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Chapter 427: Stomping onto Ji De Rong
Translator: _Dark_Angel_ Editor: Kurisu

Shui Gu Cheng, ranked twentieth on last year's Prodigy Roll, cultivation level at the second layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier. However, from what he could see today, he was shockingly already at the fourth layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier.

That was very normal. Beneath the Flower Blossom Tier, there was a large number of alchemical pills that could speed up cultivation rate. There would definitely be powerful sects to support these kinds of geniuses, so they were absolutely capable of producing an overwhelming change in their cultivation in a year's time.

And if it was not because he was worried that he would spoil things through excessive enthusiasm, Shui Gu Cheng's cultivation could possibly be even higher.

For example, Zhu Xuan'er's information indicated that she was only in the second layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, yet now, she had shockingly advanced to the fifth layer! To these prodigies, their cultivation would differ greatly after every few months, so if one still looked at them based on the previous judgement, they would definitely be deceived.

The person ranked after Shui Gu Cheng was Ji De Rong, and according to the information on the records, Ji De Rong was unwilling to accept his ranking. Thus, he would challenge the former every single time they met. That small figure just now must be Ji De Rong, which fit his description on the records very well.

As the time for the Prodigy Tournament grew nearer, more and more characters from various backgrounds were beginning to show up.

Ling Han shook his head. Can Ye, Liu Yu Tong, and Zhu Wu Jiu all wanted to take part in the Prodigy Tournament this time. Moreover, they were very ambitious; not only did they want to get onto the ranking list, they also wanted to fight for a high ranking, but from the look of things now, they did not have much hope.

Initially, Can Ye's cultivation was the highest, and he had the highest chance of getting a good position in the rankings. However, he had already broken through to the Spiritual Ocean Tier before he refined the Heavenly Luck Stone. Thus, unless he broke through to the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, there would be no way for the Heavenly Luck Stone to have effect on him.

Thus, his current ability to challenge a superior opponent was at most equal to Zhu Wu Jiu's after the latter broke through to the Spiritual Ocean Tier, and was far beneath Liu Yu Tong after she broke through to the Spiritual Ocean Tier. If he was not able to gain an overwhelming advantage in terms of cultivation level, his battle prowess was definitely not as strong as Liu Yu Tong's.

As Ling Han mused, he continued to walk towards Forget Not. It was almost time for lunch.

However, when he reached the restaurant, he shockingly saw that someone had punched a large hole into one of the side walls of the restaurant. It was currently under repair, so there was not one customer inside the restaurant.

He frowned and asked, "What's going on here?"

"Just now, there were two maniacs fighting. One of them was hit and his body crashed this way, creating a large hole in the restaurant's wall. Thankfully, he only injured a few waiters, there were no fatalities," Zhu Wu Jiu said very gloomily.

Ling Han was instantly angered and asked, "Did one of them have a small build, holding onto a hammer?"

"Yes!" Zhu Wu Jiu nodded, then asked in shock, "How did Young Master Han know?"

Ling Han did not answer his question, and instead turned around and left.

"Young Master Han, where are you going?" Zhu Wu Jiu hurriedly caught up with him.

"Naturally to find those two bastards and call them to accounts, asking for compensation!" Ling Han said with a dark expression.

"Young Master Han, those two are ranked on the Prodigy Roll, and both are in the Spiritual Pedestal Tier. One is ranked twentieth, whereas the other is ranked twenty-first!" Zhu Wu Jiu said with a trembling voice. He had not known previously, but when he heard the discussions of passersby later, he found out that those two "maniacs" actually had such impressive backgrounds.

Ling Han did not even turn his head and said, "So what? I'll give them a thrashing first, then drag them back to work for a month!"

Zhu Wu Jiu could not help but shiver. He knew that Ling Han was very powerful and had astonishing battle prowess. But there was still a large gulf of a whole major cultivation tier between them. Furthermore, Shui Gu Cheng and Ji De Rong were both characters on the Prodigy Roll, and similarly had impressive ability to challenge a stronger opponent than themselves. They were not to be trifled with.

"You stay here. There needs to be someone on standby at the restaurant," Ling Han said darkly.

"Yes, yes!" Zhu Wu Jiu nodded. When he recalled that Ling Han was an Earth Grade alchemist, he could not help but relax internally. Even if the person ranked first in the Prodigy Roll came, they'd still have to lower their heads and address him respectfully as Grandmaster when they saw Ling Han.

How could he have forgotten that? He'd spent so much time worrying it pointlessly.

Ling Han strode forwards, and made queries all the way. Shui Gu Cheng and Ji De Rong were battling furiously, so they naturally left a trail of witnesses behind them. At this moment, they were all discussing heatedly, so there was no need for Ling Han to deliberately ask as they were all talking about it.

Thus, Ling Han very easily followed the battle trail that the two had left behind, but after over a dozen minutes, he heard a passerby say that the two had already concluded their battle and returned to their respective residences.

Ling Han first followed that "shorty with a small build holding a hammer". He queried all the way, and arrived in front of an inn. He gave a large shout, and called out, "Shorty Ji, get out here!"

The inn that had been very noisy immediately became very quiet.

What was going on here? Someone actually dared tell someone ranked twenty-first on the Prodigy Roll to get out, calling him "Shorty Ji"? That was practically poking a hornet's nest, right? Who did not know that even though Ji De Rong was not ranked first on the Prodigy Roll, in terms of fiery temper, he was definitely one of the top three?


True enough, a moment later, a window was crashed open, and a small figure leaped out. Initially, it was not possible for him to create much damage with such a small figure, but who asked him to have a huge hammer slung on his shoulder? Due to the collision, he had practically split the whole room into two halves.

"What bastard dares to insult your Lord Ji?" Ji De Rong's eyes were wide with anger. To be able to stay on the Prodigy Roll, he could only br thirty years old at most, but looking at his whole face that was completely concealed by his sideburns and beard, he looked to be forty years old or above.

Ling Han walked over and said, "You idiot, you damaged my restaurant. I am here to take you back to work as a waiter."

"Hahahaha!" When Ji De Rong heard his words, he was initially dumbfounded, then laughed loudly. He had not heard wrongly, had he? Someone was actually here to capture him to work in their restaurant as a waiter? He looked Ling Han over a few times and said, "You are quite interesting, but you should not joke around with your Lord Ji!"

"Joking your sister!" Ling Han leaped over, then raised one foot into the air which headed in a kick towards Ji De Rong's face.

"Insolence!" Ji De Rong was enraged. Though he admired Ling Han's "sense of humor", this young man actually dared to kick him. This was really too daring fo him! He decided to make Ling Han suffer a little, but he would spare the latter's life, so that he could tell him a few jokes and relieve his boredom.

He moved and casually grabbed Ling Han's foot.

But his expression immediately changed greatly, because this kick from Ling Han possessed terrible force behind it, which gave rise to a cold feeling in him.

F***, was this really a young man in the ninth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier?


A foot landed solidly onto Ji De Rong's face; due to the great force behind it, he was undoubtedly trampled onto the ground. Peng , instantly, a hold appeared on the ground as his whole head had sunk into the ground.

There was much destructive power behind this kick. So what if Ji De Rong was someone ranked on the Prodigy Roll? The impact still knocked him unconscious. His limbs drooped uselessly around him, and he looked like a dead dog.

Those around them had all paled in shock.

There was a considerable number of cultivators in this inn. Some were here to take part in the upcoming Prodigy Tournament, while some were here to watch the tournament. Natually, they all recognized who Ji De Rong was. But it was precisely this young elite that was knocked unconscious by one stomp of someone's foot. This instantly made a great number of people who had intended to take part in the tournament think of withdrawing.

My gosh, with such a monster there, what was the point in participating? He could teach them the harshness of reality at any moment!

All of a sudden, their surroundings were completely silent.
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