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Chapter 381: Causing a Disturbance Again
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"I've long heard of Master Ling's name, and seeing you today, there's no doubt of your great reputation. This old man is impressed!" Liu Ji Tong immediately cupped his hands, appearing very polite.

Although they were both low level Earth Grade alchemist, didn't being able to refine a thirteen stars Bone Forming Pill mean that Ling Han's alchemy ability was far more than just low level Earth Grade? He was probably limited by cultivation and the ultimate power of his flame couldn't increase further, so he could only stop at this level.

Such an alchemy genius would definitely become a grandmaster in the future!

"Master Ling!" Li Fei Cheng cupped his hands in salutation. His martial arts tier completely crushed Ling Han's and Liu Ji Tong's, but the two's achievements in alchemy were shocking, enough to be on equal footing with him and even taking a slight edge.

Who made the standing of alchemists beyond the norm?

Ling Han laughed and said, "Please don't reveal information about me being here." He didn't want to be eyed by the Thousand Corpse Sect. It was unknown how long this sect existed underground, and its strength could be extremely terrifying.

"Of course." Liu Ji Tong and Li Fei Cheng both nodded, asking nothing.

Since Ling Han's identity was certain and the quality of the Bone Forming Pill was approved by Liu Ji Tong, the Spirit Treasures Pavilion naturally had no more doubts, placing the three Bone Forming Pills as the highlight in the next auction.

"Master Ling, can we sit down some time and discuss alchemy?" Liu Ji Tong said.

"Sure!" Ling Han nodded. "I opened a tavern, let's just head over there." He revealed his identity, so he had the intention of becoming acquainted with Liu Ji Tong.

"It's up to Master Ling." Liu Ji Tong hurriedly nodded. For him, where he ate obviously didn't matter—the point was to be discuss alchemy with Ling Han. Ling Han could refine a thirteen stars Bone Forming Pill, so he naturally far surpassed him in alchemy techniques; if he didn't take advantage of the opportunity to ask for advice, then he would be truly stupid.

The two came to Forget Not. Ling Han had the kitchen staff prepare food, slaughtering a second tier beast, a Mysterious Fragrant Deer that grew up from eating hundred-year-old ginseng. Simply boiling thoroughly with water, the delicious taste of it could make people's teeth fall.

As expected, after Liu Ji Tong had a taste, he cared no longer for his old face and couldn't stop with his chopsticks, forgetting to ask Ling Han for advice on alchemy.

Knowing that Ling Han came, Liu Yu Tong and the others came over. Ling Han introduced them one by one. Everyone sat down and ate; Hu Niu's enormous appetite naturally shocked Liu Ji Tong. The old man even felt an impending crisis, fearing that he wouldn't beat Hu Niu in snatching the food.

After they were half-full, Liu Ji Tong finally remembered the proper business, hurriedly consulting Ling Han on alchemy techniques.

Ling Han spoke casually; every word from the Grandmaster of alchemy was naturally like a gem. Very soon, Liu Ji Tong forgot his identity, and involuntarily stood up respectfully by Ling Han's side like an alchemy boy in his teens, listening to the teachings of his respected teacher.

In Liu Ji Tong's eyes, Ling Han's status was raised infinitely, even surpassing the five high level Earth Grade alchemists—a Heaven Grade master.

…He has heard those five express their views on alchemy, but compared to Ling Han, none of them understood it as deeply; the difference was almost like heaven and earth.

Could this one be the reincarnation of the Grandmaster of alchemy? Or else how did a mere seventeen-year-old have such a shocking understanding on alchemy?

Don't say, he actually guessed right.

Peng, peng, peng, peng, at this moment, clamor came from below, making Ling Han stop.

Liu Ji Tong was deeply absorbed, as if a brand-new door was slowly opening up to him that would allow him to become a middle level alchemy master! Limited by cultivation, he couldn't refine medium level medicinal pill at the moment, but as long as he advanced into the Flower Blossom Tier, everything would come easily.

That was just like Ling Han, who had the martial arts comprehension of the Heaven Tier in the previous life and now only needed to accumulate cultivation. Once he had enough cultivation, he would smoothly advance.

He was instantly infuriated and his killing intent spread. He wished he could immediately tear the person who interrupted Master Ling into ten thousand pieces.

"I'll have a look," Zhu Wu Jiu said promptly, turning to leave the room.

Zhu Wu Jiu arrived at the bottom floor. Two youngsters were standing in the lobby—they brought a dozen underlings who were chasing out the customers. Every one of them looked malicious, and even the store staff didn't dare step forward to stop.

Zhu Wu Jiu only recognized one of the two youngsters—Lang Jun Cai. If Ling Han were to come, he would recognized the other person—Liu Qi Yuan, who was Lang Jun Cai's master.

Lang Jun Cai was obviously not resigned. He had planned on taking over "Forget Not," which was equivalent to possessing a gold mountain. He never thought that not only would he not get the gold mountain, but he also would be extorted for four thousand Origin Crystals.

He knew Ling Han had Gong Letian as "support" and couldn't resist him, so he found Liu Qi Yuan; with a little instigation, Liu Qi Yuan was moved.

A gold mountain, who wouldn't want to take over it?

Lang Jun Cai was afraid of Gong Letian, but was he afraid? Of course not!

Then go for it!

This time, he fetched a Spiritual Pedestal Tier elite that was worshipped in the family. With such an elite's backing, he wouldn't be afraid of forcibly making Ling Han lower his head.

"Go, get your boss out here to greet Young Master Liu!" Lang Jun Cai said coldly, feeling extremely annoyed inside. This gold mountain was his—should have been his, but Liu Qi Yuan already made a move, so he could only drink get the leftover soup, and there was definitely no share for him with the beauties. If he could even get one portion of the profit, it would be something worth thanking the heavens for.

Liu Qi Yuan was not a generous person, and besides, Lang Jun Cai expended no effort on this matter.

Zhu Wu Jiu walked down the stairs and said, "You guys are not welcome here, get lost."

"Haha, since when did mere Gushing Spring Tier warriors dare to be so arrogant?" Lang Jun Cai sneered. "Let me tell you, it's useless no matter who comes here today, because Young Master Liu is here!" he said, full of confidence.

In the entire Extreme Yang City, there were only so many spoiled second generations that could not give face to Liu Qi Yuan, and Ling Han wasn't one of them! Unless Le Gongtian was willing to protect Ling Han at all cost, he wouldn't be able to stop Liu Qi Yuan, either.

After all, Gong Letian couldn't possibly always stay at Forget Not, right?

Zhu Wu Jiu was elated. He knew the identity of Liu Ji Tong, who was Liu Qi Yuan's grandfather and Liu Family's pillar. However, old man Liu was standing quietly by Ling Han's side right now, obedient like Ling Han's alchemy apprentice. The more unbridled Liu Qi Yuan was now, the more tragically he would be crying later.

He had no intention of warning them and said slowly, "Young Master Liu? Hehe, the Extreme Yang City's hidden talent... it's better to be a bit more modest."

"You really make people laugh their heads off! A mere Gushing Spring Tier cultivator dares to lecture this young master? Take him down!" Liu Qi Yuan gave a stern look and a Spiritual Ocean Tier martial artist immediately jumped out, trying to grasp Zhu Wu JIu.

This was naturally very easy, and Zhu Wu Jiu immediately fell into the opponent's hands.

"Slap him!" Liu Qi Yuan said coldly.

Pa, pa, pa, pa , that Spiritual Ocean Tier warrior immediately started lashing at Zhu Wu Jiu's face.

Zhu Wu Jiu simply clenched his teeth and didn't beg for mercy, nor did he call for help. He was set on getting Liu Qi Yuan in trouble because Liu Qi Yuan definitely wouldn't be heavily reprimanded from creating a disturbance; however, if he were to get beaten up terribly, would Liu JI Tong punish Liu Qi Yuan lightly?

He always felt ashamed and uneasy, not being able to relieve Ling Han's worries and troubles. So when he encountered things like this, he would rather suffer and get Liu Qi Yuan in trouble.
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