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Chapter 386: Exchange For Formations
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Hu Niu revealed a vicious expression as well. Zhu Xuan Er dared to direct killing intent at Ling Han, making the little girl instantly enter a battle stance; her small figure sprung tightly, already prepared to attack.

Ling Han pressed his hand on Hu Niu's shoulder, stopping her from being rash, and said, "Let me guess, there are four types of Heaven Grade medicinal pills that can cure dao injuries, but only Hidden Tiger Heavenly Luck Pill needs Crimson Red Chilling Ice Grass."

Zhu Xuan Er's pupils immediately narrowed—Ling Han was right and she was collecting ingredients precisely to refine Hidden Tiger Heavenly Luck Pill.

Ling Han nodded, confirming his thoughts with her reaction, and went on, "The Hidden Tiger Heavenly Luck Pill's main ingredients are Nine Dao Sound Heaven Fruit, Four Elephant Heaven Wolf Grass, and Extreme Dark Dragon Emperor Fruit. The main ingredients can't be replaced, but the supplemental ingredients can."

"You're saying all this just to make me not compete with you for the Crimson Red Chilling Ice Grass." Zhu Xuan Er immediately saw through Ling Han's intentions.

Ling Han laughed and said, "That's right. I'm not afraid of you, but seeing that we'll be fighting side by side in the future, I'm giving you an advice and a notice—you won't be able to get it. However, you don't have to worry even if you don't get Crimson Red Chilling Ice Grass, since the supplemental medicines can be exchanged."

"Master Ling, even if the Crimson Red Chilling Ice Grass can be exchanged, just how many seven tier spirit grasses are there in the world?" Zhu Xuan Er replied with a question. "This Crimson Red Chilling Ice Grass... I'm determined to have it!"

Ling Han shrugged his shoulders and said, "Then it'll be a match of our abilities. However, when I snatch it, don't snivel."

Zhu Xuan Er instantly wanted to roll her eyes—she wasn't a child and wouldn't snivel! She was a bit irritated inside. This was the first time she encountered someone who didn't care for her charm, making it somewhat hard for her to adapt.

The second of course was Hu Niu with enmity all across her face, as if she would fight with her over Ling Han!

Pah, pah, pah, even if Ling Han was a Heaven Grade alchemist, she would at most ask him to refine pills... as for liking him? Impossible! Someone she would like should be a martial arts genius, and not a blockhead that only knew to refine pills.

"Yo, seems you guys were having a great talk, did I come back at the wrong time?" Yin Hong walked over, swinging her plump buttocks; with her naturally slender and supple waist, once she started walking, she was exceedingly seductive, which couldn't be concealed at all.

Ling Han laughed loudly and said, "Not at all. Lady Yin, do you have any secret scrolls on formations that you can lend me for reference?

Yin Hong rolled her eyes at Ling Han right away, and said, "What do you think secret scrolls on formations are? You think I would let you use it for reference just because you said so?"

"I can exchange using arts and techniques of a similar level," Ling Han said with justification. He didn't need to spend his thoughts on alchemy inthis lifetime, and already had experience in martial arts—simply treading over it again—so he had large amounts of time left over.

Using it to learn formations was just right.

He saw the power of Yin Hong's formations, which was even able to block Hu Niu's attack; this was quite out of the ordinary, which made him deeply interested. Besides, he would definitely enter all sorts of historic sites in the future, and if he was highly accomplished in formations, it would be extremely helpful.

Moreover, the treasure troves and medicinal gardens of every sect were protected by formations. Blood Sucking Origin Gold could open the locks, but couldn't deal with formations.

Yin Hong laughed mischievously and said, "Alright, if you can bring high level arts or techniques, then I'll exchange with you."


Ling Han had no intention of staying any longer and immediately said goodbye. He returned to pick some arts and skills to exchange for a few formations to study. It gave him something to do before he ventured into the Dark Demon Forest.

He left with Hu Niu, and the courtyard was suddenly left with Zhu Xuan Er and Yin Hong.

"Huh, this guy is truly a weirdo; ignoring my charm isn't a big deal, but even ignoring you? Could he be a eunuch?" Yin Hong said, baffled.

Zhu Xuan Er instantly turned red all across the face and said, "Sister Hong, you're shooting your mouth off again!"

So the two girls already knew each other.

It wasn't strange; Zhu Xuan Er sought to find the materials for refining the Hidden Tiger Heavenly Luck Pill, and the fastest way was through the Spirit Treasure's Pavilion. So, Zhu Xuan Er and Yin Hong knowing each other was naturally very normal.

"However, you can really consider it. This guy truly has the possibility of becoming a Heaven Grade alchemist before thirty years old. That would be equivalent to a mighty Shattering Void Tier warrior, and with his help, finding those main ingredients would be much easier. Otherwise, a ninth tier spirit grass… a Spiritual Pedestal Tier cultivator like you can't possibly obtain it!" Yin Hong said again.

Zhu Xuan Er sighed. The supplemental medicines were not a problem, but the three main medicines would really drive her to death.

And what did she have?

Unmatched looks! Would she have to exchange for them with her body?


After Ling Han returned to the inn, he immediately entered the Black Tower, searching through his mind for suitable arts and techniques.

Inside the Black Tower, he was almost omnipotent… cough, reviving the dead was obviously undoable. Hundreds of charcoal pens moved and sheets of silk paper floated in the air. With a zhi, zhi, zhi , there were several rows of writing on the silk papers.

With only one night's effort, Ling Han already wrote a hundred volumes of arts and techniques.

"Should be enough." He smiled slightly and left the tower, heading to the Spirit Treasure's Pavilion again.

"Young Master Ling, you've returned so quickly? Is it because you still want to see Sister Zhu? Unfortunately, she left early in the morning and headed to the Dark Demon Forest," Yin Hong said with a smile.

Ling also smiled and said, "I came here just to see Lady Yin."

"What's to see about me, I'm not even one hundredth the beauty of Sister Zhu."

"I have some arts and techniques. Have a look and see how many formations it can exchange for." Ling Han threw out the ten volumes of arts and techniques.

Yin Hong no longer jested, picking up an art and swept a glance, instantly revealing a shocked expression. She said, "Earth Grade art!" She continued to pick up other books to read, and her charming face continued to change colors.

These were not only Earth Grade arts, but also those of different elements, suited for people of all sorts of spirit bases, which was very hard to come by.

"Young Master Ling is truly a person of extraordinary talent!" She sighed in exclamation.

Ling Han laughed and said, "Some people asked me to refine pills but couldn't pay the price, so they could only use arts to make up the numbers."

This was the truth, but also things that happened in his previous life. For example, he demanded the Three Styles of Black Origin and War Elephant Fist from Sword Emperor and Na Lan Tu.

"Since Young Master Ling is so straightforward, then it would be rude of me to keep hiding things." Yin Hong wiped the table with her right hand, and instantly three ancient records appeared; these books were definitely not made of normal materials as the books each emitted an ancient presence.

Ling Han picked up them up to read. Written separately on the three books were, "Formation Basics Introduction (one)", "Formation Basics Introduction (two)" and "Formation Basics Introduction (three)."

He shook his head and said, "Lady Yin, I've taken out ten Earth Grade arts, yet you give me three books on formation basics?"

Yin Hong giggled, throwing out another book, and said, "I'll add this 'Small Heavenly Origin Spirit Snake Formation,' but no more, or else I'd rather not exchange!"

"That's more like it!" Ling Han picked up the book "Small Heavenly Origin Spirit Snake Formation," revealing a smile.
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