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Chapter 383: Aid the Fight
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Don't assume that Liu Ji Tong was a benign person; on the contrary, to be able to sit in his position, how could he be a person faint of heart?

Not only did he execute Lang Jun Cai, the old man also gave the Lang Family an empty criminal charge, killing all their elites while the leftover women, children, and old were exiled from the Extreme Yang City; he was truly vicious and merciless, almost destroying the Lang Family.

The old man certainly had reason to be enraged… Liu Qi Yuan originally wouldn't have come into conflict with Ling Han, and it was completely instigated by Lang Jun Cai. If he weren't there that day, then what end would Liu Qi Yuan have met?

This was almost equivalent to hatred of killing his grandson, so the old man naturally didn't hold back when he acted.

With one day's effort, the Lang Family vanished completely from the Extreme Yang City, demonstrating the amazing capacity of an Earth Grade alchemist.

Ling Han was also an Earth Grade alchemist, which meant that if he revealed his identity, he could receive the same standing and power as Liu Ji Tong. However, the Thousand Corpse Sect was a hidden threat and Ling han didn't want to reveal his identity so quickly, so he circled around, pulling in Liu Ji Tong.

An Earth Grade alchemist as a supporter for the tavern and medicine store meant he didn't need to have any future worries.

He was heading to the Dark Demon Forest next. Liu Yu Tong and the others naturally had to help him clean manage the store—with an Earth Grade alchemist as support, he was naturally relieved.

Otherwise, why would he intentionally bring Liu Ji Tong under his control?

Ling Han made some arrangements. He didn't plan on bringing anyone on the trip to the Dark Demon Forest, but when Hu Niu found out, she immediately threw a fit, following him no matter what. Thinking of the little girl's speed, Ling Han knew he couldn't get rid of her, so he nodded in agreement.

However, before he even left, he received an invitation to a banquet from the Spirit Treasures Pavilion.

Ling Han thought it was a matter concerning the auctioning of the Bone Forming Pill, which involved his profits, so there naturally wasn't much to consider—he readily agreed. Hu Niu was most mischievous, following him to the banquet no matter what.

Arriving at the Spirit Treasures pavilion, he and Hu Niu were brought to an elegant private courtyard. There was a square table set in the atrium of the courtyard, with two girls already seated there. One of them was in all white and even had white gauze covering her face. Her skin was like snow; it was indistinguishable as to whether it was the white clothes or her skin. Her hair was like clouds, dangling like a waterfall.

Zhu Xuan Er!

Ling Han was slightly startled—did he guess wrong and this banquet wasn't for the Bone Forming Pill?

Another girl was roughly twenty-one or twenty-two years old. Clad in a long skirt, her body was fiery with stunning curves; her complexion was extremely beautiful, her flaming red lips filled with seductive air.

Seeing Ling Han walk over holding Hu Niu's hand, the red-clothed girl stood up abruptly and laughed, "Young Master Ling, please!"

Zhu Xuan Er stood up as well, but didn't speak, simply rising half out of her seat to greet Ling Han.

"Young Master Ling, this young lady is surnamed Yin and named Lan," the red-clothed beauty introduced herself. "This one is Lady Zhu Xuan Er. Sister Zhu, this here is Ling Han, Young Master Ling... but he has another more shocking identity… an Earth Grade alchemist!"

"En!" Zhu Xuan Er was really shocked. Ling Han looked not even twenty years old! Which Earth Grade alchemist wasn't an old man or old lady in the fifties or sixties?

Hu Niu looked at Zhu Xuan Er for a while and immediately revealed an expression as if guarding her food, climbing onto Ling Han's neck and saying, "Ling Han is Niu's!" She expressed her sovereignty towards Zhu Xuan Er and completely ignored Yin Lan, clearly thinking that this girl wouldn't be of threat to her.

Zhu Xuan Er had always been easygoing—whether people liked her or disliked her, she wouldn't take it to heart. However, a five to six year-old little girl looked full of jealousy and challenged her, making her feel somewhat awkward.

"Hahahaha!" Yin Lan laughed exaggeratingly, wantonly and with exceeding charm. She was naturally charming and didn't need to make a display of it. Each and every move of hers was filled with charm; after she cast an enchanting glance at Ling Han, she said, "Sister Zhu, you've been regarded as a rival."

Zhu Xuan Er looked at Hu Niu again, revealing astounded expression, because she found that she couldn't see through Hu Niu at all. However, thinking again, a five to six year-old little girl wouldn't have awakened a spirit base, so she naturally had no cultivation—she couldn't see through Hu Niu, because Hu Niu wasn't a martial artist at all.

Thinking so, she felt at ease.

Ling Han sat down, while Hu Niu knelt on his lap, looking at Zhu Xuan Er provocatively… The little girl truly saw Zhu Xuan Er as a rival—she had never been this serious in front of Liu Yu Tong and Li Si Chan.

"Lady Yin, why did you invite me here?" Ling Han said.

"First drink and eat, we can talk over the meal." Yin Hong smiled. "Can Young Master Ling still feel bored with two beauties like us as company?"

Ling Han held the wine bowl and simply smiled slightly, unmoved by her exceeding charm, and said, "What is Lady Yin's position at the Spirit Treasures Pavilion?" She invited him in Spirit Treasures Pavilion's name.

"My father is Yin Shang, the Pavilion Master of north region's Spirit Treasures Pavilion," Yin Hong said casually.

This was very surprising. The Spirit Treasures Pavilion and the Alchemist Society were leviathans in the vast lands, even if it was just a sub-branch in the north region, the power they grasped was still surprising, not inferior to the sect master's of sect like the Winter Moon Sect.

He never would've thought that Yin Shang's daughter was actually so young!

When did the old man have this daughter?

Yin Hong went on, "I have a favor to ask of Young Master Ling."

Ling Han couldn't help but laugh and said, "Lady Yin's the young mistress of the headquarters of north region's Spirit Treasures Pavilion, is there something that you can't do and need my help with?"

Yin Hong sighed faintly and said, "Every five years, the Spirit Treasures Pavilion will gather at the main branch and have a contest in alchemy, formations, and martial arts. However, only those under thirty years old can attend. The purpose is to select those who are worth investing in, and rate the managers of the four large sub-branches."

Hearing her words, Ling Han already guessed her intentions but he didn't interject, simply listening quietly.

"The north region's sub-branch has continued to be the last in the past hundred to thousand years." Yin Hong knitted her willowy brows, appearing extremely displeased. "However, I truly don't think that there are no prodigies in the north region! So, I plan on inviting Young Master Ling as a welcome guest of the headquarters in the north region to battle for us, traveling with me to the middle state at the end of next year."

Traveling to the middle state?

Ling Han had an epiphany. He certainly had the thought of going to the middle state, but he had to take care of a few things: cure his father's spirit base, save his mother, and kill Ao Feng! After that, he could feel at ease and head off to middle state; after all, the secret Zi Xue Xian buried was in the middle state.

He looked at Zhu Xuan Er and said, "I am the alchemy representative and Lady Zhu is for martial arts... then where's the formation representative?"

"It's me!" Yin Hong patted her chest, instantly causing a shocking ripple.
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