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Chapter 413: Collapsed Mountain Reveals Demonic River
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'Mystical Power!' Ling Han said inwardly; this was the Golden Blood Demonic Ape's innate Mystical Power.

It was very strong; three heads and six arms—with each upper body equivalent to a demonic ape, its battle prowess was earthshaking. One demonic ape could firmly suppress everyone, and now with two more… who could resist it?

"Haha, interesting! Interesting!" Yao Hui Yue's battle intent was like fire as he raised his sword and attacked back. His expression was filled with high-spirited battle intent; he seemed to be extremely excited. "You have the right to make me attack seriously."

His expression turned stern as Mysterious Three Thousand was activated; one sword light looked as if it could shine over the five regions.

Rain Emperor also returned to the fray, throwing domineering punches continuously with earthshaking momentum.

With these two taking the front, the others stepped up one after another.

Being able to cultivate to the Flower Blossom Tier, who would be a fool? The demonic ape's three head and six arms ability might be astounding, but it couldn't possibly be activated endlessly; furthermore, the ape would become weakened after unleashing an ultimate move like this.

When the time came, they'd take the demonic ape's head!

For Flower Blossom Tier elites, the Heavenly Luck Stone was of no use at all, but the demonic ape was different in that it was king tier and the peak stage of the Flower Blossom Tier; its flesh was definitely very tonic.

The demonic ape roared and waved its six arms. Its battle prowess was extremely frightening as it completely suppressed the crowd, but Yao Hui Yue kept firing out the Mysterious Three Thousand, posing a great threat to the demonic ape, while Rain Emperor who formed Fist Ray also had shocking destructive power.

The two were riddled with wounds and kept hacking out blood, but they still stabilized the situation.

Now the key was whether Yao Hui Yue and Rain Emperor could endure longer, or the demonic ape's Mystical Power could be maintained longer. This would decide which side the victory would belong to.

It was really hard to predict.

No one knew how much longer the demonic ape's Mystical Power would remain active, but everyone could see Yao Hui Yue and Rain Emperor's injuries. Those were definitely not light injuries; being scratched by the demonic ape once, bones would be plain to see and blood splatter across the sky—bleeding alone was a great problem.

Ling Han watched and muttered inwardly, 'These people are so desperate... if they really defeat the demonic ape and run into cave to see that the Heavenly Luck Stones are gone, will they go crazy? Hmm, this demonic ape might be wild and violent but it's not stupid, could this be due to the Heavenly Luck Stone suppressing the chaos intent?

'It's rumored that Heavenly Luck Stone is birthed by the fate of heaven and earth and is a manifestation of heaven and earth's will. It's not out of question for it to be able to resist Demonic Qi.

'Since I've taken away the Heavenly Luck Stone, this demonic ape will definitely be mentally aberrated from the Demonic Qi. When the time comes, it'll just be another muddleheaded vicious creature that knows only slaughter.'

The great battle was still going on. Yao Hui Yue and Rain Emperor were both strong-willed and battle maniacs; fighting with a demonic ape that was a king amongst beasts would be of immense benefit in the future on their paths in martial arts.

Therefore, they would rather fight desperately and be heavily injured and still continue the fight, believing that the gains would definitely be greater.

However, the demonic ape quit. It wasn't stupid; fighting desperately here had no benefit. Retreat! It immediately turned around and shot towards the mountain valley, worming right into it.

Not playing with you guys anymore.

Rain Emperor and Yao Hui Yue exclaimed, following it and entering the mountain cave. Seeing this, the other Flower Blossom Tier warriors naturally didn't want to lag behind; chasing and killing the demonic ape was secondary, the key was that the Heavenly Luck Stone was inside.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

Entering the cave, everyone naturally couldn't see the combat situation and dared not enter to watch, as it would really kill them. They could only hear thunder-like sounds of bombardment, moving the earth and shaking the mountain as if the world was about to collapse.

At least half an hour passed. The entire mountain was sent flying and crashed five thousand feet away with a peng . Instantly, the strong impact shoveled up dirt as the ground from afar arched over two feet high and charged towards the mountain valley.

For Spiritual Pedestal Tier and Spiritual Ocean Tier warriors, this impact was trifling. They only looked at it once and turned their gaze towards the inside of the mountain valley again.

The entire mountain was sent flying, so it naturally left behind only a desolate land; however, the Flower Blossom Tier elites rose into the air one after another as if running for their lives.

The mountain disappeared and left a deep, massive pit. This pit was like a river filled with dense and indiffusible black mist that kept evolving into all sorts of shapes such as beasts, humans, and weapons.

It was precisely this black mist that made the Flower Blossom Tiers flee helter-skelter.

Demonic Qi!

Ling Han was astounded at such dense Demonic Qi—could a part of Asura Demon Emperor's body be suppressed underneath? Or was it a massive black stone?

Facing this black Qi, even the demonic ape feared it instinctively, escaping swiftly and not wanting to contact it at all.

Who would've thougth that underneath the Heavenly luck Stone was such a piece of demonic land!

"Could this be the source of Dark Demon Forest's Demonic Qi?"

"Such terrifying Demonic Qi, even from this far, it makes me have the urge to go mad."

"Step back a bit more. If too much Demonic Qi enters the body, then one's mind will be completely chaotic, turning into a puppet that knows only slaughter."

Everyone stepped back one after another. Losing the mountain that suppressed it, the Demonic Qi gushed out uncontrollably as if it were going to completely cover the entire Dark Demon Forest.

"Gagaga, thanks everyone!" A coarse voice sounded, followed by a grating sound. A bronze casket slid over as if it had feet.

"The Thousand Corpse Sect!" someone immediately shouted and everyone instantly got goosebumps. This sect was definitely detested by all and everyone called for their beating. They were too shameless and immoral, stealing the corpses of elites to refine them into corpse soldiers—did they still have any humanity?

Elder Nine Clouds was also amongst the crowd, showing up to do nothing because once he attacked with full strength, he couldn't conceal his Corpse Qi at all. Moreover, the people of the Thousand Corpse Sect were strong only with corpse soldiers; their own battle prowess was actualy quite normal.

He couldn't help but be irritated; which idiot was this within the sect, actually appearing in front of the world with such poise—wouldn't this bring hatred to the sect?

Ling Han's expression changed slightly as he recognized this bronze casket.

Three Lives Corpse Casket, Rong Huan Xuan!

No, now it wasn't the true Rong Huan Xuan, but Asura Demon Emperor.

If it were the true Rong Huan Xuan, he should desire for the Heavenly Luck Stone and avoid Demonic Qi like plague. But now, with Asura Demon Emperor controlling his flesh, Rong Huan Xuan was definitely charging at the Demonic Qi—going for the black stone.

For others, Demonic Qi was poison that mustn't be contacted. However, for Asura Demon Emperor, that was a greatly tonic thing. If there truly were a massive black stone underneath that was obtained by Asura Demon Emperor, what sort of calamity would be caused?

Ling Han didn't hesitate for a single second. He leapt right out, unleashed the Demon Birth Sword, and struck at Three Lives Corpse Casket.

Both were tent tier Spirit Tools, so it really couldn't be confronted without using the Demon Birth Sword.

Hong , Sword Qi landed and Three Lives Corpse Casket was forced to stop as the Sword Qi shocked it, its rays blinding.

"You're actually still not dead!" Peng , the lid of the casket opened and Rong Huan Xuan's figure appeared. His gaze quickly caught Ling Han, emitting a frightening chill, "This time, this lord will make you disappear completely!"
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