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Chapter 422: Obtaining the Spiritual Herb
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In Ling Han's eyes, there was nothing more important than obtaining the Crimson Red Chilling Ice Grass on this trip. In exchange for this Spiritual Herb, he could even sacrifice the Heavenly Luck Stone and the Primal Chaos Source Rock.

He was suffering under enormous agony, but looked as if he felt nothing.

The Body of Rock Cliff could cut off his sense of pain, and the Indestructible Heaven Scroll was fully protecting the source of his life, and added with the protection offered by the Thunder Battle Armor, this granted him the qualification to continue advancing.

The Rain Emperor and Yao Hui Yue both looked astonished. If they were merely talking in terms of defense, Ling Han was already superior to the both of them. However, in battle, defense was a passive ability because a powerful level of attack also belonged to defense, capable of forcing an opponent to the level that he could not fight back. So even if defense were slightly weaker, what could that impact?

Their astonishment was due to that suit of battle armor that Ling Han was wearing. It was really too shocking; it was actually capable of raising the defense to the level of passive protection of a cultivator in the peak period of the Flower Blossom Tier and protect Ling Han from all angles. However, for some unknown reason, they kept feeling that there was some flaw in this battle armor.

That was because a hole had been pierced through the Thunder Battle Armor, which was the reason for this faint feeling of strangeness. It was still fine for lower cultivation level, but the higher the cultivation level, the more magnified this flaw would be. After all, it was not a completely whole, flawless Level Ten Spirit Tool.

Zhu Xuan'er's eyes lit up in the meantime. She hoped very much that Ling Han could successfully collect the Spiritual Herb. As long as he succeeded, there would still be room for discussion.

Ling Han did not bother with what the others were thinking. He simply strode forwards, intending to take as much advantage of this chance to collect the Crimson Red Chilling Ice Grass as possible. Otherwise, he could only wait until after he broke through to the Spiritual Pedestal Tier to once again make use of the instillation of power from the Black Tower.

But he still wanted to suppress his own cultivation level and return to completely perfect this cultivation level, and did not intend to break through so quickly. Thus, if he could make use of this instillation of power to obtain the Crimson Red Chilling Ice Grass, that was naturally best.

Moreover, this kind of trial was also a chance for him.

Four meters, three meters, two meters, one meter! The Spiritual Herb was within reach, but Ling Han looked to be in great pain. The might of these flames was really too terrifying. Even if he had cut off his sense of pain, he was still unable to escape it completely, because he felt as if his divine sense was also burning, making him feel extremely horrible.

He definitely had to be as fast as possible!

Ling Han took another step forward and finally arrived next to the Spiritual Herb. However, he did not pluck the Spiritual Herb, but rather drew the Demon Birth Sword, intending to dig out the Spiritual Herb.

As long as he could store it into the Black Tower alive, then who cared what kind of environmental conditions it needed? It would be able to continue growing in the Black Tower and could grow even better, as one day inside would be equal to three years.

This was a Level Seven Spiritual Herb, so Ling Han naturally did not intend to use it only once.

Jiang , the sword scraped against the white rock underneath, instantly creating innumerable sparks of fire, and left behind a light trace. However, the tip of the sword solidified into a flash of snow white. An icy cold feeling quickly spread out from the blade of the sword, which made Ling Han shiver and feel as if all the blood in his body was about to freeze.

He planned to slice this piece of rock in the middle and store it into the Black Tower as well. The tip of the sword thus naturally stabbed into the icy ground, which caused the attack of an icy air. And what was even stranger was that though the other half of the sword's blade was in the fiery ground, it did not cancel out the cold air, but rather cooperated with it extremely well. After a surge of cold air, then came a surge of burning heat, making Ling Han's blood that had been frozen just moments ago boil again in an instant. It was such agony that he immediately spat out blood.

F***, this was the genuine feeling of experiencing ice and fire at the same time.

Ling Han gritted his teeth, but had no intention to stop at all. Ding, ding, ding, ding , he used the Demon Birth Sword like it was a chopper and continuously sliced away at the rock.

Thankfully, it was a Level Ten Spirit Tool. If the grade was slightly lower and it was used to slice away at this kind of place where ice and fire wove together, the durability of the weapon would definitely be decreased. Within a few moments, it'd probably be shattered. However, even so, because Ling Han's ability was at solid disadvantage, he did not slice very quickly. Meanwhile, his left arm, left leg, and right leg were beginning to be charred, and the fragrance of barbequed meat gradually wafted out.

His right arm was still fine because he focused the Indestructible Heaven Scroll to heal it and gave up on the other "unimportant" parts.

Hu Niu was very anxious and jumped around in panic. However, she was still filled with wariness for this ice and fire area, and did not dare to rush in thoughtlessly. Moreover, Ling Han was still standing and waving his sword, so things had not advanced to the worst extent.

If Ling Han fell down, she would definitely scramble over and try her best to drag Ling Han out.

When his two legs were about to be burnt off, Ling Han used the Indestructible True Fluid without hesitation. He had a total of three drops, which would allow him to recover completely for three times.

Weng , a majestic essence of life flowed within his body. Instantly, all his injuries were healed. Ding, ding, ding, Ling Han was chopping more energetically. But when the essence of the Indestructible True Fluid was completely expended, his arm and legs began to once again show signs of being charred.

Meanwhile, Yao Hui Yue and the others were watching dumbfounded. He was actually able to recover instantly from such serious injuries... how terrifying was that kind of divine pill that possessed such recovery abilities? If they managed to get one, then wouldn't that mean that they would be granted an extra life?

Yao Hui Yue was not yet aware of Ling Han's identity, but Zhu Xuan'er and the Rain Emperor both nodded internally. He was really worthy of being an Earth Grade alchemist; he was awesome!

If this was known to Liu Ji Tong and the other Earth Grade alchemists, they would definitely break out into tears—how could there possibly be such an awesome Earth Grade alchemical pill in this world? Only the legendary sacred medicine, the "Nine Immortals Pill", possed such effects, but that was a Heaven Grade mid level alchemical pill, and there was no longer anyone who could concoct it in this world.

Ling Han sliced and sliced. Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding , the sounds of impact did not stop, which made Yao Hui Yue and the others all confused. Why did he not simply pull out the Spiritual Herb and leave, but chopped the rock so determinedly instead? Could it be that he actually wanted to get a live one and take it back so that he could continue to grow it? Did he actually have a suitable environment for it?

They had really guessed correctly. However, there was absolutely no way that they would actually guess that there existed a priceless treasure like the Black Tower.

Ling Han quickly used the second drop of Indestructible True Fluid. However, this time, it was obvious that his recovery speed had slowed down, and the medicinal effects had also disappeared faster. Even such a godly item would make one slowly immune to it!

True, a drop of Indestructible True Fluid was practically capable of reviving a dead person, and furthermore, healed his injuries completely. If there was not any kind of limits to it, then it would really be illogical.

When the effects of the second drop of Indestructible True Fluid completely vanished, Ling Han had already chopped off two thirds of the white rock. He could not help but sigh. If he could grasp Sword Ray at this time and used '10000 Techniques Return to One' at the same time, perhaps one strike would be enough to completely chop this piece of rock in two.

There was no other way at this point, so he could only keep circulating the Four Seasons Sword Technique.

If he used the Mysterious Three Thousand, then Yao Hui Yue would definitely be able to tell. At that time, then it was even possible that the old monsters of the Heaven's Sword Sect would move out and interrogate him forcefully to find out where he had learnt this sword technique from. By then, even if he could invent some kind of reason, how could the Heaven's Sword Sect spare an outsider that head learnt a sword technique of their sect?

Thus, before he had adequate power, Ling Han did not want to let the Heaven's Sword Sect know that he had learnt the Three Styles of Black Origin.

'I chop! Chop, chop, chop, chop!'

Only after a while was Ling Han forced to use the last drop of Indestructible True Fluid, and by this time, the white rock was close to being chopped off completely.

Ling Han seemed to have gone mad. There was no longer any Indestructible True Fluid to extend his life for him, so he had to chop the white rock completely before he collapsed!
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