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Chapter 395: Battling The Great Snake
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Snakes turned into flood dragons, and flood dragons turned into dragons—such was the usual path of transformation.

The problem was that flood dragons had two horns, but what was that tumor on its head... was it transforming into a unicorn?

Hu Niu immediately crouched down, opened her mouth, and revealed her white teeth, making a roaring stance. If she had fur, it would definitely be standing on ends.

Ling Han also revealed a vigilant look. This great snake was the tyrant of the gourd valley, a ninth layer Spiritual Pedestal existence; but for some reason, it gave Ling Han a feeling that it was scarier than Ao Feng.

That was quite right. It was because Hu Niu also had that feeling that she immediately entered a defensive and threatening stance. Earlier, when Ao Feng appeared, Hu Niu was very calm.

The giant snake slowly "stood" up. The snake head kept rising, as if its body was endlessly long; after it had reached the height of the valley, its body still wasn't fully out of the layer of ice.

This was very unbelievable; it was at least a thousand meters, and maybe several thousand meters long.

Ling Han was puzzled—could a Spiritual Pedestal Tier beast snake grow this large?

The larger the body, the more powerful a living creature was. For example, if a living creature during their maturity could grow to the size of the vast lands, then it didn't need to cultivate. It only had to trample down a few times—even if the vast lands didn't shatter, the people and other beasts would be decimated and only a few elites could survive.

Precisely because of this, the heavens strictly limited a living being's body size. For beasts, only when their strengths increased could their size also increase accordingly. For a Spiritual Pedestal Tier, the body size limit was about a hundred meters, and only a Flower Blossom Tier beast could reach a thousand meters, but not surpass this limit.

However, this large snake was only at the ninth layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier and its body size not only broke past a hundred, but also a thousand meters, advancing into the Spiritual Infant Tiers On top of that, the tumor on its head was even stranger; there had never been stories of a Spiritual Pedestal Tier snake beast that could turn into a flood dragon.

Turning into a flood dragon was something to happen after Heaven Tier.

Strange, too strange!

It was a long story, but it was a matter of a breath's time. With a hong , the large snake descended from the sky and smashed its head straight down—barbaric and rough—using terrifying power to gain the upper hand.

Ling Han's face was all green. He took hold of Hu Niu who still wanted to soar into the sky to battle to her heart's content and their figures flashed—they entered the Black Tower.

With the giant snake's power, weight, and inertia of falling from the sky, such massive strength was enough to pound him and Hu Niu into minced meat, guaranteeing their deaths through and through. This was truly unreasonable—there was no comparison of skills, but simply crushing by brute force—yet it completely unleashed the great snake's power.

"Strange, strange, why do I sense a familiar smell on this large snake." Ling Han pondered, stroking his chin.

Spiritual Pedestal Tier beasts all had a special elemental attack—for example, spraying chilling mist or venom, and Ling Han had even seen beast snakes that turned all its scales into sharp blades and launched them.

However, this large snake didn't seem to plan on using its special abilities at all, smashing with its head right off the bat—it was extremely well-practiced, the snake had to be a habitual offender.

Ling Han looked outside through the Black Tower, seeing that the large snake was searching for his and Hu Niu's flesh and blood. The large snake's eyes revealed it was at a loss, seeming to be puzzled by how the two just disappeared.

Idiot! Extreme idiot!

Ling Han felt it even stranger. Being able to cultivate to peak stage of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, which was one step away from crossing over the line of mortals, how could its intelligence be so lacking? Beasts possessed very high intelligence, and the higher their tier, the smarter they were. The intellect of Flower Blossom Tier beasts was definitely no lower than that of the wise men.

However, no matter how he looked, this large snake was sluggish and stupid, as if it only knew how to smash people with its head, battling with its instinct.

"Let's try to fight it." Ling Han came to a decision, and xiu , his figure flashed, exiting the Black Tower with Demon Birth Sword in hand and Thunder Battle Armor already activated. Hong , his left hand launched a flash of lightning while his right hand swung the sword, and xiu , seven flashes of Sword Qi flew unhindered.

Pu, pu, pu, pu , two attacks fired into the large snake's body, but what surprised Ling Han was that the seven flashes of Sword Qi only left a few white marks on the snake's scales while the lightning's effects were only a bit greater, penetrating through scales and leaving a wound on the large body; however, for a large snake, this was truly neither painful nor ticklish.

The large snake was infuriated, smashing its head downwards again.

Ling Han hurriedly entered the Black Tower, evading this attack.

Peng , the entire valley trembled, showing the giant snake's terrifying power.

Ling Han, however, laughed and said to himself, "If this were another ninth layer Spiritual Pedestal Tier, I really wouldn't be able to deal with it, but this snake is too stupid, I could just exhaust it to death."

He exited the Black Tower again, then shot out both fists continuously and activated Thunder Battle Armor's power, forming flashes of lightning and firing it towards the large snake's eyes.

The large snake was stupid for sure, but its instincts allowed it to avoid injuries to vital parts such as the eyes—it immediately tilted its head to evade. Then, it smashed its head downwards again, setting the valley quaking. Ceaselessly accumulated snow shot into the sky, then snowflakes fluttered all over the sky, while on the other side, the sea of flames boiled like the tide, splashing crimson red lava.

Ling Han continued to enter and exit the Black Tower, tirelessly attacking the large snake's eyes. He only had to succeed once to gain a great victory, so he was absolutely in no rush.

The large snake was still sluggishly stupid, and if Ling han's strength were stronger, it would definitely have drilled into the layer of ice long ago, not fighting Ling Han at all. However, from its point of view, Ling Han would die in one smash, and faced with such a tick, how could it run?

Besides, it was continually getting struck by Ling Han, and although it was thick-skinned, feeling only a bit of pain, the anger made it resolved to kill Ling Han.

One man and one snake exhausted each other like this.

Several hours later, the large snake appeared more irritable, continuously smashing its head at the ground as if it held the initiative. Ling Han searched for an opportune moment; the instant the large snake pounded the ground, he attacked from the Black Tower. Xiu , a flurry of sword strikes, eight hundred rays of sword light soared into the sky—it was Mysterious Three Thousand.

Pu, pu, pu, pu, the sword light fired simultaneously at the large snake's right eye.

At this time, the large snake's intimidating defensive power was displayed to its greatest extent. Even if the eye was a very frail vital area, several hundred rays of sword light shot into it were actually not enough to shatter it at first; only after the last hundred rays of sword light surged by did the eyeball finally show a gash. Then, as if porcelain had been smashed, it suddenly shattered. With a pa , a body of liquid poured out like tidal water from a dike.

Under the pain, the large snake violently twisted, and a massive power bashed sideways and straight on; the entire valley was as if it were going to be demolished.

Ling Han entered the Black Tower, immediately recovering Origin Power.

Now, striking out Mysterious Three Thousand at full strength wouldn't consume all his power, but one third still seemed to have been depleted. He crushed a dozen pieces of Origin Crystal and recovered his Origin Power at an extremely fast pace.

He exited the Black Tower again after that and attacked the hole opened up in the large snake's eye with his sword. Two vein-like lines were activated on the Demon Birth Sword; Sword Qi flew unhindered as Ling Han slashed recklessly to his heart's content.
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