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Chapter 382: Rammed Into a Wall
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"A mere Gushing Spring Tier warrior dares to be impudent in front of this young master? Hmph, watch how this young master will take care of you!" Liu Qi Yuan was extremely angry.

Before Ling Han was rude to him, and now Ling Han's subordinates also dared to be rude to him, making him beyond furious. When did the young master of the Liu Family have so little face?

Zhu Wu Jiu laughed loudly and said, "Liu Qi Yuan, don't you regret it!"

"Regret? Haha, damn brat, you dare to threaten this young master?" Liu Qi Yuan laughed out of anger and looked towards Lang Jun Cai.

Lang Jun Cai sneered and said, "The owner's mad, so is the slave. It seems they have no clue of Young Master Liu's identity." He looked towards Zhu Wu Jiu and said, "Listen, Young Master Liu's grandfather is an Earth Grade alchemist, Master Liu! Brat, do you know what an Earth Grade alchemist represents? Fiercer than Flower Blossom Tier elites, even mighty Spiritual Infant Tier cultivators need to be courteous to him!"

"Kneel down and yell 'Ling Han is a bastard,' and this young master will forgive you." Liu Qi Yuan laughed. He came today to embarrass Ling Han to the point where Ling Han would hand over the tavern submissively.

"Alright!" Zhu Wu Jiu agreed unreservedly.

Liu Qi Yuan and Lang Jun Cai were both startled—how come he submitted so quickly? Wasn't this guy quite haughty earlier? Could it be that he was scared when he finally knew Liu Qi Yuan's identity?

"Then start," Liu Qi Yuan said.

He was puzzled, but it was enough as long as he could embarrass Ling Han… Being betrayed by a subordinate had to feel quite awful, right?

Zhu Wu Jiu took a deep breath, about to yell.

"Kneel!" Lang Jun Cai hurriedly said, about to charge forward and knock Zhu Ju Jiu down.

"Forget it." Liu Qi Yuan blocked with his hand.

"Liu Qi Yuan is a bastard! Liu Qi Yuan is a bastard! Liu Qi Yuan is a bastard!" Zhu Wu Jiu shouted, his voice rumbling and echoing ceaselessly.


"You want to die?!"

Liu Qi Yuan and Lang Jun Cai glared at the same time, looking very furious—this brat dared to trick them?

"You're dead! Dead for sure!" Lang Jung Cai bellowed. "Kill him!"

These subordinates hesitated; it didn't matter when they killed in self-defense, but killing on one's own accord was another matter. The Extreme Yang City had its own rules and killing people in public was a serious crime which no one would rashly violate.

Therefore, no matter how much they beat Zhu Wu Jiu, it didn't matter, but killing… they couldn't do so in front of so many people.

"Take him back!" Liu Qi Yuan said coldly. Killing him in the Liu Family... who would dare to demand his release? Even if they came, he only needed to say perfunctorily, "He's already been released, who knows where he's gone to," and that would do.

Lang Jun Cai immediately understood and signaled with his eyes to the subordinate on the side as he said, "Take him!"

"Who dares to use force?" a voice seething with anger called out, sounding very old.

"Which bastard is it now?" Lang Jun Cai said impatiently; one person after another, was there no end?

"G-grandfather!" Liu Qi Yuan said with a quiver, appearing extremely nervous.

Lang Jun Cai instantly felt a chill from his head all the way to his feet.


Liu Qi Yuan only had one grandfather, and that was the alchemist Liu Ji Tong—a low level Earth Grade alchemist! He actually called him a bastard... for that alone, he could be executed a hundred times!

Insulting an Earth Grade alchemist!

Pa , his legs immediately went soft. Kneeling down, he said, "This lowly one didn't insult the master intentionally, please forgive me, Master Liu."

Liu Ji Tong didn't even glance at Lang Jun Cai and stared only at his grandson, revealing a both disappointed and furious expression.

He had just been listening respectfully to Ling Han instruct on alchemy but was interrupted midway, which infuriated him. However, he never would've thought that the one causing trouble was his grandson, making him feel exceedingly ashamed.

The kindness of guidance had with it the friendship of being half a teacher, yet his grandson came Ling Han's place to make a show of force, making him so angry and ashamed that he wanted to die.

He always thought his grandson was respectful, but now he knew that it was all just appearances for him to see.

"Foul beast!" His entire body trembled as he pointed at Liu Qi Yuan, taking a sudden large stride forward, and pa, pa, pa, pa , he slapped forcefully four consecutive times, making Liu Qi Yuan's two cheeks bulge greatly.

Liu Qi Yuan felt wronged and said, "Grandfather, why did you hit me?"

"Hit you? This old man will beat you to death!" Liu Ji Tong said coldly, raising his right hand up high again.

"Grandfather!" Liu Qi Yuan hurriedly threw himself to Liu Ji Tong's feet, tears and snot flowing out. He knew Liu Ji Tong's personality, it definitely wasn't a joke when Liu Ji Tong said he was going to kill someone. "I'm your only grandson, Liu Family's only son for generations, and if I die, Liu family will have no future generations!"

Lang Jun Cai almost fainted—even Liu Qi Yuan was going to be beaten to death, so what would be his end?

Liu Ji Tong raised his hand high up, but couldn't smack downwards all this time; Liu Qi Yuan was certainly Liu Family's only son.

"Ji Tong, forget it." Ling Han walked down from the floor above.

"You…" Seeing this, Liu Qi Yuan wanted to climb up from the ground.


Liu Ji Tong immediately gave him a slap and scolded, "You? What you, call him master!"


Liu Qi Yuan's eyeballs almost jutted out. This was only a seventeen to eighteen year old youngster who was much younger than him, he was actually some master? Liu Ji Tong threw another slap, startling him once again.

He wasn't stupid, could he not have realized by now?

"Master!" he hurriedly called out obediently.

Ling Han paid no attention, looking at Zhu Wu JIu. He said, "Wu Jiu, who did it?"

"Him and him!" Zhu Wu Jiu immediately pointed at Liu Qi Yuan and Lang Jun Cai.

Ling Han nodded and said, "Ji Tong, your grandson is a bit arrogant!"

Embarrassed, Liu JI Tong nodded, and immediately slapped Liu Qi Yuan again without holding back, truly like a beating to death. Liu Ji Yuan wanted to escape, but someone in the Spiritual Ocean Tier couldn't possibly be a Spiritual Pedestal Tier cultivator's opponent, so he could only keep getting beat.

When Liu Qi Yuan was almost beaten to death, Ling Han intervened and blocked Liu Ji Tong. He said, "No need for death penalty."

"Thank you, Master!" Liu JI Tong hurriedly said, joy filling his face.

With Ling Han's talent, Ling Han would definitely become a Heaven Grade alchemist; if Ling Han were to really bear a grudge, then the whole family would suffer. Now, Ling Han clearly stopped pursuing the matter, so Liu Ji Tong was naturally relieved.

Lang Jun Cai was covered with a cold sweat like rain; Liu Qi Yuan was beaten half to death, what about him?

Ling Han's gaze moved over, as if looking at a dead man.

"Young Master Ling, Young Master Ling, forgive me once! Forgive me once!" Lang Jun Cai said quaveringly. He now knew why Liu Yu Tong, Zhu Wu Jiu, and the others had such confidence—not because they were country bumpkins, arrogant and ignorant, but because their trump card was shockingly powerful!

"Master Ling, leave this child up to me!" Liu Ji Tong said face full of killing intent. He had to give Ling Han some justice, didn't he? He obviously was unwilling to kill his grandson, so he could only find the other culprit.
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