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Chapter 415: Merging of the Demonic Body
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Ling Han and Hu Niu went on a great search, but this large area was covered by Demonic Qi and obstructed eyesight and divine sense, largely affecting their scouting ability. Even Hu Niu was no exception.

For three consecutive days, they obtained no results. This was the area of a mountain—even if it wasn't large, it wouldn't be small, either.

Rong Huan Xuan's strength was increasing rapidly.

He obtained the inheritance of the Thousand Corpse Sect and could only cultivate Corpse Qi, but an old monster entered his body, granting him the ability to cultivate Demonic Qi. Under the endless devouring, it was almost one day for one layer!

Rong Huan Xuan broke through to the Spiritual Ocean Tier after two days, and today he was already at the second layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier—a shocking progress.

At this rate, another seven days and he would reach the ninth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, and then two more days and he would be at the Spiritual Pedestal Tier. Once he entered the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, with the mystic arts Asura Demon Emperor grasped on top of Three Lives Corpse Casket, he would possess suficient confidence to suppress Ling Han

And after another ten days, twenty days, and thirty days... what cultivation would Rong Huan Xuan reach?

It just so happened that under the Three Lives Corpse Casket's protection, Rong Huan Xuan was also as if he'd possessed the Black Tower; no one could harm him… at least, Ling Han currently couldn't.

He had to find the black stone fast!

While Rong Huan Xuan was only absorbing the drifting Demonic Qi, he still could advance so shockingly fast—then if he truly refined the black stone as his body, just how strong would he be?

Ling Han and Hu Niu continued to search, and as each day passed, they became more and more pressured.

Ling Han had already stopped caring about the battle outside. If the demonic ape didn't run, it would definitely be annihilated; after all, the human elites rushed over continuously—so what if the demonic ape was a beast king?

On the eleventh day, Rong Huan Xuan broke through to the Spiritual Pedestal Tier; such speed would make anyone envious.

"Gagaga, this lord has come to find you!" Rong Huan Xuan's grim laughter sounded within the Demonic Qi.

So fast!

He had no need to increase his tier to the height of the Flower Blossom Tier or the Spiritual Infant Tier, because he would soon abandon this body—no living creature's flesh was truly suitable carrier for his soul. Only the Primal Chaos Source Rock was the best.

Therefore, he only needed enough strength to suppress Ling Han, taking down that brat and obtaining the mysterious Spirit Tool which kept even him preoccupied.

Inside the Demonic Qi, his battle prowess received a surprising amplification, so the Spiritual Pedestal Tier was definitely enough!

On the other hand, he was truly scared that Ling Han would find the Primal Chaos Source Rock, ruining his opportunity.

Ling Han bellowed, notifying Hu Niu to meet up with him in case she encountered Rong Huan Xuan and suffered a loss.

On this land Demonic Qi pervaded, his and Hu Niu's senses were greatly restricted—especially Hu Niu's. Her forte was speed, but when she couldn't even see clearly, blindly running around would get her into a mishap.

"Old devil, come battle with this young grandpa!" Ling Han laughed loudly. He seemed young, but his soul was from millennia ago. He felt somewhat like an old man faced with anyone here; he didn't need to pretend to be immature only in front of Asura Demon Emperor, as he certainly was much younger.

"Stubborn brat, when this lord overran the world, your oldest ancestors were drinking milk somewhere! How dare you act insolently in front of this lord! Today, this lord will annihilate you completely. This lord is very interested in that treasure you bear." Rong Huan Xuan sneered.

"Why so much useless talk, just bring it on." Ling Han retreated in a rush. He had no interest in fighting Rong Huan Xuan as the latter had the Three Lives Corpse Casket and was unkillable just like him.

Finding the black stone was the kingly way.

Rong Huan Xuan flew over, sticking out his right hand and clenching it. The Demonic Qi in this space danced wildly, turning into a giant hand that snatched at Ling Han.

"Gagaga, unexpected, right? This lord originally manifested from primal chaos Demonic Qi, and my battle prowess here can increase tenfold. Let's see where you'll hide!" Rong Huan Xuan laughed loudly.

"Not necessarily!" Ling Han's figure flashed, unleashing a punch and activating the Thunder Battle Armor. Instantly, lightning surged and turned into an eight-headed war elephant, greeting the black hand.


The lightning war elephant charging at the black hand was as if a mantis trying to stop a chariot, shattering its own body yet not even able to slow down the black hand by single bit. As expected; Rong Huan Xuan said that his battle prowess here could increase tenfold and that definitely wasn't a bluff.

"Die for this lord!" Rong Huan Xuan clenched his right hand. The black hand also clenched tightly, devouring Ling Han's figure. However, Rong Huan Xuan immediately frowned because he felt Ling Han had already disappeared—the attack didn't grasp Ling Han.

As expected, when the black hand disappeared, Ling Han also appeared unscathed.

"Old devil, although you shrunk into a turtle shell for in the past few days, I couldn't do anything about you. However, if you want to hurt me, that's also a pipe dream!" Ling Han laughed loudly.

Rong Huan Xuan's gaze was chilly and his expression filled with anger, but he knew Ling Han was right. The two of them certainly couldn't deal with the other. He felt a fit of irritation inside, but didn't care too much as he already realized that inside Devil Sky Mystery Realm.

Then the next best thing was to find the Primal Chaos Source Rock and refine it as his body and then suppress Ling Han, seizing the treasure on the latter.

"Lign Han, Niu found the large rock! Niu's won!" Hu Niu's cheerful voice resounded as a black stone the size of a buffalo "ran" over with two tiny feet on the bottom... this scene was somewhat strange.

It was mainly because Hu Niu was too small—while carrying the rock, only her two feet could be seen.

"Gagaga, you specially delivered the Primal Chaos Source Rock for this lord, thanks so much!" Rong Huan Xuan exulted. He no longer paid attention to Ling Han, snatching at the black stone with a palm.

Once he touched the black stone, he would transform into his true body and enter it, abandoning the current human shell. When he completely refined the Primal Chaos Source Rock as his own body and found the other eight suppressed remnant souls, would he even need to fear Heaven's Sword Sect in its former years?

"This is Ling Han's, not for you!" Hu Niu yelled, dissatisfied. Xiu , the black stone vanished into thin air and Rong Huan Xuan's palm snatched nothing. He hurriedly turned his head, only to see that Hu Niu carried the rock and appeared before Ling Han.


The little girl actually used the art of teleportation!

Rong Huan Xuan was somewhat dumbfounded as teleportation involved the great dao of space, and even in his world, only a few could master it. However, a little girl of the mortal world could use it with ease whilst carrying such a large Primal Chaos Source Rock... it made even him feel it beyond comprehension.

Moreover, he also just noticed—why could Hu Niu also be unafraid of the effects of Demonic Qi?

"Niu Niu, good one!" Ling Han guffawed, picking up Hu Niu in one scoop, ready to put this little girl inside the Black Tower at any time.

"No, that belongs to this lord!" Rong Huan Xuan hurriedly dove over. Seeing the black stone inches before him, he couldn't help but be overjoyed; Primal Chaos Source Rock as a body was a dream of "his" kind.

Touched it!

Asura Demon Emperor unhesitatingly removed his soul from Rong Huan Xuan's body and wormed into the black stone.
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