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Chapter 375: Thick-Skinned
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An expression of humiliation and fury appeared instantly on Lang Jun Cai's face. He was a respected young master, but someone actually pointed a finger at his nose and demanded him to get lost; how could he possibly bear with that?

But still, could he beat Gong Letian?

"Young Master Gong, this matter has nothing to do with you. Please do not interfere, on account of Young Master Liu." He decided that he still had to persist for a moment longer.

The Young Master Liu he was talking about was the grandson of that alchemist that the Lang Clan depended on. He, too, was the descendant of a low level Earth Grade alchemist, and had equal standing with Gong Letian. The Lang Clan was a vassal clan of the Liu Clan, and he, Lang Jun Cai, was naturally the lackey of the Young Master of the Liu Clan.

"Even if Liu Qi Yuan was standing in front of me, I would tell him to get lost too, so who do you think you are?" Gong Letian said disdainfully, then waved his hand again and said, "If you still don't get lost, you may not be able to leave so easily later on!"

Lang Jun Cai was defiant, his fists gripped tightly, but ultimately, he still decided to give in and said, "Fine, I'll leave! Please let those people hanging outside go!"

Gong Letian could not help but turn to look at Ling Han, and did not make the decision without his input.

Ling Han could not help but smile. Although Gong Letian was also a profligate young master, he knew the ways of the world. Otherwise, he would not have needed to ask for Ling Han's input, but simply issue the command. He smiled slightly and said, "If you want to take them away, you can. One hundred Origin Crystals each."

"You!" Lang Jun Cai was outraged. One hundred Origin Crystals for each, why don't you go and commit a burglary then!

"You can pay if you want to." Ling Han paid no more attention to him, and continued his meal.

"Hehe!" Gong Letian could not help but laugh. When his eyes swept over Ling Han, he finally began to take the latter seriously.

The kind of person he hated the most was one without any backbone. There were too many people by his side who liked to flatter him and curry his favor. As such, he was naturally very admiring of Ling Han's character.

A vein popped on Lang Jun Cai's forehead. He had sent out forty-odd people this time, and if he were to pay the ransom for every single one of them, that would come up to a total of over four thousand Origin Crystals! It wasn't that he could not afford it, but this would make his heart ache!

"It's too much!" he said, shaking his head.

"Is it?" Ling Han began counting on his fingers. "One person can produce ten plus Origin Crystals a year, so about ten years would be enough."

Lang Jun Cai almost leaped up in his outrage. There were only seven people in the Spiritual Ocean Tier here, how could the others, who were in the Gushing Spring Tier, produce Origin Crystals?

"Don't bargain with me. If you want to take them, leave the Origin Crystals behind. If not, get lost!" Ling Han gave a flick of his hand.

Lang Jun Cai's eyes were spitting fire, but he only thought that Ling Han had gotten Gong Letian's support and that was the reason for his absolute courage now, and the tragic thing was that he indeed did not dare trifle with Gong Letian. His face turned green, then pale, then back again multiple times. Lang Jun Cai finally waved his hand and scattered a large number of Origin Crystals on the table. He then exclaimed, "Release them immediately!"

"Untie them yourself," Ling Han said.

Lang Jun Cai almost exploded from his fury. He glared venomously at Ling Han for a while before finally turning around and leaving to let those underlings of his down. He swore to himself that this matter would not end so easily!

He indeed could not beat Gong Letian, but there was still Young Master Liu!

"Hahahaha!" Gong Letian laughed loudly, raised his cup towards Ling Han, and said with a smile, "Brother Ling, I'll offer you a toast. I definitely want to befriend a friend like you!"

Ling Han smiled faintly and said, "I will have to give the matter some consideration."

Gong Letian pretended to be displeased, delivered a friendly punch to Ling Han's chest, and said, "You're really not fun! Hehe, these ingredients?" After so much talk, his nature as a born foodie began to flame up again.

Hu Niu instantly became stingy. She stretched out her two slender arms to protect the table, and exclaimed, "All Niu's!"

All of them laughed.

When the human kabobs had been let down, other customers soon continuously streamed into the restaurant. However, every single dish of the Eight Treasures needed one Origin Crystal. All of them were here for that, but the majority would only order one and eat to their heart's content. After all, there were not many people as obnoxiously wealthy as Gong Letian.

Even so, the restaurant still earned a considerable profit. The daily income of the restaurant was about five to six hundred Origin Crystals. Otherwise, it would not have attracted the covetous eyes of Lang Jun Cai.

As a foodie, Gong Letian was very stubborn. He kept pestering Ling Han and wanted him to agree to deliver the ingredients at any cost. However, there were indeed not many demonic beasts inside the Black Tower. Ling Han was not the type that would soften just because someone begged him, and so naturally just ignored him.

As a result, Gong Letian would come practically everyday and continuously launch a verbal barrage on Ling Han's ears. Additionally, he would, without any reservations at all, join them for meals. His skin was really thick enough to make one shiver.

"Come, come, come. I'll bring you out today to increase your knowledge." On the fourth day, it seemed that Gong Letian finally realized he had a conscience, and actually came over before mealtime. He grabbed Ling Han and left.

"Knowledge about what?" Ling Han asked, smiling.

"You'll know when we get there," Gong Letian said mysteriously.

The Extreme Yang City was a very big place, and they would of course not use any kind of movement technique within the city. Thus, after about an hour, they finally arrived at a small lake. The leaves of the willow trees on the banks hung over the lake, and there were gazebos, platforms, towers, and pavilions, casting beautiful reflections on the water. The scenery here was extremely beautiful.

Gong Letian brought Ling Han to a courtyard by the lake. There were two old servants standing guard at the door. When they saw Gong Letian approach, they immediately lowered in a bow and said, "Young Master Gong has arrived."

Gong Letian nodded, and asked, "Has the feast begun?"

"We're still waiting for a few important guests, so it has not begun yet," one of the old servants answered.

"Great!" Gong Letian let out a breath of relief, and with a wave of his hand, signalled Ling Han to follow him before he entered into the courtyard.

The courtyard was very big. Upon entry, there was a huge garden, the lake on the left side. The water glistened, making for a beautiful scene. On the grass by the lake, there were already multiple banquet tables arranged. At this time, quite a number of people were already seated.

"What gathering is this?" Ling Han asked.

"There are a considerable number of people from the North Region's Prodigy Roll here today. Firstly, to gain some knowledge, and secondly, some have come back from the deep mountains and great streams, bringing with them Spiritual Herbs or ancient relics that have a high commercial value," Gong Letian said.

Ling Han nodded. Then this kind of gathering was really worth coming to. Perhaps he could even find out some news about the remaining two main medicinal ingredients. He asked, "What is the North Region's Prodigy Roll?"

"Yi, you don't even know about that?" Gong Letian looked utterly surprised. "What kind of secluded, remote corner did you actually come from? The North Region's Prodigy Roll records all the young elites of the north region under thirty years old. A total of one hundred people can be recorded on the roll."

Ling Han gave an 'oh', and said, "This is really the first time I've heard of it. Tell me about it then; what geniuses are on the roll?"

"Nuo, take this!" Gong Letian turned his hand over, and out of nowhere, a book appeared.

Spatial ring.

The Extreme Yang City was the Extreme Yang City indeed—even a profligate young master like this was qualified to wear a spatial ring.

Ling Han took the book from him and glanced at it. The words "North Region's Prodigy Roll" were writted on the cover. The whole book was designed very finely. The brim was inlaid with gold, and the letters were stamped with gold. It was designed to look as luxurious as possible.

He flipped it open and looked at it. The words "Edited by Spirit Treasures Pavilion" were written on the first page. Right, the Spirit Treasures Pavilion really had a hand in a lot of thing.

"This book is worth one Origin Crystal!" Gong Letian said from the side.

How black-hearted!
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