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Chapter 378: Exchanging Spirit Fruits
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Ling Han was also very interested. He was now at the fourth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, far from the peak stage Spiritual Ocean Tier; so, Gold Silk Thousand Spark Fruit was especially suited for him, enough to increase him by two tiers.

So at the end of the year, he would be at the ninth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, and possibly even the Spiritual Pedestal Tier. After all, once his cultivation of spirit power sufficed; the large tier barrier practically didn't even exist.

However, Ling Han wasn't interested in contention of ranks amongst the younger generation as he was way past the age of having the desire to prevail over others. Unless there were treasures that could interest him, of course. However, as a person with a high sense of self-respect, he still hoped to become the strongest.

Even if he differed several ages from those in the top ranks on the prodigy roll, he had strong roots that allowed him to be compared with them, so he wouldn't want to lose, either.

Everyone took out things they thought were precious for the exchange, but Zhong Zi Wei kept shaking his head in refusal as none met his expectations.

Ling Han stood up and said, "Brother Zhong, I have a bottle of medicinal pills, not sure if you'd be interested?"

Brother Zhong?

Everyone looked at Ling Han in unison, revealing an expression of ridicule.

What a joke, a mere nobody at te fourth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier dared to call a expert on the prodigy rank a brother... how truly defiant! Did a prodigy like Zhong Zi Wei not have the ability to break into the Spiritual Pedestal Tier?

No, he didn't break through not because he couldn't, but because he wanted to compact his cultivation in the Spiritual Ocean Tier till it was extremely solidified in order to charge into higher tiers in the future.

Amongst the young prodigies nowadays, which one of them didn't have grand ambitions?

Martial arts were in a prosperous age, and elites emerged one after another from various paths, breaking the lowest age of breakthrough of a certain tier as the amount of top elites grew more and more. Which youngster didn't want to squeeze into the pinnacle of martial arts, guiding people and their paths?

Several bottles of medicinal pills? Pah, would Zhong Zi Wei lack medicinal pills? What sort of medicinal pill could someone at the fourth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier offer? It was said that forces in the middle state offered him an olive branch—although they might not be a super large force like Heaven Sword Sect, it was definitely astounding.

"Hey, hey hey, don't you speak carelessly!" Gong Letian hurriedly pulled on the corner of Ling Han's clothes, feeling that everyone's disdainful gazes were brought over to him; it was truly an undeserved misfortune.

Ling Han only smiled at him, and didn't explain.

Zhong Zi Wei didn't show ridicule on his face, but said indifferently, "This little brother, what sort of medicinal pill are you using to trade?"

Ling Han took out a bottle of Restore Origin Pill and tossed it over.

After Zhong Zi Wei caught it and opened the bottle's stopper, as the medicinal smell drifted outwards, his indifferent expression vanished all of a sudden. He cried out, "Restore Origin Pill!"

"What, Restore Origin Pill!?"

People cried out one after another, their gazes instantly burning with desire.

For normal people, the Restore Origin Pill was not only not a spirit medicine, but also a hindrance. This couldn't improve one's cultivation, and contrarily, it could lower one's cultivation. Restore Origin Pill's purpose was to hammer at the foundation, making it extremely solid. Undoubtedly, it would shorten original foundation, and more effort was needed to repair it to the original state.

With regards to normal people, they didn't need to compact their foundation, only rapidly advancing in tier. However, for prodigies, they strived for perfection, endeavoring to cultivate every tier to perfection.

They could be unmatched in the same tier and have the ability to soar into the highest tiers, but once they reached a certain height with an unstable foundation, the tall building would immediately tilt and collapse.

There were so many of those at the ninth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, so why were there only a few dozen that could squeeze into the prodigy roll?

It was precisely because their tiers were solidified to an astounding degree, granting them battle prowess far surpassing their own tier.

Someone in the first layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier didn't need to care much about planting a firm foundation, so they could only battle surpassing two stars. At the ninth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, prodigies started to compact their foundations in preparation for the future, so while their tier remained unchanged, their stars of battle prowess skyrocketed—it wouldn't be strange for them to battle surpassing three stars or even four stars.

Thus, there were so many of those at the ninth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier on the prodigy roll, and their battle prowess was varied greatly.

Zhong Zi Wei had reached peak stage of the ninth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier half a year ago and had been suppressing his cultivation since then to compact his foundation, striving to break through to the Spiritual Pedestal Tier at a state of perfection—with this one move, he could possess prowess surpassing two stars and even three stars.

If he had Restore Origin Pill and four months' time, which was enough to compact his tier to perfection, then with his talent, breaking through to the Spiritual Pedestal Tier was no problem at all. He already had the ability to break through and had just been suppressing it all along.

When the time came, he would soar into the sky, squeezing into top thirty and even top twenty.

He hurriedly took a closer look, and when he saw that there were actually twenty Restore Origin Pills, he was instantly elated—even the hand he held the bottle with somewhat trembled. It wasn't like he had never seen or eaten a Restore Origin Pill, so he immediately discovered that they were genuine and very high in quality—but just how high... he could not be certain as he wasn't an alchemy master.

"I'll trade!" Zhong Zi Wei made a prompt decision. A prodigy like him definitely had the inherent quality of being decisive; an irresolute and hesitant person couldn't possibly come this far.

Ling Han smiled with raised eyebrows. He knew that a prodigy like Zhong Zi Wei most valued medicinal pills like the Restore Origin Pill. Sadly, Yellow Dragon Fruits were hard to find, and the stock he had at hand was almost all used up.

Fortunately, after receiving this Gold Silk Thousand Spark Fruit, he didn't have other great aspirations at the Spiritual Ocean Tier. After he reached the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, Restore Origin Pill couldn't possibly be exchanged for the treasures of the world that he needed, so it didn't affect him much.

Zhong Zi Wei tossed over the Gold Silk Thousand Spark Fruit, which Ling Han stored in the Black Tower. The two were all smiles as if nothing had happened, showing their extremely strong self-control.

…If it were normal people, they'd definitely leave in a hurry once they received a treasure.

"Fairy Zhu is here! Fairy Zhu is here!"

It was only a small commotion at the start, but it immediately stirred up everyone present. Even Gong Letian stood up abruptly and said, "Where's Fairy Zhu? Where's Fairy Zhu?"

Fair Zhu? Was that Zhu Xuan Er?

Ling Han was somewhat surprised. Was this girl's charm really that great? He saw that even Zhong Zi Wei completely lost self-control; his expression was filled with craze, without a shred of appearance an expert and no different from other people.

To be able to make Zhong Zi Wei, who had such strong self-control, sink so deeply, it could be imagined just how great Zhu Xuan Er's charm was.

At this moment, even Ling Han was somewhat curious—in what way was this Zhu Xuan Er so beautiful that she could charm everyone in the north and even interest the prodigy of the Heaven Sword's Sect in the middle state?

The entire place was in uproar as everyone gushed out to greet Fairy Zhu. After ten whole minutes, a white-clothed girl walked from within the crowd. A white gauze covered her face and her appearance couldn't be seen at all, but her graceful bearing made people refreshed.
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