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Chapter 376: North Region's Prodigy Roll
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The things Forget Not sold were certainly expensive, but at least they were genuine. After these booklets were compiled, it could easily be copied, so how could it still sell for so much?

Ling Han flipped through it casually. The book was about a hundred pages, but only one hundred people could make the north region's prodigy roll—was it necessary to introduce them with such a thick booklet? He flipped to the second page, and saw something written on top: "Yu Kun Cang, male. Current age twenty-nine years old, ninth layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier from the Great Sorrow Sect, ranked number one on the prodigy roll two years ago, battle prowess estimated to be at seventeen stars, current number one of the North Region's Prodigy Roll.

Not bad, not bad, a ninth layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier at twenty-nine years old. At least, in Ling Han's former life, that was considered a genius amongst geniuses. However, martial arts in his previous lifetime were far from enjoying the prosperity that they did now—at least they couldn't be compared to his current lifetime.

Thus, strong young cultivators that appeared in this lifetime were nothing special as the environment was different.

Ling Han continued reading. Some of his great deeds were written since the prodigy battle, such as when he defeated or killed a certain somebody. The information was very detailed, and the final aggregation obtained an estimate of seventeen stars battle prowess, reaching the number one on the prodigy roll.

It was no wonder this book could sell for one Origin Crystal—the information was certainly quite detailed, revealing most of Yu Kun Cang's trump cards; it included what spirit tool he used, what abilities he had, what techniques he was skilled in, and even what layer he reached.

"When was this book compiled?" Ling Han asked Gong Letian.

"It's published at the beginning of every year; it's definitely the one with the most demand in north region's martial arts circle," Gong Letian immediately said. "One Origin Crystal really isn't expensive. This is published in limited numbers, and if you don't have sufficient status, people won't even pay attention to you if even you had a handful of Origin Crystal!"

Ling Han nodded. No wonder he had never heard of such a thing in the Rain Country.

"Prodigy battles occur once every three years. This is the most direct ranking battle; afterwards, it will be slightly adjusted according to the battle records of those who make the ranks. However, after thirty years of age, one can't make it into the roll anymore," Gong Letian said with some anticipation. "When it's the end of the year, twenty-seven people will go off the roll. I'm not sure if I can squeeze in, even if it's the last place."

"Hahaha!" A mocking laugh resounded. A purple-clothed youngster walked over, wearing a smile of disdain. "Gong Letian, what sort of pipe dream are you having? You want to squeeze into the prodigy roll with your abilities? Then, can't pigs be called experts?"

Lign Han didn't recognize this person, but he recognized Lang Jun Cai who followed behind the purple-clothed youngster wth a sinister expression. Obviously, this purple-clothed youngster was most likely the Liu Family's great young master, Liu Qi Yuan. Otherwise, those with a normal status didn't have the right to provoke Gong Letian.

As expected, Gong Letian immediately jumped up and shouted, "Liu Qi Yuan, you want to fight?"

Liu Qi Yuan snorted and said, "This young master won't stoop to using violence on you! I'll say it now, have the person beside you obediently kowtow in apology, and this young master won't harbor grievances, or else... hemhem!"

"What are you snorting so mysteriously for, you think this young master is afraid of you?" Gong Letian was immediately pissed off. "This is my brother, and if you dare touch a single hair on him, this young master will tear down your "Listen to the Rain Pavilion!"

Liu Qi Yuan's gaze showed coldness as he said, "Then just wait and see. No one can slap one of my people and still live perfectly fine!"

Ling Han swept a glance over and said, "Are you threatening me?"

"Haha, threatening you? Are you fit to be?" Liu Qi said in disdain. As he saw it, only Gong Letian had the right to threaten him and look him straight in the eye. As for Ling Han? He could kill him by just extending a finger.

"Hahaha, the atmosphere seems to be a bit intense!" Another youngster alked over, and said while laughing, "Give me some face and stop fighting, alright?"

"In deference for Master Rong, of course!" Liu Qi Yuan laughed and gave Ling Han and Gong Letian a vicious gaze before turning to walk over to the banquet by the river. Lang Jun Cai was only just in a lion's hide, giving Ling Han a glare before following to leave.

After the youngster surnamed Rong mediated, he smiled at Gong Letian and turned to leave as well.

"He's called Rong Gao Min, currently ranked ninety-fourth on the prodigy roll!" Gong Letian said full of admiration.

"Ninth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier can rank ninety-fourth, I guess it's not hard to make it onto the roll," Ling Han said, smiling.

Gong Letian instantly rolled his eyes, snatched the booklet from Ling Han's hands, flipped to a page at the very end, and pointed as he said, "See for yourself just how strong he is!"

Ling Han swept a glance. It wrote: "Rong Gao Min, male, current age twenty-five years-old, ninth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, from the Extreme Yang Sect, Rong Family, ranked ninety-seventh on the prodigy roll two years ago, battle prowess estimated to be sixteen stars, currently ranked ninety-fourth on North Region's Prodigy Roll."

Oh, two years had passed, so he'd improved.

Next, Luo Lie's battle achievements in the two years were listed, proving that he was qualified to sit on the ninety-fourth seat.

"Surprising, right? Battle prowess of sixteen stars. He can suppress people with thin arms and legs like us with one finger." Gong Letian said full of admiration—just how many youngsters yearned and pursued being listed on North Region's Prodigy Roll?

Unfortunately, only one hundred people could make it into the ranks every three years.

Ling Han laughed loudly and said, "You are you, I am I, don't mix us together!" This was the honest truth; he really didn't care about sixteen stars' battle prowess.

Gong Letian rolled his eyes at him and pulled him over to the banquet seats.

The table was small, and only four people could be seated by it. It was mostly two to three people per table, and very rarely were all four seats occupied.

Ling Han continued to flip through North Region's Prodigy Roll. He wanted to see a few of the prodigies he'd heard about… Lu Yang, Zhu Xuan Er, Zuo Yu Da, and so on.

He rummaged through, and found Lu Yang's name on the twelfth page.

"Lu Yang, male, current age twenty-four years old, third layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, from the Beast Emperor Sect, ranked seventeenth on the prodigy roll two years ago, battle prowess is estimated to be twelve stars, but on top of his beast pet, Frost Clouded Leopard, his aggregated battle prowess reaches thirteen stars. Currently ranks ninth on the North Region's Prodigy Roll."

Ling han was a bit shocked. Yu Kun Lun who was first was already in the ninth layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, but the tier of the ninth place dropped to third layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier. Another look at the last place... only the ninth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier.

In other words, the higher the ranking, the greater the difference in strength was, and the lower the ranking, the closer the ranked ones' strength.

However, at the year-end prodigy battle, Yu Kun Lun and the top eight would be unable to attend due to their age, so the tier of the new first place would drop by a lot.

…Only four months' time, no matter how freakish Lu Yang was, he wouldn't be able to charge into ninth layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier; he was still young after all.

Ling Han turned a few more pages and saw Zhu Xuan Er's name. This name was actually much more resounding compared to Lu Yang and Zuo Yu Da, because the person was a girl that even Gong Letian would talk about again and again from time to time.
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