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Chapter 408: The Eighth Flash of Sword Qi
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Battling till near exhaustion, Ling Han began to run.

Ding Yuan Xin was obviously in hot pursuit—the two played out a flee and kill.

Why didn't Ling Han hide in the Black Tower?

That was because he didn't want to rely too much on the Black Tower.

The Black Tower was certainly the most precious treasure for saving his life, but if Ling Han always treated it as an omnipotent trump card, then should he encounter an expert the Black Tower couldn't fend against, what would he do? This wasn't exaggerated at all since the Black Tower was heavily damaged and there were plenty of elites in the world.

Besides, forming the habit of hiding inside the Black Tower when faced with danger would make Ling Han lose unyieldingness and courage.

To want to climb to the peak of martial arts, courage was definitely a trait that couldn't be lost.

So Ling Han would rather lick the blood on his wounds and not hide inside the Black Tower. He was using Ding Yuan Xin to toughen himself, because he felt that the door to the eighth flash of Sword Qi would very soon open up to him.

He was the type to be more resilient and have a stronger fighting spirit the greater the pressure, so Ding Yuan Xin was a good whetstone that could hone his sharp sword even sharper.

Time and time again, Ling Han almost fell into the land of everlasting perdition, but activating the Indestructible Heaven's Scroll, each injury would be quickly recovered no matter how heavy it was, allowing him to keep circling around. Continuing for seven days, Ling Han retreated whilst fighting. The most dangerous time was when an attack landed on his chest where the hole in the Thunder Battle Armor was, making his heart almost explode.

Fortunately, with a drop of the Indestructible True Fluid, he immediately recovered, but it also made him break out in cold sweat from fright.

But lingering near the line of death this one time, Ling Han received enough realization and as he struck his sword, eight flashes of Sword Qi fired out.

"What!?" Ding Yuan Xin's eyes almost fell out. He clearly almost pierced through Ling Han's chest, and under the shock of Origin Power, Ling Han's organs should've exploded; however, Ling Han was not only completely fine, but also improved further, forming the eight flash of Sword Qi.

What a true freak!

Ling Han laughed loudly and said, "Thanks!"

'Thank your sister, ugh!' He never had the intention of helping Ling Han's enlightenment!

Ding Yuan Xin's expression turned stern as he said, "So what if you have eight flashes of Sword Qi, this absolutely can't make up the difference in tier between you and I."

"You're right, so I'm not going to play with you anymore!" Ling Han leapt and wormed into the thick forest, and with a flash, he entered the Black Tower.

He couldn't possibly defeat Ding Yuan Xin in the short term, and since he formed the eight flash of Sword Qi, the mission was completed. There was naturally no need to keep tangling with the latter—he still had to cultivate.

Ding Yuan Xin chased to the point, but Ling Han's traces were already all gone, naturally making him bellow repeatedly in wrath.

After chasing for seven days and seven nights, he still hadn't killed a small martial artist at the seventh layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, but instead let Ling Han form the eight flash of Sword Qi—it was a direct slap to his face!

"I'll definitely find you!" Ding Yuan Xin said a stern voice. "Your treasures are all mine! Mine!"


Ling Han cultivated for a while in the Black Tower. These few days, he was either fighting or running, having no time to cultivate, but fighting was certainly the best method to improve. He found that his body was in a very special state—no matter Spirit Qi or Origin Power, both had an extremely good confluence.

In this state, his cultivation's effectiveness could increase by tenfold.

This was extremely surprising since he hadn't cultivated for seven days, but only used one day to make up for it; moreover, the effectiveness was better by three to four times.

No wonder Sword Emperor, Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden, and the others were so bellicose in his former lifetime. After advancing into the Flower Blossom Tier, the spirit medicines that could improve cultivation were extremely rare, and Origin Crystals were also the same; which Deity Transformation Tier or Heaven Tier would be willing to refine large amounts of Origin Crystals for others to use?

At most they were refining one or two pieces for their juniors, mainly to help them comprehend martial intent.

Thus, nurturing through battling was the best choice. After all, there was only one exceptional alchemy emperor in Ling Han's lifetime, and no one could copy his path.

Ling Han nodded—it looked like he'd have to find some strong opponents to fight in the future. Of course, they couldn't be too strong, or else he'd die once coming to grips with them... then what more would there be to do?

Ling Han had long been unable to see through Hu Niu's cultivation. Only after fighting her did he know that the little girl improved to the fifth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, lower than him by a tiny bit yet with her momentum surpassing him. It was like waving a whip behind Ling Han's back, supervising and urging him not to relax for a moment, or else Hu Niu would surpass him.

Being surpassed by a five- to six-year-old little girl would be quite embarrassing.

Ling Han and Hu Niu left the tower, and after walking for a while, they bumped into the campsite of a party. There were ten tents in front, and it just happened to be mealtime. Thirteen people surrounded the campfire and ate.

"Hahahaha, guys look, this youngster actually brought a little girl into the Dark Demon Forest!" Seeing the two of them, several of the people instantly began to make a fuss.

Certainly, Hu Niu was indeed too small.

"Being able to walk here, this youngster must be a piece of work!" Someone saw through even more.

"Isn't he just at the seventh layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier? "Hiss, the seventh layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier!" A seventh layer Spiritual Ocean Tier short of twenty years old was somewhat surprising.

"Youngster, you've come for the Heavenly Lucky Stone too, right? Hehe, several Flower Blossom Tier elites have already appeared, even Spiritual Pedestal Tier oness have no right to speak, let alone a small Spiritual Ocean Tier. Running around recklessly like you do will only bring the disaster of death to yourself," said an old man at the seventh layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier.

Ling Han responded with an "oh"', and said smilingly, "Senior, why say such a thing, could it be that the Dark Demon Forest now doesn't allow others to enter?"

"It certainly is so!" The old man nodded. "The Heavenly Luck Stone's value is extremely high. Although it has no use for Flower Blossom Tier and Spiritual Infant Tier elites, for those martial artists below, it's extremely precious as it can create a genius!"

"Currently, Spiritual Infant Tier elites haven't appeared, but many Flower Blossom Tier ones have already come; a small character like you wandering randomly might just be swatted to death by someone."

"Youngster, join us Heavenly Silkworm Court just for these few days of work! It's two pieces of Origin Crystals each day, how 'bout it?"

Ling Han pretended to be shocked and said, "Senior, I'm only at the seventh layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, what use could I be. Encountering Flower Blossom Tier elites, I'm absolutely no match."

"The Heavenly Luck Stone's location has already been determined, but everyone is worried about the beast that guards it. No one will attack rashly lest it gives others an advantage. However, this impasse won't continue for long, since everyone would definitely first form an alliance to kill that beast. At that time, the alliance would naturally break, and the stronger the group, the higher the possibility of seizing the Heavenly Luck Stone by them. Even Spiritual Ocean Tier warriors are powers not to be neglected," the old man explained.

Ling Han laughed, what powers not to be neglected—this only sounded nice, but it was simply taking them as cannon fodder.

Seeing the killing intent deep within the old man's eyes, Ling Han knew that if he shook his head in rejection, the old man would definitely attempt to kill him. Although he was unafraid, why not play with them for now? When he found the location of the Heavenly Luck Stone, he'd just fish in troubled waters.

"Alright!" he readily agreed.

The old man also revealed a smile, smothering the killing intent instantly.
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