had encountered a cat when he saw Ling Han, they all were shocked.

In terms of martial arts and power, Ji De Rong and Shui Gu Cheng were naturally far superior to Liu Qi Yuan, but in terms of status, as the grandson of an Earth Grade alchemist, the latter did not have a low status and was in fact a local bully around these parts. Yet even Liu Qi Yuan was so scared of Ling Han—exactly what background did this young man have?

Ling Han merely smiled. Dragging Shui Gu Cheng and Ji De Rong behind him, he left.

"Brat, release your Grandpa Ji this instant!" Ji De Rong yelled. His cultivation had been sealed by Ling Han, so he could only crawl on the ground with two hands like a dog. Though it looked a bit pathetic, it was still better than being dragged off.

"Speak less rubbish and obediently work for me for a month!" Ling Han humphed.
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