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Chapter 384: Provisos
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Ling Han was astounded and said, "Lady Yin is skilled in formations?"

He dabbled in formations in his previous life and learned mainly to break through all sorts of historic sites. Focused on unraveling formations, his formation-setting abilities weren't strong. However, it was said that in the ancient times, formations were a large branch that was on par with martial arts and alchemy.

Several millennia ago, the status of formation masters was no lower than alchemy masters. A breakoff in alchemy occurred millennia ago, but alchemy was almost completely destroyed in Ling Han's previous life.

He never would've thought he would witness a person cultivating formations, which made Ling Han quite shocked.

"Haha, you looked down on me? Thinking that all I know is to give charming winks?" Yin Hong said, carefree and not at all ashamed.

This was simply her personality. Her charming face with her natural seductiveness were quite impressive, but it couldn't be helped she had a manly personality, speaking whatever she thought and knowing not what restraint was.

Ling Han laughed loudly and said, "Lady Yin is very interesting, I propose you a toast!"

"Hehe, I don't get drunk in a thousand bowls. If Young Master Ling wants to get me drunk and plot some bad things, then you'll only be disappointed." Yin Hong gladly drank the bowl of wine in a gulp, surprisingly bold.

Ling Han couldn't help but feel a bit ill at ease. This woman was too straightforward, did she not fear of making other people feel awkward?

"Young Master Ling is already a low level Earth Grade alchemist at such a young age, no one can compare even in the middle state. So, we can firmly take down the thirty points in alchemy. Sister Zhu's strength can't count as the finest in the middle state, but fortunately, we still have half a year's time—enough for sister Zhu to improve by several layers. I will fully assist her, making sister Zhu reach at least the ninth layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier. Of course, if she can break through to the Flower Blossom Tier, all the better—then we would at least get thirty points out of the forty in martial arts."

Yin Hong paused, then went on, "I'm a formation genius, the thirty points in this stage... taking twenty-five points definitely won't be hard. So the total points out of the three stages can reach above eighty-five.

"The first place last time was only eighty-five points, so we have high hopes of taking first!" she said filled with confidence.

Ling Han shrugged and said, "Lady Yin, it's all your own wishful thinking. I don't recall accepting?"

"Being able to fight alongside a woman of unmatched beauty like Sister Zhu, is Young Master still unwilling?" Yin Hong said, pretending to be surprised.

Ling Han simply laughed and said no more.

"Sly little fox!" Ying Hong criticized as she spread her hands out, asking, "Alright, put forward whatever requests do you have, we of the Spirit Treasures Pavilion have money and all sorts of treasures; as long as it doesn't exceed our bottom line, I am in the position to give it to you."

Ling Han waved his hands dismissively and said, "No need to gift it. I want a spirit grass, and its best if you can get it by the end of the year. Origin Crystals are not a problem, I can pay accordingly."

Yin Hong instantly clapped her hands and said with a smile, "As expected of an Earth Grade alchemist, rich and imposing, not even taking advantage of me given such a great chance!"

Zhu Xuan Er's tolerance was bit surprising; she remained unmoved, no matter how Yin Hong teased her, as if a true fairy from the heavens—how could she be moved by mortal matters?

Yin Hon went on, "What spirit grass does Young Master Ling need?"

"Nine Leaf Black Ganoderma," Ling Han said. "Seventh tier spirit grass shouldn't be a problem for the Spirit Treasures Pavilion, right?"

Yin Hong's beautiful face twitched. She said exaggeratingly, "Hey, hey, hey, that's a seventh tier spirit grass, even Spiritual Infant Tier warriors would be moved! Our strongest cultivators in the north region are only in the Spiritual Infant Tier, you have the nerve to say that it shouldn't be a problem?"

Ling Han shrugged and said, "Even if there is a problem, that's Lady Yin's problem. I've set forth my condition. As long as Lady Yin can bring me the Nine Leaf Black Ganoderma, I'll accept and attend the battle for the Spirit Treasures Pavilion. Besides, I can take a step back; the Nine Leaf Ganoderma doesn't have to reach maturity, but if it's not mature enough, I want a living one."

Yin Hong looked at Ling Han with a strange gaze; the insinuation behind his words was somewhat shocking.

It didn't matter if the medicine wasn't mature enough as long as it was alive!

Could Ling Han possibly have a way of fostering spirit grass that could speed up its growth?

This thought flashed by, but Yin Hong immediately shook her head; there was no way. From sixth tier onwards, all spirit grass and trees were like martial artists, surpassing mortals, and absolutely couldn't be fostered in a normal medicinal garden. Keeping it alive was quite difficult, not to mention speeding up its growth.

She pondered, then said, "Alright, leave this matter to me. But even if I can really get it, the value of a seventh tier spirit grass is extremely shocking... hopefully Young Master Ling would be prepared."

Ling Han cracked a smile. "No matter. At the worst, I'll jut refine some more medicinal pills."

Ying Hong suddenly became speechless. The best group of moneymakers in the world were alchemists, and one outstanding alchemist… The ones who had high pill forming rate had terrifying moneymaking abilities. One batch of ingredients refined into medicinal pills was ten times the profit, and they wouldn't have worry about not selling because of the large scale of martial artists.

"Since everyone's agreed, come, let's drink!" Yin Hong said extremely boldly. Looking only at her appearance, one couldn't possibly think that such a charming lady was actually so manly in character.

The four began to eat. Hu Niu immediately stuck her tongue—the things here were too unpalatable! She took out the dried meats that had already been prepared from her spatial ring and began munching on it. The smell spread and instantly attracted Yin Hong's gaze. Her saliva almost drooled out—even Zhu Xuan Er couldn't help but swallow her saliva.

In front of such delicacies, even fairies turned into mortals.

"Pretty little girl, give sister a piece," Yin Hong said unabashedly.

Hu Niu was stingy, glaring vigilantly at Yin Hong—food was her life.

Ling Han laughed loudly and said, "Niu Niu, don't be stingy, give the two sisters a taste."

Hearing Ling Han say so, Hu Niu reluctantly separated two small pieces and handed them over. Moreover, the piece that she gave to Zhu Xuan Er was clearly a whole lot smaller; it was clear just how unhappy she was to see Zhu Xuan Er.

Yin Hong wouldn't be embarrassed; she immediately started to eat the dried meat. With a taste of it, she was enraptured, and her entire body began to tremble.

The snacks for Hu Niu weren't made from normal meat, but from the beasts fostered inside the Black Tower. There were very little, even Ling Han didn't eat it often. The taste was not only fresh, but also greatly benefitial to martial artists.

After all, these beasts ate hundred-year-old ginseng and Ganoderma all day, and it would be weird if it weren't rich in nutrition.

"Young Master Ling, how do you sell these meats? Set a price, I'll even sell my body!" Yin Hong said.
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