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Chapter 391: A Clean Sweep
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"That damned guy!" The brawny man was called Pu Chuan and was at the third layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier. Such strength wasn't weak—he could come and go freely just about anywhere with it and was barely qualified to be called an elite. However, he had been forced by Ling Han to kneel down and beg for forgiveness in the public's eye—just how humiliating was that?

Such a grievance on top of coveting the belongings on Ling Han meant he couldn't possibly stare blankly and let Ling Hang leave!

The battle prowess of a spoiled second generation at a mere fifth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier was definitely not past four stars. Even if he wasn't a match for him alone, there were still nine other people, weren't there?

"Youngster, hand over the spatial ring obediently and we can let you live," another person said.

This was obviously a lie; after they took the spatial ring, they'd commit murder.

Ling Han laughed and said to Hu Niu, "Niu Niu, do you think I'm an idiot?"

"Ling Han obviously isn't an idiot! Ling Han is a smart person!" Hu Niu said hurriedly and patted her small chest, adding, "Hu Niu is also a smart person!"

"Hehe, but some people just want to trick me like I'm a monkey!" Ling Han shook his head.

Hu Niu instantly revealed an ominous glint, and said, "Niu will bite them all to death!"

"Niu Niu, don't kill people with your mouth, it's too dirty." Ling Han rubbed her small head.

Hu Niu nodded repeatedly at once. Although she didn't think biting people to death was dirty, Ling Han didn't like it, so she would avoid doing so.

"You guys done yet!?" Pu Chuan and the nine others were infuriated after being mocked by an adult and a child. However, what was strange was that they didn't see that little girl yesterday, right?

...She probably followed him into the stronghold and always stayed inside the bamboo room—everyone soon "understood."

"Since he won't listen, then kill him in case of undue trouble!" Pu Chuan and the others clamored. There were many groups in the entire stronghold that conspired against Ling Han, so naturally it was best to strike first lest other people got ahead.

"Let me!" Pu Chuan immediately jumped out. With a qiang , he unsheathed a long saber, striking towards Ling Han.

Hu Niu made a move, and xiu , she leapt overhead of Pu Chuan. With a pa , she fired her small fist at him. Instantly, Pu Chuan's head actually spun around his neck seven to eight times and the skin on the neck was twisted off. A perfectly fine head instantly fell down, and pu , blood rushed ten feet high as if a blood fountain, finally falling back down rapidly.

Martial artists were full of Qi and blood, especially those in the Spiritual Ocean Tier. After his head fell off, he didn't immediately die, still prancing around for a while before finally thumping onto the ground, hands and legs still twitching.


How was this possible!

Despite Pu Chuan having the cultivation of the third layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, he was killed with a single punch? And the one who attacked was a five to six year old little girl; who could believe this?

"Hou!" Hu Niu bared her teeth and roared, striking once again.

Pa, pa, pa, pa , each of her punches took care of one person, rapidly reaping their lives. With her terrifying high speed, even a Spiritual Pedestal Tier warrior would have a headache, let alone Spiritual Ocean Tier ones.

"Run!" Ten people instantly turned into three remaining, all of them breaking into a run; but, competing in speed with Hu Niu? Truly laughable! Within a mere two breaths, the three people all had their hearts blasted by a single punch.

Ten people completely annihilated.

Hu Niu hadn't had enough as she turned her fierce gaze behind. Her divine consciousness was extremely sensitive, easily capable discovering that there were more people behind. However, it was too far, she couldn't find exactly where these people were in that moment.


These people clearly saw that a young lady killed ten Spiritual Ocean Tier warriors in a clean sweep; such battle prowess was completely freakish. They didn't want to throw away their lives, running hurriedly towards the stronghold.

Ling Han only laughed, but didn't chase after them for an open slaughter.

"Let's go!" He held on to Hu Niu's hand, continuing onwards.


"Truly out of the ordinary." On a large tree afar, a sixty-year-old man focused his gaze on the entire process. "Ding Gao Yang, not only is that youngster a freak, but so is that young lady. That speed, tsk tsk, extremely surprising."

Behind the old man stood Ding Gao Yang and Wan Qing, both appearing very respectful.

"Elder Mo, you're a Spiritual Pedestal Tier elite, no matter how freakish they are, they wouldn't be your match!" Ding Gao Yang bootlicked hurriedly.

Elder Mo felt pleased, revealing a smile. He said, "Dealing with two Spiritual Ocean Tier opponents, the price tag won't the previous one—it has to double."

Ding Gao Yang instantly revealed a pained expression; could asking a Spiritual Pedestal Tier elite to take on a task be cheap? Now it just had to be doubled! He only hoped that the belongings on Ling Han were worth that price, otherwise he'd suffer a tremendous loss.

Elder Mo looked at Wan Qing once more, revealing a perverted expression, and said, "And, let Wan Qing stay over at this old man's tonight for a night."

Ding Gao Yang immediately jumped in anger; this old man had gone too far, still coveting his woman! He snorted and said, "Elder Mo, don't you take it too far, and don't forget who my brother is!"

Elder Mo involuntarily shivered inside, ****Xin was a figure on the previous prodigy roll, and his rank wasn't low, either.

Those who could ascend onto the roll would definitely reach the Flower Blossom Tier as long as they didn't die—there was never an exception!

This was the Dark Demon Forest, where fists were words; if he offended ****Xin… the result would be unimaginable, even the Gust Demon Clan wouldn't stand up for him—he would simply die for nothing.

"Hmph, then just twice the pay." Elder Mo snorted and leapt down from the treetop, chasing in the direction of Ling Han and Hu Niu. He was in a bad mood, and could use these two to vent his anger.

"Follow him, I want to see how that guy dies!" Ding Wan Qing said to Ding Gao Yang.

The two also chased behind.

A Spiritual Pedestal Tier warrior's speed was more than just fast and Ling Han Hu Niu weren't walking too quickly, so after one or two minutes, Elder Mo already caught up. Hong , the presence of a Spiritual Pedestal Tier cultivator spread out, appearing extremely terrifying.

"Youngster, leave your life here!" he said threateningly.

Ling Han stopped, turned around, looked at the other person, and said, "If I recall correctly, you're one of the guardians of the stronghold, surnamed Mo, right?"

"Gaga, that's right." Elder Mo laughed eerily. "Since you know this old man's identity, why not surrender yourself?"

While they spoke, Ding Gao Yang and Ding Wan Qing also caught up.

Ling Han looked at Ding Gao Yang once and came to a realization. This was the middle-aged man who told him about the place where the cold and heat intertwined; it turned out he intentionally lured him out of the stronghold so as to let other people deal with him.

He laughed loudly and said, "Old man, one moment you're a guardian, and the next moment you're a bandit. Your old face really changes quick!"

"Impudence!" Elder Mo was furious, swatting from afar as Origin Power shot out and turned into a giant palm, pressing towards Ling Han.

This was a Spiritual Pedestal Tier elite's attack laucnhed in anger, how could its power not be shocking?
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