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Chapter 377: Counting Prodigies
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"Zhu Xuan Er, female, current age twenty-one years old, second layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, from the Half Moon Sect, ranked seventy-sixth in the prodigy battle two years ago, but broke through to the Spiritual Pedestal Tier one year later. This year she even advanced into the second layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, it can be imagined that her ability will advance further in next year's prodigy gathering, reaching the third or even the fourth layer."

"Estimated battle prowess is twelve stars, currently ranks thirteenth on North Region's Prodigy Roll."

Ling Han paused and nodded. Zhu Xuan Er was proved worthy of being called a genius. This cultivation progress was somewhat surprising. In other words, she broke through to the Spiritual Pedestal Tier at twenty years old, and after she entered the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, she could increase two layers in a year—it was considerably surprising.

He continued turning the pages. Zuo Yu Da ranked nineteenth, while Limitless Sect's triplets were sixty-seventh, sixty-eighth, and sixty-ninth, but the evaluation said that because the three were one, if they joined hands, their battle prowess could reach the thirty-third place.

Two of the Seven Sons of Ao Family also made it into the ranks. It was Ao Xing Lai who ranked seventy-eigth and Ao Wu Wei who ranked eighty-ninth.

Calculating based on this ranking, he could probably only place fortieth or so.

However, there were still four months before the end of the year, and with Ling Han's progress, he could at least reach the eight layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier; his rank would naturally far exceed the forties.

Besides, this was the most "normal" speed, and if he could receive extra natural treasures, then it was hard to tell as ninth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier or even the Spiritual Pedestal Tier itself weren't out of consideration.

"Whatever, should I even get in on the action on such a thing like playing house, it's not like there's any benefit!" Ling Han shook his head. With his identity as a former Heaven Tier warrior, competing against a few small youngsters was embarrassing to begin with. Not to mention that there wasn't much time, and he might not even attain number one—that would be truly embarrassing.

"Today, quite a few beauties from the Extreme Yang City came!" Gong Letian looked to the left and right. "Look, that's Jiang Yue Xuan, Jiang Family's eldest daughter. There is also Di Ting Lan, Di Family's third daughter over there! Ah, Gongsun Family's seventh daughter is here too, Gongsun Lan Hui—beautiful and pure like an orchid!"

Ling Han looked following his finger, and as expected, Di Ting Lan, Jiang Yue Xuan, and Gongsun Lan Hui were all extremely beautiful, not losing at all to even Liu Yu Tong and Li Si Chan.

Stunning beauty, outstanding martial arts talent, and noble birth made these three girls resplendent stars that many pursued. It could be seen that many young men were circling around the three girls, hoping to attract their attention.

"Hehe, sadly, their standards are too high, or else this young master could introduce you to them." Gong Letian nudged at Ling Han's waist.

Ling Han laughed briefly and said, "I politely decline."

"True, your Liu Yu Tong is also a great beauty, not losing to any of them," Gong Letian said.

Ling Han only laughed, thinking Gong Letian hadn't seen a true beauty. In his former lifetime, Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden was called the world's number one beauty, far from what Liu Yu Tong and Jiang Yue Xuan could compare to.

Unfortunately, she was a bit barbaric, but otherwise, he really could take her as a wife.

Ling Han hurriedly shook off the chills, he actually thought of taking a barbaric woman like Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden as a wife—did he get some screw lose?

"Zhong Zi Wei is here!" someone suddenly shouted, which immediately made more than half of the people stand up.

Ling Han immediately flipped through his memories. This was the fifty-forth rank on the North Region's Prodigy Roll—his battle prowess reached eighteen stars, and he could fight surpassing nine stars—this was extremely shocking.

On the entire prodigy roll, there was only one person who could battle surpassing ten stars—Zhu Xuan Er. The rest of the prodigies could only surpass nine stars. However, surpassing nine stars at the Spiritual Pedestal Tier and surpassing nine stars at the Spiritual Ocean Tier were completely different concepts. The higher the tier, the harder it was to fight surpassing one's own tier.

Zhong Zi Wei could surpass nine stars, but once he broke to the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, he might drop to eight stars, or even seven stars. Those like Sword Emperor and Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden who could still fight surpassing ten stars were truly the geniuses amongst geniuses, the most exceptional freaks.

From this point, Zhu Xuan Er certainly had amazing talent—no wonder she was sought after by sects in the middle state.

"It's Zhong Zi Wei!" Gong Letian immediately revealed an excited expression. "Fifty-fourth on the prodigy roll, and the most impressive thing about him is that he doesn't come from a large sect but from a small family yet he was able to squeeze into the prodigy roll with his own efforts. He's my idol!"

In a short while, everyone crowded around a slender youngster. Even the three beauties revolved around him, each one blossoming with a beautiful smile, displaying their stunning looks without restraint.

Zhong Zi Wei ranked fifty-fourth on North Region's Prodigy Roll and could be said to be one of the brightest stars in the north region. As long as he didn't die, he would definitely become an important person in the north region.

People would definitely pay close attention to such a person, competing to be on friendly terms with him.

"I'm truly envious!" Gong Letian looked with a burning gaze; he really wanted to become a person that received the attention of millions. Although he was a wealthy second generation with countless people that bootlicked him, that was all because of the family behind him and not because of he himself.

As a youngster full of pride, he thirsted for respect attained by his own abilities.

Liu Qi Yuan went to greet Zhong Zi Wei as well, raising a glass to Zhong Zi Wei. Considering Liu Qi Yuan's background, Zhong Zi Wei was rather modest. The two were having a great conversation, but it was too far and Ling Han couldn't hear what they were saying.

The banquet continued, many people on the prodigy roll arriving one after another. Since once-in-three-years prodigy battle was starting in a little more than four months and the location was just happened to be the Extreme Yang City, many people already came over. Even several experts on the roll came, but none were ranked higher than Zhong Zi Wei, so there wasn't such a large commotion on their arrival as previously.

Coming so early was firstly to avoid delays on the way and missing out on the grand gathering, and secondly to trade—with large amounts of young experts gathered together, they could exchange spirit medicine, treasures, and whatnot, some of which might be of great use.

Today's banquet stemmed from this purpose. After the few high-ranked experts spoke of their recent adventures, the treasure exchange segment was carried out. Everyone stood up, introducing their treasure and the type of treasure they needed to exchange for to everyone else.

It was sort of like an auction, with all sorts of things like arts, techniques, medicinal pills, and some things that had unclear origins—ancient things found in historic ruins, some of which were even older than the time of Ling Han's previous life.

Some treasures were substantially precious. Zhong Zi Wei took out a stalk of six hundred year old Gold Silk Thousand Spark Fruit, a fourth tier spirit fruit that could increase Spiritual Ocean Tier cultivation by a great fold. Since Zhong Zi Wei had already reached the ninth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, he only needed to solidify his cultivation at the moment and did not need to increase his cultivation or use the fruit.

However, there were too many people who hadn't reached the ninth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, so it triggered an intense competition over it.
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