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Chapter 389: A Minor Conflict
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This was a medicine harvesting team—seven martial artists as guards along with twelve medicinal farmers who carried bamboo baskets on their backs. There was also a beautiful red-clothed woman who looked like their employer; there were twenty people in total.

Such a medicine harvesting team in the Dark Demon Forest could only be considered a small-scale team; there were hundred- and even thousand-people medicine harvesting teams here as well.

Ling Han's gaze swept by. The seven guards were at the Spiritual Ocean Tier—quite an impressive strength. The one who invitated him was a forty year-old brawny man, tall and sturdy, with arms thicker than Ling Han's waist and shockingly well-defined muscles.

Without waiting for Ling Han to reply, somewhat displeased, the red-clothed woman spoke, "Guard Wu, if you want to invite someone into the team, why not seek for my opinion first?"

The brawny man laughed loudly and said, "It was already agreed upon when we left that we were going to recruit ten guards, and now we've only recruited seven. I, as the guard squad captain, naturally have the right to recruit people."

"So the other people aren't qualified," the red-clothed woman said.

"He qualifies." The brawny man pointed at Ling Han. "The Fifth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, is that not enough?"

What, this young man was actually at the fifth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier?

The other people were shocked, feeling that Ling Han was just too young.

"Lady Ding, let him join the team."

"Yeah, the fifth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier isn't weak."

The other guards all began to urge. Although the fifth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier certainly wasn't high in terms of cultivation, entering this level in the teens clearly meant something... What? The fact that Ling Han's background was extremely remarkable!

Although it was an extremely chaotic place, if there was someone of the Winter Moon Sect or the Half Moon Sect around, then it could be life-saving at key moments. Thus, these people naturally wouldn't refuse Ling Han joining and adding a insurance to their lives.

The red-clothed woman pondered, and said, "Alright, but Guard Wu, you have to be responsible for keeping him out of trouble."

"Deal!" The brawn man laughed as he nodded, then cracked a smile at Ling Han and said, "Little brother, how about it? One day for one Origin Crystal, you won't encounter such a good job everyday!"

Spiritual Ocean Tier warriors could only refine one Origin Crystal per month, and now obtaining one per day... the treatment was certainly not bad.

Ling Han broke into laughter and said, "You guys have been speaking of your own accord. I don't remember saying that I wanted to join you guys, right?

"Hm, you've got an objection?" The red-clothed woman wasn't too happy to begin with; hearing that Ling Han refused to join the team, she appeared even more displeased all of a sudden. "Such great nerve, slap him!"

Ling Han shook his head. He felt that he was truly unjustly attacked while walking down the road properly without provoking anyone—how did misfortune come upon him? Could he really have a 'troublesome constitution,' attracting trouble wherever he went?

"You think I'm easy to bully?" He was angered and raised his hand, lashing towards the red-clothed woman.

"Stop!" The seven guards shouted at once and intervened one after another, blocking Ling Han.

These people's tiers had highs and lows, but the worst was at the sixth layer and the strongest at the ninth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier. However, none of them had battle prowess surpassing their own tier—after all, most people were very ordinary.

Ling Han smiled lightly as sword intent instantly burst forth. Xiu, xiu, xiu, xiu, seven flashes of Sword Qi shot out, slicing towards the seven guards.

What battle prowess did he have? When he was at the first layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, he had sixteen stars, and now it rocketed to twenty stars! Surpassing the other party's strongest person by eleven stars of battle prowess, this was definitely overwhelming; the seven guards struck by the seven flashes of Sword Qi were sent flying at the same time.

Fortunately, Ling Han held back, merely opening a small wound on their chests; otherwise, this attack would've taken their lives.

Pa , the red-clothed woman was slapped right on the face, whipping out three of her teeth.

"Don't always look at people with that condescending look. This slap is a small lesson for you. If there's a next time, I'll take your life," Ling Han said codly.

The red-clothed woman clenched her teeth with an expression of disbelief. First, Ling Han was only at the fifth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier and actually sent seven of her guards flying, and second, this guy actually dared to hit her?

She was a daughter of the Ding Family and looked beautiful as a flower... was this guy blind? Even more, how ruthless was he to hit a beautiful face such as hers?

Ling Han turned to leave.

Whether it was the seven guards or the medicinal farmers, they all stayed quiet without making a sound. Ling Han's strength was so far beyond their imagination that they hadn't come back to their sense even till now.

"A bunch of good-for-nothings!" the red-clothed woman reprimanded angrily, covering her dainty swollen face, and said, "Hurry to Rising Wind Stronghold. Gao Yang Clan's brother is there—ask him to handle that damned brat!"

"Lady Ding, that youngster has the cultivation of the fifth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier at such a young age, and his battle prowess is even more shocking. He must have strong background, so why not let this go?" the brawny man surnamed Wu advised. Since he was the one who spoke of recruiting Ling Han, he felt somewhat responsible.

"Hmph, in the Dark Demon Forest, so what if he has a strong background? It'll be useless if he dies here!" The red-clothed woman's gaze was with bitter with resentment; she couldn't stomach this insult.


The team continued to advance.

Walking for half a day, a stronghold appeared in front of Ling Han. This was Gust Demon Clan's territory, a place providing temporary shelter for martial artists. Ling Han also wanted to inquire about Crimson Red Chilling Ice Grass so he entered the stronghold, the price for which was one Origin Crystal.

The stronghold wasn't large; it had the area of a small village. The surrounding sturdy trees were made into a barricade, but the houses inside were made of bamboo, boasting extremely poor soundproofing and privacy.

There were truly people of all trades here. Ling Han saw several girls dressed revealingly standing by the roadside, shooting coquettish glances at passers-by—if they liked what they saw, they'd get together and leave; soon, groans and moans, which made people's blood vessels swell, would come from the bamboo houses.

For martial artists, after experiencing an intense adventure, they naturally hoped to "relax" a little. Where there was need, there would be market—even if it was a dangerous place such as the Dark Demon Forest, the most ancient profession thrived.

As Ling Han walked by, quite a few of these girls tried to entice him, but he paid them no attention, walking straight to a tavern.

He ordered a few things, but was mostly here to ask around.

"Hey, have you guys heard the renowned Fairy Zhu came here several days ago."

"What? Zhu Xuan Er, the one known as the most beautiful woman in the north region?"

"Is she really that beautiful?"

"Far more, as I see it, she should be called most beautiful in the world!"

"But, since she dares enter the Dark Demon Forest, is she not afraid of being like a lamb in a tiger's den?"

"Hehe, who knows how many people want to take this beauty for their private pet! Besides, this is the Dark Demon Forest—if someone falls into enemy hands here, even the Half Moon Sect can't do a thing!"

"You don't have a share, anyways."

"Pah, neither do you."

Hearing everyone's conversations, Ling Han shook his head. Zhu Xuan Er was only a Spiritual Pedestal Tier cultivator—if she encountered a Flower Blossom Tier, she wouldn't even have the chance to run away... it was surprising she dared to come here alone.

He held up his wine cup, approaching a table with three people, and said, "Three fellow brothers, I've got something to ask of you guys. Is there a place here where the cold and hot intertwine?"
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