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Chapter 406: Fighting With a Twig
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"Good dogs don't block the road, get lost!" Ling Han waved his hands.

"Ha! Ha!" Luo Da laughed grimly, the youngsters nowadays were the epitome of the 'ignorant knows not fear'. Facing he who was a Spiritual Pedestal Tier elite and on the prodigy roll, Ling Han still dared to be so arrogant.

He snorted and said, "I won't argue with you for now. Say, how do you know Fairy Zhu?"

After all was said, he was still bothered by Zhu Xuan Er's attitude towards Ling Han... exactly what was the relationship between the two that Zhu Xuan Er would be respectful to Ling Han?

"Oh, you're talking about Xuan Er." Ling Han laughed mischievously and began to spout nonsense, "She's a daughter-in-law to be in my family, of course she has to pay respect when seeing me. My Zhu Xuan Er really knows her three obediences and four virtues."

Luo Da was stunned by his nonsense, then came back to his senses and said, "Lies!" Zhu Xuan Er was a proud disciple of the Half Moon Sect, and couldn't possibly be some family's daughter-in-law to be.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk, you even found that out, such high intelligence!" Ling Han intentionally complemented.

Luo D's faced turned dark; this youngster dared to trick him like a monkey? Fire erupting from his eyes, he said, "If you still don't explain honestly, don't blame me for being merciless!" He unleashed his Spiritual Pedestal Tier presence, which came rolling at Ling Han.

For a genius like him, a month's time was enough to change a lot. He completely stabilized his tier and pushed his cultivation to late stage of the first layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier—three times the strength of when he battled Shen Zhong Cheng.

He possessed unlimited improvement space, but no matter how much the ninth layer Spiritual Ocean Tier warriors solidify their tiers, there was always a limit. The closer to that limit, the harder it was to improve, so in the same amount of time, his strength improvement definitely surpassed Shen Zhong Cheng.

Battling Shen Zhong Cheng again, he had complete confidence in winning.

Ling Han intentionally hugged his own shoulders and said, "Don't scare me, I'm easily frightened."

"Haha, you certainly should be shocked, because you're facing Luo Da of the prodigy roll!!!" Luo Da said proudly, content with Ling Han's fear.

Ling Han continued, "When I'm frightened, I go insane and like to punch people. Not sure how many people have been beaten and knelt on the ground, calling me grandpa. You're not thinking of calling me grandpa, right?"

The corner of Luo Da's mouth twitched. He only felt that the youngster before him was truly caustic as he said balefully, "Your bad-mouthing is simply seeking your own death!"

"Hey, hey, hey, you're scaring me again!" Ling Han said smilingly.

"I'm not scaring you, I'm really going to hit you!" Luo Da attacked, reaching out with his left hand. As martial intent circulated, hong , brilliance burst forth as if he came stepping on divine red clouds with a formidable presence.

Ling Han smiled slightly and formed a fist with his right hand. As Luo Da was about to seize him, he abruptly threw out a punch.


With a heavy sound, the two both fell several steps back.

Ling Han was shocked and said, "I underestimated you a little, you're actually able to force me backwards! Sigh, one can't be too proud, this needs to be changed!"


Luo Da was both shocked and furious—those words were for him to say! He was a Spiritual Pedestal Tier warrior and should have battle prowess completely suppressing Ling Han with his Spiritual Ocean Tier, but in this exchange, while he didn't use full strength or arts, it was still an attack of a Spiritual Pedestal Tier.

The key was that Ling Han hadn't even reached the ninth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, yet had such shocking battle prowess. He was almost like a second Shen Zhong Cheng, a true monster!

On this term's prodigy roll, this youngster was definitely a dark horse that was going to shine!

Thinking so, Luo Da's murderous character instantly emboldened—the prodigy roll didn't need another freak to contend with him.

"Harboging killing intent towards me?" Ling Han shook his head and said, "Well, originally, we had no grudges nor grievances and I would drop it after beating you up. But you've shown killing intent towards me, so I have no choice to kill you. That's called not getting taken advantage of."

"Kill me?" Luo Da sneered, even Shen Zhong Cheng definitely wouldn't rival him now, not to mention Ling Han wasn't even at the ninth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier. He brandished his sword, looking quite out of sorts as a brawny man like him held two short swords in hand.

Ling Han casually waved and xiu , a twig landed in his hand. He said smilingly, "I'll kill you with this twig!"

Luo Da was furious. Shen Zhong Cheng refused to draw his sword against him, and now Ling Han said he would use a twig to kill him—they were looking down on him completely.

"With strength comes the confidence!" Ling Han laughed loudly, initiating the attack. With one "sword" strike, xiu, xiu, xiu, seven flashes of Sword Qi broke out.

"Seven flashes of Sword Qi!" Luo Da cried out, revealing an astounded expression.

He only cultivated six flashes of Sword Qi!

"Die!" Luo Da waved the dual swords. Threads of white silk intertwined, forming into something like a spider web. This was the mystical art he cultivated that could turn Sword Qi into a fish net; once it retracted, its terrifying lethality would be explosively revealed.

He had one less ray of Sword Qi, but he had a large tier's advantage and a Spirit Tool in hand, enough to make up for it.

Pu, pu, pu , Ling Han's Sword Qi struck the "fish net," instantly tearing open a hole, but at the cost of the former disappearing—they were even.

However, Luo Da's expression was getting worse and worse. He clearly had a large tier's advantage and Spirit Qi that was activated by a Spirit Tool, but even so, the quality of their Sword Qi turned out to be the same.

One had to know that the quality of Sword Qi was decided by three points: one's own power, comprehension of the way of the sword, and the medium which the Sword Qi was unleashed from.

He had an absolute advantage in power and medium, yet it was still a draw; it was clear just how great of a difference there was between their comprehension of the way of the sword.

"So?" Ling Han said smilingly, raising his branch and slicing towards Luo Da. Under the instillment of Origin Power, the twig was also as solid as a metal sword.

"Arrogance and conceit only brings one's own destruction." Luo Da sneered, waving his sword as infinite threads intertwined seeking to trap Ling Han inside it.

Ling Han had no intention of being entangled. His expression turned stern and he exercised the Mysterious Three Thousand.

Luo Da instantly felt a chill all over his body. The presence Ling Han emitted reminded him of Yao Hui Yue! When Yao Hui Yue simply raised a finger, sword intent reached the heavens, easily annihilating two ninth layer Spiritual Pedestal Tier elites.

Two completely different people, but the presence they emitted was shockingly similar, making his legs go soft.

Hong , 276 flashed of sword light rippled, shooting towards Luo Da.

Luo Da clenched his teeth. Shua, shua, shua, he waved his sword as he retreated, weaving a tight knit web of Sword Qi in front of him.

Pu, pu, pu, pu, sword light stormed over and this large web instantly shattered. His weaving speed was far from comparable to the sword light's destructiveness; although ten flashes of sword light were lost, there were still over two hundred that struck at him.

Luo Da roared, blocking with all his strength.

Sword light gushed over. Luo Da was covered with wounds, but he saved himself.

After all, a twig set off these sword lights; not only did it not reach the amount of 800, the lethality of it was weakened by a lot as well. Additionally, Luo Da was a Spiritual Pedestal Tier elite after all, possessing elite battle prowess. So, he scored a narrow escape in the end.
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