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Chapter 390: You're Tricking Me?
Translator: Reverie_ Editor: Kurisu

"Youngster, you just came to the Demon Forest, right?" a thirty year-old brawny man said with a smile to Ling Han.

"Yes." Ling Han nodded. This could be told with one glance. Other people all reeked with an intense "muddy smell," which was from being exposed in the forest during day and night.

The brawny man laughed quietly, reaching out his hand, and said, "Here, everything is a deal. If you want to ask questions, you have to give people benefits."

"How much?" Ling Han smiled lightly. His wallet was now bulging again, so he naturally was more indifferent to Origin Crystal.

"One Origin Crystal." The brawn man put up a finger.

One question for one Origin Crystal, so shady!

Ling Han didn't really care; as long as he could find Crimson Red Chilling Ice Grass, even if he paid a million Origin Crystals for it, he wouldn't feel regret. He handed over one Origin Crystal at once.

The brawny man took the Origin Crystal and suppressed a laugh.

"Time to answer the question." Ling Han knocked on the table.

"Alright." The brawny man nodded and said, "I don't know."

Ling Han's gaze immediately turned sharp and said, "You're tricking me?"

"Youngster, I'm teaching you a lesson. Grow up a bit when you're out in the world, don't believe people so easily!" The brawny man laughed, not worried at all that Ling Han might attack him.

Because this was Gust Demon Clan's territory, if Ling Han dared to use violence here, he would be driven out, and at worst killed; otherwise, this place wouldn't be a safe refuge.

It was said that strongholds like this even had many notoriously vicious wanted criminals who ran here from being chased by sects like the Winter Moon Sect and the Beast Emperor Sect. However, they didn't dare to use violence inside the stronghold; it was clear just how domineering the four large forces were here.

Ling Han took the man's arrogance all in and casually waved his hand on the table. Instantly ten ginsengs appeared on the table, each one was as thick as an arm, the roots as muscular as a dragon.


As people saw this, they stared with wide round eyes—these were at least two to three hundred year old precious ginsengs! Inside the Dark Demon Forest, there indeed were some precious ginsengs like this, but one needed to enter the core area of the forest. Since it was too dangerous there, not to mention that no one usually entered it, even the beasts were very scarce, so there were large mounts of spirit medicines with surprisingly maturity.

Such a precious ginseng would easily sell for several dozens of Origin Crystals, ten of which was worth several hundred Origin Crystals—this was a large fortune. If Spiritual Ocean Tier warriors didn't steal or rob it, they would need at least a dozen years to refine it.

At that moment, people's breathing sped up and their eyes turned red, itching to snatch it.

Ling Han smiled lightly. Pointing at the brawny man from earlier, he said, "These ginseng will belong to whoever kills him."

Instantly, all eyes were on that brawny man.

This man was only at the second layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier. Annihilating him wouldn't be much harder than the flip of a palm for late stage Spiritual Ocean Tier martial artists. Where would one find a business that paid several hundred Origin Crystals for just lifting a finger?

Moreover, hundred-year-old ginsengs were greatly tonic. Normal medicinal pills couldn't heal the hidden injuries that were inevitably left after these martial artists fought with people and beasts, only such great tonics could heal them completely.

Such a treasure might come by with luck, but not through searching!

"Youngster, violence can't be used inside the stronghold," someone said.

Ling Han smiled and said, "No matter, you guys just keep an eye. Although I will leave soon after, I'll place the ten ginsengs with the stronghold master. Whoever kills him can get it from the stronghold master, is everyone reassured now?"


"That works!"

Everyone nodded. There were certainly people who issued missions inside the stronghold, asking for people's help. However, as it happened through the Gust Demon Clan, there was an inevitable rake-off. Therefore, everyone hoped that the brawny man left the stronghold soon; killing him without delay, they receive the reward from Ling Han directly. This way, they could avoid losing part of the reward to the Gust Demon Clan.

The brawny man's face turned green. Never would he have thought that tricking one Origin Crystal from Ling Han would result in him being possibly killed. He hurriedly took out the Origin Crystal as if a hot potato and threw it towards Ling Han. "I don't want your Origin Crystal, hurry up and withdraw your bounty."

Which family's spoiled second generation was this, wasting precious ginsengs like this—did his mother know that he was this kickass?

Ling Han didn't catch it and said, "Take it, it'll be just enough to order a good casket."

The brawny man was on the verge of crying from fear. He only wanted to take a small advantage of him, but who could've thought that it would attract a deadly misfortune? He hurriedly dropped to the ground and knelt down facing Ling Han, then said, "Little lord, I was wrong, I was wrong, please forgive me!"

"You really know your wrongs?" Ling Han smiled.

"I really do!" The brawny man kept slapping himself in the face, one slap after another with a lot of force, such that blood even came out.

Ling Han nodded, and said, "Alright, this bounty is cancelled."

Instantly, the brawny man gasped in relief, but the other people were dissatisfied, feeling they were messed with! There weren't many people here who were amiable; many of them stared at Ling Han with an ominous glint, and once Ling Han left the stronghold… hehe.

Ling Han was unperturbed, and said, "The bounty just now is cancelled, and changed to a new one. Whoever knows, tell me where in the forest do the cold and hot intertwine—these ten precious ginsengs will be theirs."

"For real?" People's expressions turned back to pleasantly surprised ones.

Ling Han nodded and said, "Of course it's for real. However, if anyone takes me for a fool and mentions a random place, then I won't mind issuing another bounty for that person."

People clicked their tongues. The brawny man only tricked Ling Han out of one Origin Crystal and yet the latter issued a bounty of ten treasure ginsengs... If one tricked Ling Han out of ten treasure ginsengs, then what price tag would Ling Han offer for that bounty?

Such a spoiled second generation was truly scary—rich, and thus intractable!

For a moment, people were silent; some who thought of deceiving were really frightened.

"This young lord, I know a place that suits your description." After a while, a person spoke up. He spoke of a place in the northwest part of Dark Demon Forest and gave Ling Han a map, clearly labeling the location.

Ling Han inquired carefully, but was very disappointed; it certainly was a place where the cold and hot intertwined, but it was far too different from his requirements. However, to show his sincerity, he still gave the person ten treasure ginsengs to establish his credibility.

"Anyone else that knows of such a place, one clue for ten treasure ginsengs." Ling Han waved his hand and took out ten more hundred-year-old ginsengs—this thing was like cabbage to him anyways.

Someone received a reward—this instantly excited many others; even those who were looking on wanted to have a try.

If they personally didn't know, it didn't matter—couldn't they ask around?

"I'll be staying here for two days, if anyone has news, come find me," Ling Han said for all to hear and left the tavern, renting a "guest room."
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