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Chapter 411: Obtaining the Heavenly Luck Stone
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Xiu , a momentous Qi came slicing from outside the valley, turning into extremely terrifying thousand feet long sharp blades.

Everyone was scared sick; the fierce Qi was too long, it couldn't possibly be dodged going right or left, nor even up. It was unleashed by the demonic ape, and even if they weren't directly slashed, with their cultivation of Spiritual Pedestal Tier and Spiritual Ocean Tier, they would definitely burst into pieces when met with its frightening power.

"Dig a hole!"

Someone immediately attacked the ground crazily. There was a general saying of the shield of the earth—hiding inside the mud might be able to help them narrowly escape.

Everyone followed suit, striking crazily at the ground.

The people here were at least at the Spiritual Ocean Tier, so smashing a hole was rather easy. In a moment, everyone turned into ground-burrowing rats, drilling into the mudholes.

The fierce Qi swept by. Peng, peng, peng, peng, it raised dust from the ground as the frightening energy carried on until it sliced the mountain walls before disappearing. The mountain walls were exceptionally sturdy and weren't sliced entirely by the demonic ape's attack, leaving only a mark barely a foot deep, which was truly shocking.

Everyone who was hiding in the mudholes were shocked; each one of them burst out from the holes with blood all over them. The few who were that were too weak were even shocked into foaming with blood, but most of the people luckily escaped.

For example, Zhu Xuan Er, Ding Yuan Xin, and the others all looked towards Ling Han—the reminder just now came from him.

Ling Han smiled slightly and said, "No need for thanks."

Although some people here were enemies, he didn't need to borrow the demonic ape's hands to kill people—did he not even have that much confidence? Besides, some people were not bad and it would be a pity for them to die here.

"Hurry up and leave!" The rescued nodded at Ling Han whether they knew him or not and ran out the mountain valley one after another. The demonic ape's attack spread and caused them to be heavily injured, and a few more times would definitely kill them.

Moreover, the mountain walls were so stable, and they couldn't possibly dig through them with their power; so, there was only one way to acquire the Heavenly Luck Stone—kill the demonic ape!

Fortunately, seeing their own remarkable juniors suffer an attack, the Flower Blossom Tier elites outside the valley began to fight desperately, restraining the demonic ape and not letting it have another chance to unleash a killer move.

Ling Han looked around. Seeing that most of the people in the valley had escaped, he then said to Hu Niu, "Niu Niu, can you enter?" Hu Niu was a freak; when others had no way, she might have.

"Let Niu try." Hu Niu squatted at the cave entrance, opening her mouth and biting at it.

With a snap, the cave entrance had resplendent vein-like lines revolving. Once touched, the power set by the demonic ape would automatically manifest.

The little girl instead went crazy, biting left and right, eating up all the vein-like lines nearby.

What the hell!?

Even if Ling Han knew Hu Niu was out of the ordinary, freakishness to this degree still made the corner of his mouth twitch as he felt unable to accept it.

That was a defense set by a ninth layer Flower Blossom Tier monster that was even a king amongst beasts, but it was still bit through by Hu Niu... What sort of teeth did she have!?

After Hu Niu bit open a small hole, she immediately wormed in and ran right off. She knew what Ling Han wanted, and in a short while, she ran back from within the cave, wormed out of the cave's entrance and dove into Ling Han's arms, handing over nine pearl-like things.

Immediately, an intense fragrance could be smelled, making all the pores on his body open up in ineffable comfort.

The Heavenly Luck Stone!

Ling Han hurriedly stored the nine Heavenly Luck Stones into the Black Tower and picked up Hu Niu, walking slowly towards the outside of the valley.

Just now, he used his body as a screen, not letting anyone discover that Hu Niu entered the mountain valley. Who would even think that Hu Niu had such capabilities, even being able to bite through the defense of power set by a Flower Blossom Tier?

Now everyone had their attention on the battle in the sky. Once the demonic ape was killed, then they would naturally be able to enter the mountain cave and obtain the Heavenly Luck Stone.

Ling Han's heart was thumping rapidly. He knew that there were Heavenly Luck Stone inside the mountain cave, but never would he have thought there were as many as nine. This meant that he could create nine geniuses!

One for him, one for Hu Niu, one for Ling Dong Xing, one for Liu Yu Tong, one for Can Ye... these five were the most important. As for Guang Yuan, Zhu Wu Jiu, and Li Si Chan, their martial arts talents weren't outsanding, giving it to them was somewhat of a waste?

Whatever, one could only take one Heavenly Luck Stone anyways, anymore would be useless—so whom else would he give it to? Using it on one's own people would be the best use of everything.

That was decided.

In a short while, he already made up his mind. As for how the remaining one would be used, that could be discussed in the future; perhaps he'd take it out for auction and make a great profit.

After he left the mountain valley, he saw Zhu Xuan Er looking at him with a complicated and shocked gaze. Thinking about it, his reminder was what saved her life, but his contention with her for the Crimson Red Chilling Ice Grass must've made her have mixed feelings.

Ling Han was only at the fifth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier before, and now he astonishingly advanced into the seventh layer—this progression was too scary.

"You!" Ding Yuan Xin jumped out, filled with murderous intent.

Ling Han laughed and said, "Just saved your life, now you're returning kindness with hatred?"

Ding Yuan Xin was startled as his gaze swept by—many people in the surrounding were looking at him with an unfriendly look. He knew that he angered the crowd, so he snorted at once, took a few steps back, and said, "I'll let you go this time, but the next time we meet, I'll definitely have your head."

Ling Han simply laughed. The next time they met, he would already have broken through to the Spiritual Pedestal Tier and it would be uncertain who would be the prey and who would be the predator.

The battle in the sky was more and more disadvantageous to the humans. The demonic ape was too strong, and unlike the other beasts inside the forest, its intelligence wasn't effected. Although it certainly was bloodthirsty and bellicose.

Its destructive power increased while demerits were avoided... it was natural that its battle prowess improved.

"Retreat! Everyone retreat!" a Flower Blossom Tier elite shouted loudly. They were going to swallow the defeat in this battle. The plan now was to first retreat, then gather more elites.

This time, even Spiritual Infant Tier elites would be alerted.

Ling Han didn't care, since the Heavenly Luck Stones were already in his hands. Retreat? Then so be it, he was going to guard the Crimson Red Chilling Ice Grass—after he reached the ninth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, he would use the Black Tower's power boost to take away the spirit medicine. This way, he'd be able to avoid waisting the chance to improve his physique as well.

"Hold it!" With a bellow, a figure arrived in a flash high up in the air, emitting a shocking presence of holding heaven and hell in awe. Flashes of vein-like lines blossomed around him like a bed of celestial flowers—an astounding sight.

At the start, Ling Han thought it was Yao Hui Yue, since only such a domineering youngster could unleash such a strong presence. However, as he focused his gaze, he could indistinctly see that this was a mature man in the thirties filled with a natural and forceful presence, like a natural born monarch.

Ling Han's mouth slowly dropped, revealing an astounded expression—this man was…!
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