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Chapter 392: Three Feet Iron Body
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Ling Han was unafraid. With a hong , the Thunder Battle Armor burned brightly, forming a lightning barrier in front of his body.

Peng , the large hand of Origin Power swatted down, smashing into the lightning barrier as if lightning that came from the ground, shaking heaven and earth and almost turning Ding Gao Yang and Ding Wan Qing deaf. After this attack, Elder Mo's large hand made of Origin Power already shattered and Ling Han still stood upright.

"Treasure armor!" Elder Mo immediately revealed a greedy look. Being able to neutralize one of his angry attacks, this treasure armor was definitely not simple! Besides, if it had such power in the hands of a Spiritual Ocean Tier warrior, what if it were in his hands?

He would probably be invincible within the Spiritual Pedestal Tier!

"Gagagaga, well, thank you!" Elder Mo attacked again, trying to grab Ling Han. This time, he not only shot out Origin Power, but also infused the attack with his martial intent, sending out radiant and boundless light as if a spirit was coming out.

The Spiritual Pedestal Tier meant building a heaven-reaching spiritual pedestal inside the spiritual ocean, connecting heaven and earth.

Precisely because of the crossover in the Spiritual Pedestal Tier could living beings transcend mortals.

Such an elite's power was way too strong.

Ling Han simply laughed, unleashing the Demon Birth Sword. Weng, weng , two obscure vein-like lines lit up, emitting a powerful presence that could awe both heaven and hell.

Elder Mo's complexion immediately turned white; his breath turned rugged and his palm instantly swatted nothing.

"What!?" The old fellow stared at the sword in Ling Han's hand and cried out, "What sort of Spirit Tool is this, how could it have such a terrifying oppressive aura?"

Ling Han smiled lightly. In reality, the Thunder Battle Armor was also a tenth tier Spirit Tool, but it was damaged too heavily, losing its oppressive aura; otherwise, when he added the two tenth tier spirit tools together, it would be guaranteed that the old man wouldn't even be able to stand.

Unfortunately, spirit tools weren't enchanted decrees; one could be used for a long time and the other was a disposable, so in terms of power, Spirit Tools couldn't compare against enchanted degrees of the same tier… unless the spirit tool had a tool spirit that could come to life on its own.

If he truly had a tenth tier spirit tool with a controllable tool spirit, then Ling Han would be able to sweep all of Heaven Tier.

"Old man, reach out your neck, I can let you experience the power of a spirit tool." Ling Han smiled.

"Impudence!" Elder Mo snorted, a mere Spiritual Ocean Tier warrior dared to speak rudely in front of him? Didn't he know of respect for seniority in the world of martial arts? He unleashed a bronze ring, waving it fiercely; with a hu , a raging flame turned into a fire wolf, pouncing at Ling Han.

Ling Han struck with his sword; although Demon Birth Sword only had two vein-like lines activated, the tier of it was clearly there; seven flashes of Sword Qi shot out together, compounded by Demon Birth Sword; the power of the Sword Qi was absolutely invincible.

Pu, pu, pu, pu, as expected, although the fire wolf was launched by a fifth tier Spirit Tool, once it clashed with seven flashes of Sword Qi, it immediately scattered. In its anguished wailing, it immediately turned into a flame, evaporating into the air.

Ding Gao Yang and Ding Wan Qing revealed shocked expression at the same time. This youngster was too scary; a Spiritual Pedestal Tier cultivator attacked and unleashed the might of a Spirit Tool, yet he still couldn't deal with Ling Han.

In reality, Ling Han didn't even use his full strength, or else with his current cultivation on top of two tenth tier Spirit Tools, his battle prowess would definitely surpass twenty stars—so what if it was an opponent at the first layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier he was facing?

"Laws have no bounds, four division and eight conjunctions!" Elder Mo began to fight desperately. He couldn't tolerate being inferior to a Spiritual Ocean Tier junior; additionally, Ling Han was so fierce now, just how strong would he be when he broke through to the Spiritual Pedestal Tier? Therefore, he had to be killed to end all future troubles!

As he bellowed, his body size suddenly increased, growing taller by a fold. Pa, pa, pa the clothes on his body completely broke into pieces—fortunately, there was still underwear to act as a fig leaf, or else it would be too offensive a view to public decency.

His presence also increased by a whole lot, rocketing from the second layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier to the fourth layer.

Ling Han shook his head and said, "Your power manifestation is too weak. Other people measure thirty feet as bronze body, three hundred feet as silver body, and three thousand feet as gold body, yet yours is only three feet. Is that an iron body?"

Hu Niu instantly giggled—if other people didn't give Ling Han face, she obviously would.

"Die!" Elder Mo raised his foot high up and then stepped down fiercely at Ling Han.

"Like I said, your power manifestation is too weak; using it is an absolute joke!" Ling Han raised his sword and carried out the Four Seasons Sword Art as the conception of spring, summer, winter, and autumn continued endlessly.

In theory, his power was far short of Elder Mo's, but with the Thunder Battle Armor's blessing on top of the sharpness of Demon Birth Sword, he could match the battle prowess of a four-star Spiritual Pedestal Tier warrior.

Of course, other than him, how many other people in the world could take out two tenth tier Spirit Tools?

The two battled fiercely while Ding Gao Yang and Ding Wan Qing looked on with their jaws slack.

It turned out… that Ling Han's battle prowess was overbearing to such a degree!

They really shouldn't have provoked such a freak! But now, they could only pray that Elder Mo would not disappoint them and absolutely suppress Ling Han; otherwise, they were doomed.

However, the situation was worsening. Although Elder Mo's battle prowess was certainly astounding, Ling Han had the Thunder Battle Armor's protection, so Elder Mo couldn't harm him at all. Contrarily, Ling Han's attacks were enough to cause considerable threat to Elder Mo.

This was a completely unequal battle.

"Impossible! How could this be!? That's the Spiritual Pedestal Tier!" Ding Gao Yang and Ding Wan Qing were numb across their faces.

Unexpectedly, Ding Wan Qing was first to react and said, "Take this chance, hurry back to the stronghold. As long as we hide there, even that kid wouldn't dare come kill us in there."

"Alright, let's go! Once my older brother comes, this brat will die for sure!" They hurriedly turned to leave, but as they turned around, a beautifully decked out little girl stood quietly in front of them; she was so cute that one would have the urge to squeeze her little face.

However, Ding Gao Yang and Ding Wan Qing were struck with terror. This little princess had attacked viciously and her battle prowess was shocking; she wiped out ten Spiritual Ocean Tier warriors almost instantly—even they could only be ashamed of being inferior.

She was absolutely a little devil!

And now, the little devil blocked their path.

"Little lady, be good, let us leave, alright?" Ding Wan Qing tried hard to squeeze out a gentle smile.

"Not alright, Niu won't let you guys go!" Hu NIu stared at the two. She only planned to block this two, leaving it to Ling Han to take care of them.

"Damned little girl!" Ding Gao Yang's gaze turned grim. As his hand swayed, a sharp sword was already in his hand. On the blade were red vein-like lines that emitted a gloomy and dreadful presence.

"Blood Wave Sword!" Ding Wan Qing exulted. "Brother Gao Yang, when did the family pass on the Blood Wave Sword to you? Haha, now we won't have to be afraid of this cheap little brat."

Ding Gao Yang didn't respond, waving his sword at Hu Niu. Blood-red lines like spider webs spread out, covering the entire world.
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