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Chapter 397: Blood Light House Changes Master
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What was Dao?

Heaven and Earth's Origin Source, the true essence of the world.

According to legends, gods grasped the Dao of Heaven and Earth and were invincible in the world, transcending life and death.

Martial arts, alchemy, and formations were three different angles of pursuing the Origin Source, searching for Dao. However, just as Small Tower said, Dao begets One, One begets Two, Two begets Three, and Three begets all things. Mortals were commonplace, even Ling Han who was a Heaven Tier in his former life remained at the level of all living things, striving to trace the Source Origin and searching for the "Three."

He was still very far off in martial arts, but in alchemy, he reached the peak stage of Heaven Grade, with one foot into the path of godhood, qualifying to contact the "Three."

But now, a small piece of black stone actually contained the Chaos Origin Source, reaching the "Two" level.

"If one could completely grasp the source of chaos within the black stone, couldn't one jump straight into god realm?"

As Ling Han said that, Small Tower immediately shook in negation and said, "Impossible! There is too little Chaos Origin Source within the black stone, and its only a fragment of the colossal Chaos Origin Source. Even if you could completely grasp a branch of it, its still far from the Chaos Source Origin.

"However, I can absorb the shred of Chaos Origin Source, and extract the Source power, repairing my body by one billionth."

That news was massive!

After Ling Han was shortly startled, he blurted out, "You can extract the power of Origin Source? And, Black Tower is damaged? Even the power of Origin Source can only repair by one billionth?"

Small Tower shook lightly and said, "It's precisely because I was heavily damaged that I was struck to this realm, losing almost all my memories. Extracting the power of Origin Source shouldn't be hard. My instincts tell me that I can do it and that this piece of black stone is really too small, so being able to repair one billionth is already an optimistic estimate."

Ling Han's jaw dropped; just what level was the Black Tower's existence, needing the power of Origin Source to repair it? In this lifetime, would he be able to wait till the day the Black Tower completely recovered?

However, he was only at the Spiritual Ocean Tier and had already received a piece of black stone, which meant that his fortune was heaven-defying; perhaps the Black Tower could be repaired without breaking into god realm.

One had to be optimistic.

Ling Han temporarily had no intention of giving the black stone for Small Tower to refine. The chaos intent could toughen his own martial intent, especially now that he was stuck at seven flashes of Sword Qi—part of the reason for that was that his martial intent was not tough enough.

He exited the Black Tower, bringing Hu Niu towards the core area of the Dark Demon Forest. It was very possible that there were more black stones there.

After all, the Dark Demon Forest was known for its Demonic Qi-like mists and the beasts in the core area were all possessed and terrifying as they thirsted for blood.

Before Ling Han didn't know the reason, but now, thinking about it, if the black stone existed there for a long time, it definitely influenced the environment, thereby influencing the living creatures there.

Whether it was for Crimson Red Chilling Ice Grass or for the Chaos Origin Source within the black stone, Ling Han had to make this trip.

One day later, a stronghold appeared before them again.

The stronghold was much smaller than the previous one, but its defensive powers were increased a whole lot. Spiritual Ocean Tier martial artists patrolled the surroundings with weapons in their hands, all extremely alert.

Ling Han pondered, deciding to lodge at this stronghold.

He walked over and was requested to hand over five Origin Crystals. Fortunately, probably seeing that Hu Niu was too small, her "ticket fare" wasn't collected, saving Ling Han a small amount.

This stronghold's infrastructure was also consisting in wooden walls and bamboo houses but simpler—it couldn't be helped, because this was the third ring of the Dark Demon Forest.

The entire Dark Demon Forest was divided into four rings. The first ring was obviously the core area; because of the great influence of Demonic Qi, no single force could set foot there. Normally, only Flower Blossom Tier elites dared to enter it, but they also came and went with haste, not daring to stay long.

Next was the second ring, which was the foothold of the Blood Light House and the Gust Demon Clan. It was also the foothold on the foremost frontline, often suffering assaults from beasts that came out of the core area; if one wanted to rest and reorganize there, each day of stay would cost one ten Origin Crystals.

Fiery Sun Grass was in this area; the danger there was still quite high because there was a possibility of encountering Flower Blossom Tier beasts that came from the core area.

Ling Han was at the third ring and the nearby beasts were already very frightening. There were Spiritual Pedestal Tier existences, even martial artists at Spiritual Pedestal Tier had to be careful—slight inattentiveness would be their perdition.

He brought Hu Niu to a tavern, it was the best place to seek out information.

"…Great news, great news, Blood Light House has changed hands!"

"What, is it real?"

"Haha, I just came out of the second ring, only fifty thousand meters away from the headquarters of the Blood Light House. It's news I heard personally, it couldn't possibly be fake."

"Strange, wasn't the head of Blood Light House at his prime, how come he abdicated?"

"He didn't abdicate on his own accord, but he was defeated!"

"Hey, hey, hey, Blood Light House's head is a Flower Blossom Tier warrior, an almighty expert who can stand side by side with Heavenly Silkworm Court's head, Devour Bone Court's head, and Gust Demon Clan's head! He was actually defeated by someone?"

"Exactly, and its rumored that the one who defeated the Blood Light House's head is a grandmaster of fists, able to burst forth with ten flashes of Fist Qi. It was only nineteen consecutive punches before Blood Light House's head was put down, forced to submit his authority."

"Hiss, who was that? That's way too fierce, right?"

"Don't know, that person is very secretive; he calls himself the Fist Emperor."

"Fist Emperor? That's quite domineering, isn't it?"

Ling Han listened and was somewhat shocked. Of the four large forces, the Blood Light House was forced to change heads—a major event. Just where did this Fist Emperor come from, not only having strength, but also having high aspirations?

'Emperor' titles shouldn't be used rashly. In his former life, there was only Sword Emperor and Setting Sun Saber Emperor who were called emperors, while he attained supreme accomplishments in alchemy and was still being called the Grandmaster of Alchemy.

This represented invincibility within a tier.

Sword Emperor, invincible in the sword path! Saber Emperor, the sole supremacy in the saber path! As for him, he stood at the peak of alchemy.

Calling oneself the Fist Emperor would probably attract many fist experts to challenge him, because if they accepted his title, then it was equivalent to acknowledging that he was first in fist path; how could these grandmasters of fists tolerate that?

Ling Han stroked his chin. Should he also call himself some sort of emperor and attract some aggro? It seemed to be quite an interesting idea.

"Your news is not really new, that was at least a month ago." Someone on the side was unwilling to have the limelight taken away, immediately interjecting. "Now, many figures on the prodigy roll are gathered at the Dark Demon Forest, and that's the most sensational event."

"Why?" This news attracted the curiosity of many. After all, the figures on the prodigy roll were elites that could become Flower Blossom Tier and even Spiritual Infant Tier warriors. With so many of them gathered at the Dark Demon Forest, it could be called a distinguished gathered.

"Its said that a treasure has come into being at the core of the forest!" that person said, feigning mysteriousness.

"What treasure?" everyone asked in surprise.
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