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Chapter 428: Finding Shui Gu Cheng Again
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"Interesting!" There was an open window on the third floor of the inn, and a tall, slender man could be seen through it. He looked to be about thirty years old, but was extremely handsome. His hair was black and thick as well. He belonged to the category of extremely handsome, dashing young man that would make a woman go crazy.

Yu Kun Lun, ranked first on the Prodigy Roll. However, he had just passed thirty years of age, and so was no longer qualified to participate in the Prodigy Tournament this year.

"Junior Sister, this person should be one of your strongest opponents in the Prodigy Tournament!" he said, turning his head.

There was a girl standing beside the window too. She had a deity-like graceful bearing, with a shapely body which would draw covetous eyes to her. There was a thin silk veil hiding her face, but her beautiful features could vaguely be seen. Her black hair cascaded down her shoulders like a waterfall and her complexion was fair like the most beautiful jade; she could easily stir up one's heart.

She looked down below and said disdainfully, "Firstly, Ji De Rong was too careless. He completely had not thought that a person in the ninth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier would have the battle prowess at the level of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier. Secondly, Ji De Rong's battle prowess is only worth ten Battle Stars."

"Junior Sister really has high aspirations. Ten Battle Stars of battle prowess is only judged as 'only' in your eyes." Yu Kun Lun laughed loudly, and the eyes that looked upon that girl were obviously filled with adoration.

This was an extreme genius that had just recently risen from the Great Mercy Sect. Her name was Hua Ying Han; she was only twenty-two years old this year, but her cultivation had already reached the third layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier! She had not participated in the Prodigy Tournament last year because her cultivation level at that time was too low, and it was only two years ago that she suddenly rose up powerfully. She advanced all the way at a terrifying speed, which alerted the higher ranks of the Great Sorrow Sect. Currently, she was already included on the list of Core Disciples to be heavily developed by the sect.

Yu Kun Lun had come this time firstly to watch the battles, and secondly to serve as a protective escort for Hua Ying Han.

Hua Ying Han acted as if she had not seen Yu Kun Lun's adoring gaze upon her. Her aspirations were too high; even if Yu Kun Lun was currently ranked first on the Prodigy Roll, she was still unmoved. She idolized those geniuses from the middle state.

She heard just two months ago that a genius from the middle state had appeared and had a great battle with the Golden Blood Demonic Ape in the Dark Devil Forest, and even the Flower Blossom Tier cultivators from the older generation paled in comparison to his brilliance. That was a real dragon amongst humans!


On a tower farther away, Shen Zhong Cheng's hand uncontrollably gripped the hilt of his sword, and his eyes that looked upon Ling Han were filled with battle spirit. He had already broken through to the Spiritual Pedestal Tier—since he was unable to obtain the Heavenly Luck Stone, he could only break through when he had perfected his cultivation level.

This young man... would be worth a battle!


Even further away, there was a plump young man who had squeezed into the crowd. He quietly moved and noiselessly removed the spatial ring from the hand of a young man at the Spiritual Pedestal Tier. He walked to one side, giggled and said, "That tanned brother of mine seem to have become stronger and stronger!"


"Ling Han, we've met again." On another tall tower, Yan Tian Zhao's figure appeared. At this moment, the aura exuding from him was shockingly that of the peak period of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier. A green-colored light flickered within his eyes, and took form into various patterns which were extremely strange-looking.


Ling Han picked Ji De Rong up, and with a wave of his hand, the Blood Sucking Origin Gold was drawn. He used it to tie up the legs of the shorty, then went back the way he came. Chila , like a piece of dirt cloth, JI De Rong was dragged off by him.

The spectators all hissed. That was an elite of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, and moreover someone on the Prodigy Roll. In the future, as long as he did not fall, he would definitely break through to the Flower Blossom Tier!

Yet he dragged him like he was a damn dog; was that really proper?

However, Ling Han was completely uncaring. It was not that he had never offended anyone in the Flower Blossom Tier. Let's make a count: Ao Feng was one, Elder Nine Clouds was one, Yao Hui Yue was another... so how could he fear someone that would only break through to the Flower Blossom Tier in the future?

He was now going off to find Shui Gu Cheng. Since these two damaged his restaurant and wounded his staff, then before his employees recovered, these two guys would have to become waiters in his restaurant in compensation!

This kick that Ji De Rong suffered was really heavy; he had actually not regained consciousness even when he was being dragged like this. Thankfully, Spiritual Pedestal Tier cultivators endlessly used their Origin Power to refine their physical bodies, so they definitely had tough, sturdy skin, so it was all right even if he was being dragged along in this manner. Otherwise, he would have already been badly mangled.

Ling Han made queries about where Shui Gu Cheng had gone.

When they saw that he was dragging a person behind him, the person he asked was a bit troubled, and dared not tell him. However, there were some who were motivated by the desire to see the world in chaos who happily told him where he could find Shui Gu Cheng, and even took the initiative to lead him there.

Shui Gu Cheng was currently having an enjoyable time in the Listen to the Rain Pavilion.

Listen to the Rain Pavilion—this was an extremely luxurious money-squandering establishment of the city. However, because payment could be settled with gold and silver, it was not such a big deal to cultivators. Any amount of gold and silver was only worldly objects, so they would naturally spend it freely for fun and entertainment.

Ling Han was dragging the elite cultivator currently ranked twenty-first on the Prodigy Roll as he walked openly in the streets. This naturally caused a commotion and attracted more and more people to follow behind him, laughing all the way. This joke was really too big.

"Who is this young man that is actually capable of defeating Ji De Rong?"

"Not sure. However, it's not because he is really stronger than Ji De Rong, but rather it was Ji De Rong who was too careless and provided him an opening that he could take advantage of!"

"But no matter how careless he was, he's still a Spiritual Pedestal Tier cultivator!"

"Now that we're on the subject, didn't the White-Robed Sword King also defeat quite a number of Spiritual Pedestal Tier cultivators when his cultivation level was only at the ninth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier?"

"How could those Spiritual Pedestal Tier cultivators compare with Ji De Rong? Furthermore, another year has passed, so no matter what, Ji De Rong's cultivation would have increased considerably and he is definitely not one who can be defeated by an opponent in the Spiritual Ocean Tier."

"You're making me more and more curious. Who exactly is this young man?"

Everyone were discussing and chatting noisily, all of them very curious. How did such a monstrous young man appear so suddenly? It was obvious that there would be a place for Ling Han in the new round of the Prodigy Tournament. Furthermore, his rank would definitely not be low, either. Perhaps he might even be able to suppress the high rank that the White-Robed Sword King had achieved three years ago.

...Firstly, Ling Han was stronger, and secondly, a great number of people had passed thirty years old and were taken off the Prodigy Rolle.

Ling Han walked in front, whereas the crowd walked behind. This troop was really quite majestic, and they walked all the way to the Listen to the Rain Pavilion.

"Toothpick Shui, get out here!" Ling Han similarly called out like he had done previously. His voice was like thunder, and no matter how loud the music and dancing was inside, it could not conceal his thunderous volume.

"Ji De Rong, you bastard. If you want a fight, I am willing to oblige, but in another month, you're going to die!" Shui Gu Cheng's furious voice was heard, and within a short while, he had rushed out.

Shui Gu Cheng was much better than Ji De Rong appearance-wise. He had a slender, tall build, and a noble, dignified air around him. His bronze skin looked like he had had oil rubbed on his skin.

"Yi!" When he rushed out, he realized that something was off. Ji De Rong was actually being dragged on the ground as if he was a dead dog.

This, this, this, how could this be possible!?

He turned to look at Ling Han. In terms of power, he was actually on equal footing with Ji De Rong. The power gap between the two of them was really too small. If Ling Han was able to defeat Ji De Rong, then naturally he would be able to defeat him too.

Who wanted to be embarrassed in public? Thus, unless there was no other option for it, he definitely did not want to get into a battle with Ling Han.

"Young man, where have I offended you?" Shui Gu Cheng asked seriously.

Ling Han humphed, delivered another kick to Ji De Rong, and said, "You and this idiot were fighting right out in the open street and damaged the wall of my restaurant. You two also caused injuries to a few of my staff. It is precisely a busy time when there is a shortage of staff. Thus, I can only take the two of you back so that you can work as waiters for a month as replacement."

When everyone heard this, they felt the corners of their mouths twitch. For such a trivial, miniscule matter, he actually thrashed an elite cultivator on the Prodigy Roll to the extent that he resembled a dead dog? If Ji De Rong knew, he would definitely holler curses.

When had elite cultivators on the Prodigy Roll become so cheap that they would actually be put on par with ordinary waiters?
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