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Chapter 398: Heavenly Luck Stone
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"What treasure?" Everyone revealed a curious look.

Treasure—just that word alone made people's blood boil. Moreover, it was able to draw the attention of the people on the prodigy roll—such a treasure was obviously extremely precious.

The person chuckled; seeing everyone's gaze concentrated on himself instantly gave rise to a strong sense of vanity. They continued, "Exactly what I'm not sure, but I heard it's a rock."

"A rock?" Everyone was astounded. What was so special about that rock that it actually attracted so many figures on the prodigy roll?

Ling Han was startled—could it be the black stone? Inside, it harnessed the Chaos Origin Source!

However, he immediately shook his head inwardly. Such power... even he couldn't absorb it in his previous lifetime's peak, not to mention a few Spiritual Ocean Tier and Spiritual Pedestal Tier warriors. Leaving other things out, he couldn't even endure the chaos intent inside the black stone with his heaven tier divine sense, and had to rely on the Black Tower to suppress it, so other people were naturally even less qualified.

Unless… they were as strange as Hu Niu.

"Haha, you're slinging the bull, nothing about a rock is worth fighting over," someone mocked.

"It really is a rock, I'm not lying to you guys." That person immediately swore. Martial artists all liked respect, and being doubted instantly made the person anxious.

However, most people still didn't believe it—what about a rock was worth fighting for?

"That's right, it certainly is a rock called Heavenly Luck Stone," someone said.

"Yes, yes, I remember now, it is called Heavenly Luck Stone!" the person from earlier said in a hurry.

Everyone couldn't help but look towards the one who revealed the identity of the Heavenly Luck Rock. It was a lanky male in all white clothing; he wore a straw hat, and his appearance couldn't be seen clearly. However, judging from his voice earlier, this person should be quite young.

"White, White-Robed Sword King, Shen Zhong Cheng!" someone said with a quaver after seeing the treasured sword he placed on the table.

"White-Robed Sword King!"

"Twenty-ninth place on north region's prodigy roll!"

"The only one who squeezed into top forty with the cultivation of the ninth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, absolutely heaven-defying!"

Everyone cried out one after another. Although Shen Zhong Cheng's ranking wasn't the finest, not even squeezing into top ten, he was only at the ninth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier! One that could push back eleven first layer Spiritual Pedestal Tier martial artists with his cultivation—the fortieth place even possessed two star battle prowess! The freakishness of Shen Zhong Cheng could be imagined.

Even Ling Han nodded; if it weren't for the Demon Birth Sword and the Thunder Battle Armor, he could at most annihilate a Spiritual Pedestal Tier expert with his own battle prowess while relying on Mysterious Three Thousand.

However, he was now at the fifth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, still some distance away from the ninth layer. When his and Shen Zhong Cheng's cultivations would be the same, his battle prowess would definitely be more than Spiritual Pedestal Tier's two stars—it would be four stars, even five stars was possible.

Conversely, did Shen Zhong Cheng reveal all his trump cards? Like Ling Han, the Demon Birth Sword was used at the most crucial moments, and maybe Shen Zhong Cheng also had such a great killing tool?

In any case, a warrior at the ninth layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier being able to battle Spiritual Pedestal Tier opponents was certainly freakish, and Shen Zhong Cheng's current age was only twenty—even Ling Han wouldn't dare to underestimate him.

"Dare I ask Young Master Shen, what sort of treasure is Heavenly Luck Stone?" someone asked daringly.

Shen Zhong Cheng's mark was his treasured sword. A white ribbon was tied to the sword sheath in a butterfly shape; he also wore a white robe all year long. However, since he ascended onto the prodigy roll, more people mimicked his attire, so this person might not actually be the true White-Robed Sword King.

Ling Han could be certain that he was Shen Zhong Cheng because he felt the presence of an elite, like an unsheathed sword displaying his abilities to the full extent.

"Heavenly Luck Stone, a blessing of heaven and earth. Refining it into the body for martial artists at the Spiritual Pedestal Tier and below means that the essence inside the stone will have a miraculous effect when breaking through a large tier. It will increase one's overall physique, and once advancing into the large tier, one's battle prowess can rocket four to five stars," Shen Zhong Cheng said in a calm tone.

Pu , everyone spurted out.

Normally, battle prowess surpassing one to two stars was already quite exceptional, and three to four stars was the level of geniuses, but Heavenly Luck Stone could directly grant four to five stars battle prowess... what sort of concept was this?

Indeed a rare worldly treasure, no wonder it attracted so many figure on the prodigy roll.

"Young Master Shen also came for the Heavenly Luck Stone, right?" someone asked.

"Of course, Young Master Shen is already at the ninth layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, obviously suppressing his cultivation and planning on compacting his cultivation before breaking through. With the Heavenly Luck Stone on top of Young Master Shen's talents, he could possess battle prowess above ten stars at the first layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier."

"However, Heavenly Luck Stone is so precious; not to mention the figures on the prodigy roll, even those who have already made a name for themselves would come. Moreover, Flower Blossom and Spiritual Infant Tier elites would appear, seizing this opportunity for their descendants."

"If these elites appear, then the young generation will definitely have no game. Even the people on the prodigy roll added together would be helpless."

Ling Han, however, thought about how the news on Heavenly Luck Stone spread. Such a precious thing, anyone would conceal it, so how did everyone end up as if the whole world knew?

The answer was soon revealed. Ten days ago, a small scouting team entered the core area, discovering the Heavenly Luck Stone by chance; however, a powerful beast kept watch nearby, so they couldn't seize it, deciding that after they returned, they would recruit people again to before moving out.

However, this team was an army of malcontents, assembled only temporarily. Some became greedy, so three brothers from a clan poisoned and assassinated everyone else on the team.

…Other than one person—he was poisoned, but he himself was a poison expert; having a degree of poison resistance abilities, he didn't die immediately and escaped to a stronghold, spreading the news before his death.

Thus, the people in the entire Dark Demon Forest knew of the Heavenly Luck Stone, but as to where it was exactly, the poisoned person died before saying that, so people only knew that it was in the core area of the forest.

Consequently, the news only spread amongst the people in the Dark Demon Forest. The various large sects didn't receive the news yet, but as time went on, it could be imagined that large amounts of elites would come.

The Heavenly Luck Stone could create a heaven-defying expert for a sect—it was worthy of a sect elder taking action.

Ling Han shook his head. First was the Crimson Red Chilling Ice Grass, next was the mysterious black stone, and now was the Heavenly Luck Stone... was it destined that he wouldn't have peace on this trip?

"Shen Zhong Chong, never would I have thought to encounter you here, come out to spar a bit!" A voice resounded outside the tavern.

Someone immediately extended his head to see, crying out, "It's Shadow Weaver Dual Sword Luo Da!"

"Shadow Weaver Dual Sword, the forty-second place on the prodigy roll?"

"The difference is too great, right?"

"No, no, no, that was the ranking a year ago. I heard that Luo Da has already advanced into the Spiritual Pedestal Tier and beat several famed experts at the second layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier."

"No wonder he dares to issue a challenge."
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