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Chapter 404: Initial Success on Formations
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Yao Hui Yue no longer paid attention to Ling Han; honestly, with Ling Han' current strength, he really couldn't interest him to fight; waving his hand could instantly kill Ling Han. He looked at the Crimson Red Chilling Ice Grass, taking large strides forward.

He chose the flame area, and instantly, waves of flames rose from the ground, spurting towards him.

Yao Hui Yue brushed casually with his hands as flashes of Sword Qi shot out, annihilating all of the flames. However, as he approached the center with each step, the power of the flames were more violent and turned into a fire snake, convolving around him.

"Extinguish!" Yao Hui Yue used as his fingers as a sword. Xiu, xiu, xiu, nine flashes of Qi shot out in unison.

Ling Han's gaze brightened—nine flashes of Sword Qi!

This was a person who possessed the most potent Sword Qi he had seen thus far. It was unknown whether this was Yao Hui Yue's limit; if he reached ten flashes of Sword Qi, then he qualified to form Sword Ray, stepping into the second level of sword path.

However, the limit of Sword Qi should be near thirty flashes. If it were him, he definitely wouldn't form Sword Rays hastily, but instead push the amount of flashes of Sword Qi to the limit and then form the Rays; this way, the power of Sword Ray would be stronger.

The power of nine flashes of Sword Qi was shocking as expected. Although it was with fingers as a sword, it suppressed the fire snake completely. However, three more fire snakes gushed out, assaulting towards Yao Hui Yue.

Now, even the exceptional talent revealed a cautious expression, waving both hands as sword light instantly shocked the heavens.

He used the Mysterious Three Thousand.

'Yes, yes, yes.' Ling Han watched and confirmed it with his own sword technique, instantly feeling like he benefited profoundly. After all, the Heaven's Sword Sect passed down this sword technique and Yao Hui Yue could receive the devoted guidance of elites within the sect, but Ling Han could only fumble on his own; the difference was too great.

There were some subtle changes which Ling Han praised inwardly as he kept becoming enlightened on why and how things were.

Although Yao Hui Yue was a talented swordsman, this land of fire was surely terrifying as endless flames swept over, forcing him to draw his sword.


A cold ray of sword light, dazzling heaven and earth.

The fire snake was once again suppressed, but the fiercer the suppression, the fiercer the backlash; more fire snakes scuttled out as if they were inextinguishable.

'Yao Hui Yue is very strong!' Ling Han said inwardly. This person's tier was only at the first layer of the Flower Blossom Tier, but his battle prowess was at least ten stars and easily surpassed nine stars; moreover, this obviously couldn't possibly be Yao Hui Yue's full strength.

Yao Hui Yue was still advancing, but turned slower and slower, finally stopping two meters from the Crimson Red Chilling Ice Grass. It seemed he was a few steps away from being able to harvest the spirit medicine, but because of the difference of these few steps, it was so close yet worlds apart.

At last, Yao Hui Yue could only retreat without choice.

Ling Han assessed it; apparently only the defense of the peak stage of the Flower Blossom Tier could get close to that spirit medicine. So, he definitely had to improve his cultivation to the ninth layer Spiritual Ocean Tier and then use Black Tower's power boost—then he would have seventy percent certainty.

It was enough!

He took out another petal of Golden Flower of the Stone, threw it towards Yao Hui Yue, and said, "The fire and ice are both strangely poisonous; this is Golden Flower of the Stone, it detoxifies."

Yao Hui Yue caught it, shoving it in his mouth without thinking. Tong Zhi Ming was just about to shout out "Master," but Yao Hui Yue had already swallowed it, nodding towards Ling Han in gratitude.

Ling Han smiled and turned to leave.

His current cultivation was still a bit weak, and staying here had no meaning. It would be better to first find the Heavenly Luck Stone and return when he'd reached the ninth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, which would roughly take three months.

In the following few days, he wandered all over, searching for the whereabouts of the Heavenly Luck Stone, but had no results. Instead, he encountered a Flower Blossom Tier beast and was chased closely, hiding inside the Black Tower in the end.

Flower Blossom Tier opponentss were too strong; even if he had tow tenth tier Spirit Tool at hand, he wasn't qualified to fight them.

Other people couldn't stay in this area for long, spending at most ten days before they had to leave. They had to at least retreat to the second ring, dispelling the chaotic evil thoughts before reentering the core area.

However, Ling Han was unafraid of them—entering Black Tower once, he could expel all the violent chaotic thoughts inside. Moreover, after he kept enduring and toughening his divine sense with the black stone, he gained a considerable immunity to such assaults of chaos.

In a flash, one month's time had already passed as more and more elites entered this area. The news of the Heavenly Luck Stone had already spread; perhaps Spiritual Infant Tier elites would be enthused, seizing this chance for their own descendants or inheritors.

Ling Han's cultivation advanced into the sixth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier and reached the late stage, not too far from breaking through to the seventh layer. This was within his expectations, but what made him exulted was that he had a breakthrough in formations.

He successfully carved fifteen formation patterns on a rock—not only was it without a teeny bit of error, but also was it without pauses.


After carving different formation patterns on seven stone rods, he sprayed them offhandedly, but it fanned out orderly into seven positions.

Instantly, each formation pattern lit up, drawing the power of heaven and earth in a miraculous way through the seven stone rods. A spirit snake was forming, but as it had just started, pa, pa, pa, the seven stone rods exploded into pieces and the formation immediately crumbled.

It couldn't be helped. These were only normal stones—how could they possibly bear the power of heaven and earth drawn by a fourth tier formation? Not to mention fourth tier, even second tier and third tier were a no-go—they would only be able to bear a formation at the first tier.

Ling Han carved on rocks, not wanting to waste the Purple Patterned Gold he had bought. Fifth tier rare gold naturally shouldn't be wasted, and fortunately, it weren't sixth tier; otherwise, he might not even be able to buy it even if he were willing to put up a large amount of three star Origin Crystals—worldly treasures were extremely rare.

He returned inside the Black Tower, starting to carve on the Purple Patterned Gold.

'Small Heavenly Origin Spirit Snake Formation needs seven formation's eyes. In reality, if I can carve 180 basic fourth tier water-type formation's eyes, I can set up all fourth tier water-type formations.

However, formations are truly boundless. If I wanted to set up all formations, how much formation's eye would be needed? The cost of the materials alone would make a Heaven Tier elite go broke!

I only grasped Small Heavenly Origin Spirit Snake Formation. If I obtain more formations in the future, I'll think about the cost of the materials then. Moreover, there might be formation eyes passed down from the ancient times, and I only need to refine them to set the formation up.'

He focused all his attention and began to carve formation patterns on Purple Patterned Gold. Inside the Black Tower, he didn't need to worry about the lack of strength, unable to carve formation patterns on fifth tier rare gold. This was a huge advantage, virtually decreasing the amount of possible errors.

Every formation pattern was very complex. Ling Han wasn't fast, but his hands were quite stable, without the slightest pause or delay. After one hour, the first formation eye was completed.

One he stopped, he instantly felt like his brain was emptied; this was due to expending too much power of the divine sense.
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