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Chapter 385: Formation Master
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Pu , Ling Han instantly spurted out a mouthful of wine. This woman was so bold that it was a bit unbearable—only a pervert like Gu Feng Hua could match her.

Hearing Yin Hong say such a thing, Zhu Xuan Er couldn't cover up her curiosity and picked up that small piece of meat on the table. She lifted the white gauze slightly, revealing her exceedingly beautiful red lips, and opened her mouth slowly. Her pearly white teeth were as if exquisite sculptures, stunningly beautiful.

She placed the meat in her mouth and lowered the white gauze, chewing slowly. It instantly made one feel ceaseless regret, hoping to see it one more time.

She didn't act as exaggerated as Yin Hong, but her gaze revealed extraordinary splendor from shock. Such delicacy was once in a lifetime, making her feel the urge to have another taste no matter the cost.

She was Zhu Xuan Er after all, and soon suppressed the urge and looked even-tempered once again; rather than enjoyment, she still had a grave responsibility.

"Sister Zhu, you should just marry Young Master Ling!" Yin Hong's could help but speak teasingly. "Look, Young Master Ling is only seventeen years old and is already a low level Earth Grade alchemist. At this rate, he'll be a Heaven Grade alchemist around thirty years old, and you can just find him to refine the pill. Besides, following him, there'll be such delicious food to eat—your entire life will be worth it!"

She laughed mischievously, looked flatteringly at Ling Han, and said, "Young Master Ling, look, I got you a wife, why don't you give me some more of that dried meat?"

Those words instantly provoked two people—Zhu Xuan Er and Hu Niu!

Not so much Zhu Xuan Er—she was an adult after with self-control, but her gaze became somewhat cold. Hu Niu had a hot temper—she immediately dove out from Ling Han's embrace, and xiu , her small figure flashed and appeared before Yin Hong, waving her claws toward Ying Hong's chest.


The two girls were completely shocked—Hu Niu was actually an elite? She was extremely strange. Even Ling Han, who possessed a shred of Heaven Tier divine consciousness, could no longer see through her at all, let alone the two girls?

A Spiritual Ocean Tier expert suddenly attacked, and Yin Hong was absolutely unguarded. Chila , the clothes on her chest were instantly torn open. However, soon following, a white light flickered and formed a screen of light, blocking Hu Niu's little hands.

"Niu Niu, stop!" Ling Han hurriedly shouted.

Hu Niu then flipped and landed back into Ling Han's embrace. Still in a bad mood, she scowled at Yin Hong.

The white light on Yin Hong's chest dispersed, and because the clothes were torn, her snow-white skin could be seen indistinctly. However, what was surprising was that there were the vein-like lines on her skin, just like a tattoo.

"Formation marks!" Ling Han had Heaven Tier experience; his eyes immediately lit up, focusing his gaze on it.

Formations were already waning and almost lost in his previous lifetime. Only coming across it when he visited historic sites, Ling Han only knew how to solve them, and the only formation he could set was a warning formation.

However, in the ancient times, formation was lined up against martial arts and alchemy. Once formation masters attacked, they could trap tens and hundreds of martial artists of the same tier; the power of it was definitely there.

He was very interested in formations, but placed all his energy on alchemy and had no time to delve into formations. Additonally, there were no formation masters he could ask for guidance and no formation scrolls were left from the ancient times, so how could he learn it?

Never would he have thought that he would really encounter a formation master!

As expected of the blossoming of a prosperous martial arts age, not only were there freaks Rong Huan Xuan, Yan Tian Zhao, Ma Duo Bao, and Hu Niu, but also the formation masters that long disappeared reappeared.

"Your eyes are so fixed on me? Why don't I take off my clothes and let you look to your heart's content?" Yin Hong said, clenching her teeth; although she had a faint smile, she emitted a dangerous presence.

Ling Han didn't withdraw his gaze. He was not at all interested in Yin Hong's body, only looking at the formations on her body. He had seen quite a few formations in his previous life, but seeing formations that were carved on the body was a first.

"Formations, it's certainly a pretty good thing," Ling Han said. "If you don't mind, take off your clothes and let me study it carefully."

"Get lost!" Yin Hong hurriedly covered her chest and ran into the building to change into new clothes.

Zhu Xuan Er looked extremely surprised at Hu Niu. She couldn't see through Hu Niu, thinking that Hu Niu didn't cultivate at all. She never expected to judge so wrongly; Hu Niu not only awaked a spirit base, but also was a Spiritual Ocean Tier cultivator.

A five to six year old at the Spiritual Ocean Tier—what did this mean?

In comparison, her cultivation was not worth mentioning; the difference was way too large!

In the martial arts world, all those below the Flower Blossom Tier were nobodies—mortals. However, it could be said that the preceding five tiers were relatively easy to attain, and no matter how young a Spiritual Pedestal Tier warrior was, it wouldn't be strange; however, a five to six year old at the Spiritual Ocean Tier?

How could she not be shocked!

Hu Niu's senses were extremely amazing; she immediately discovered Zhu Xuan Er's gaze, then made a face at her, displaying intense enmity.

Ling Han laughed, and said, "Lady Zhu, what do you need Crimson Red Chilling Ice Grass for?"

Zhu Xuan Er was momentarily starled, and said, "So you were there that day." She paused for a moment, then went on, "I need it to refine a Heaven Grade medicinal pill, and Crimson Red Chilling Ice Grass is one of the supplemental ingredients."

Crimson Red Chilling Ice Grass could only act as supplemental ingredient?

Well, that was a Heaven Grade medicinal pill!

Ling Han felt it strange, and said, "I heard your teacher has been possessed by the devil, but I think that medium level, or at most high level Earth Grade medicinal pill can take care of it, no need for the Heaven Grade ones."

If another person were to say these words, Zhu Xuan Er would definitely ignore them. However, Ling Han was a low level Earth Grade alchemist; regarding actual status, he was far above her—even the sect master of the Winter Moon Sect would show respect when seeing Ling Han.

She said, "My teacher received a dao injury, and it can't be cured without a Heaven Grade medicinal pill!"

Ling Han felt it even stranger, and said, "Your master's is at most a Spiritual Infant Tier cultivator, so how could he possibly receive a dao injury?" Dao injury, also known as Injury of the Great Dao, was a backlash injury received when fathoming the power of heaven and earth.

Only the Shattering Void Tier warriors had the right to fathom heaven and earth, so naturally only they could receive dao injuries. Other than that, the Shattering Void Tier martial aritsts could invoke the power of heaven and earth—enemies inflicted by it would also suffer a dao injury.

The problem was, if a Shattering Void Tier warrior attacked, could someone with the strength of the Spiritual Infant Tier only receive an injury…? More probably, they should've died several hundred times.

Zhu Xuan Er shook her head and didn't answer. Obviously, this matter involved a secret; they simply had an intimate talk as mere acquaintances, so how could she reveal the bottom of it so easily?

Ling Han didn't asked any further, but obviously, he and Zhu Xuan Er would be competing against each other for that Crimson Red Chilling Ice Grass.

"Sorry, but I also need the Crimson Red Chilling Ice Grass," he said.

Zhu Xuan Er immediately revealed a fierce enmity; this was the life-saving medicine for her teacher! Besides, the reason why she accepted to battle for Yin Hong was because Yin Hong promised to help her find the other main ingredients and head to the middle state to request a Heaven Grade alchemist to refine the pill.
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