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Chapter 400: Sword Emperor the Second?
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"I am Tong Zhi Ming," the youngster said loftily.

Everyone racked their brains—just where did Tong Zhi Ming come from and how come they never heard of his name before? Such a genius should be renowned.

Tong Zhi Ming suddenly looked like he was listening attentively, then nodded and said, " My family's master wants me to ask you guys if you know of Fairy Zhu's whereabouts."


Hearing those words, everyone spurted out, revealing an expression of disbelief.

My family's master?

A prodigy like this was only a servant? No way, a twenty-four to twenty-five year old that was already a high level Spiritual Pedestal Tier elite would be the finest prodigy in the north region, how could he be a servant?

"Your, who's your family master?" someone asked with a quivering voice.

Tong Zhi Ming immediately glared at them and said, "Who the hell are you, are you even fit to ask for my family master's name? Don't forget, I'm the one asking you guys! Now tell me the whereabouts of Fairy Zhu!"

"Hmph, we aren't your servants, answering whatever you ask!" Everyone was infuriated by his arrogant attitude, so no one was willing to cooperate.

"Looks like I'll have to kill a few idiots to warn you country bumpkins!" Tong Zhi Ming sneered, attacking brazenly.

Pu, pu, pu, pu , his figure swept by and several heads were plucked right off, dancing in the air. The blood within the severed necks soared into the sky as the headless bodies pranced; the scene was as if from Asura Hell.

"Run! Run into the stronghold!" Everyone instantly lost the will to fight, breaking into a run.

Tong Zhi Ming's murderous disposition erupted as he started chasing after ther people into the stronghold, but a large hand immediately swatted at him as an aged voice said coldly, "You've gone too far!"

Peng , Tong Zhi Ming was instantly sent backwards.

"Which old bastard is it, come out and I'll cut you up!" Tong Zhi Ming suffered a small loss, yet it further incited his viciousness. He took out an oddly shaped saber reminiscent of a lion from a spatial ring.

"Where did this junior come from, having such nerve." An old man appeared, standing atop the stronghold's wooden walls.

"It's Senior Pi!"

"This is great. Senior Pi is a veteran Spiritual Pedestal Tier elite, it's said that he advanced into the ninth layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier twenty years ago. Although he couldn't cross into the Flower Blossom Tier, with twenty years of continuous cultivation as honing, his battle prowess is definitely beyond fifteen stars."

"He can definitely suppress that arrogant brat."

With a new backbone, everyone was instantly reassured.

"Ignorant old man, come over, let me cut off your head!" Tong Zhi Ming shouted, waving his saber towards the old man surnamed Pi. As the saber struck out, a golden lion appeared, emitting a frightening, ominous presence.

One man and one lion attacked towards the senior surnamed Pi.

That strange saber was a Spirit Tool, not only reaching fifth tier, but also harnessing astounding martial intent; the golden lion was more powerful than Tong Zhi Ming himself.

Tong Zhi Ming's own battle prowess was only thirteen stars and couldn't match the fifteen stars battle prowess of the old man surnamed Pi. However, this golden lion reached the battle prowess of sixteen stars, completely suppressing the old man.

At this moment, the entire scene was silent, with only the continuous resonation of the two fiercely battling.


Even Senior Pi's fifteen stars battle prowess was suppressed; if Tong Zhi Ming were to attend the prodigy battle… wouldn't that mean he could take first place? This year, those like Yu Kun Lun who were thirty years old were automatically disqualified, and the highest-ranked Lu Yang was only at the third layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier with twelve stars battle prowess; even on top of his beast pet, it would still be impossible to rival Tong Zhi Ming.

What was going on, a random person that came out of nowhere had the strength to sweep across the entire prodigy roll?

Ling Han spread out his divine sense, finding another man… Tong Zhi Ming's master, who apparently used a sound transmission technique to communicate with Tong Zhi Ming; this meant that the master was nearby.


Ling Han immediately determined the location, then opened Eye of Truth, finding a youngster at a treetop several hundred meters out. His entire body was enveloped by golden divine light, which was shaped like a sword!

That youngster seemed to sense Ling Han' gaze, immediately focusing his eyes to look back at Ling Han. Weng , their gazes collided, and Ling Han instantly felt pain like being pierced by an exceptional treasured sword, causing him to hurriedly withdraw his gaze. However, a streak of tears of blood already dripped down.

Sword Emperor!

Ling Han cried out within, but immediately shook his head. It was impossible; Sword Emperor's appearance looked too different from that youngster's. There was, however, a striking resemblance between the two, because Sword Emperor was also enveloped by sword-shaped divine light. The difference was that Sword Emperor was infinitely more powerful.

That person could be seen as the younger version Sword Emperor because he just crossed into the Flower Blossom Tier.

It was very shocking since that youngster was only twenty-four to twenty-five years old.

A guess immediately welled within… that youngster was a disciple of the Heaven's Sword Sect!

That was why Tong Zhi Ming looked down upon the prodigy roll—he wasn't from the north region at all.

"Old Pi, let me help you!" With a large roar, another Spiritual Pedestal Tier old man appeared, joining hands with the old man surnamed Pi to battle Tong Zhi Ming.

"Senior Ma!" everyone cried out again.

The old man surnamed Ma's strength was a whole lot stronger than the old man surnamed Pi's, just enough to tie with the golden lion. In this way, old man Pi was liberated, and with full battle prowess unleashed, Tong Zhi Ming was instantly suppressed.

With only a few moves, Tong Zhi Ming was perilously close to death, backed up against the wall time and time again; although he escaped, several wounds were left on his body.

Weng , at this moment, a terrifying oppressive presence transmitted over. A man treaded through the sky, each step clearly extremely casual and yet a hundred meters long; he instantly arrived above the battle.

With each step, a sword pattern blossomed underneath his feet, evolving into several thousands of divine swords, making people terrified.

Strolling in the sky, the Flower Blossom Tier!

Instantly, they all lifted their heads to look at the sky, revealing an expression of reverence; Flower Blossom Tier warriors were like gods on this land. However, when they saw the appearance of the person in the sky, they were all dumbstruck.

How could the person be so young?

A twenty-four to twenty-five years old person at the ninth layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier could already be crowned the best in north region, and now a twenty-four to twenty-five year old elite of the Flower Blossom Tier appeared—this was too ridiculous, right?

"Master!" Tong Zhi Ming immediately knelt down, paying respect to the youngster in the sky.

Hearing this, everyone shuddered within, exclaiming that this was as expected. No wonder a genius like Tong Zhi Ming would be someone's servant—this youngster was even stronger, unimaginably strong.

The youngster in the sky frowned and said, "It's only asking a question, why was it so difficult?"

"Master, these two old guys won't cooperate!" Tong Zhi Ming hurriedly answered.

"Since that's so, die!" That youngster extended one finger and ten thousand rays of sword light instantly surged. Pu, pu, pu, pu, infinite rays of sword light instantly drowned the two old men, and not even a corpse remained.

Everyone was aghast; this youngster's murderous disposition was way too great.
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