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Chapter 374: Gong Letian
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A total of forty plus black-clad people had come this time. They were strung up in a bunches of ten, and hung from the top of the restaurant's third floor as if they were grasshoppers. There were a total of five bunches in all, which made for a rather spectacular sight.

Many people had gathered outside the restaurant, pointing at them. Some of them were there to watch the show and some to laugh at them, but anyway, those black-clad men naturally became a laughingstock.

However, though there were many there watching the excitement, not one of them entered the restaurant for a meal, because they had all recognized the identities of these black-clad men. They were from the Lang Clan, a party on the level of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier—how could they easily let this matter go?

Thus, someone would definitely come from the Lang Clan later, and if they entered the restaurant to eat, they would naturally be dragged into the trouble as well.

Even if they skipped a meal, they wouldn't starve to death, would they?

But only moments later, a young man in embroidered robes was seen striding over. When he saw the human kabobs hanging from an upper floor of the restaurant, he could not help but laugh loudly. He walked into the restaurant and laughed. "Interesting, truly interesting!"

"Customer, how many are in your group?" a waiter immediately stepped forward to receive him.

"Just me alone." The young man found an empty table and sat down, seemingly very casual. There was a kind of soaring confidence in his manner. Obviously, he either came from a powerful clan, or he himself was strong enough to be that confident.

"I heard that the Eight Treasures here are very famous. Bring out one of each for me," he said.

"All right!" The waiter immediately turned around and went into the kitchen.

Soon, the dishes were served. The young man only took one bite and his eyes widened, a disbelieving expression on his face.

Too delicious, it was too delicious, wasn't it!?

"Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!" he praised. "To be honest, the culinary skill is just average, but the ingredients themselves are too fresh and delicious. One single bite would make one unable to stop eating. It's incomparably magnificent."

"Hungry!" Hu Niu tugged on the corner of Ling Han's shirt. She didn't feel anything earlier on, but when she saw someone eating and drinking in front of her, she could not bear it any longer.

Ling Han nodded, and had the kitchen prepare lunch for them as well.

He, Hu Niu, Liu Yu Tong, Zhu Wu Jiu, Can Ye, and Guang Yuan all sat at one table. When the excellent dishes were served, they, too, began eating immediately.

The food they ate was naturally not something the food sold to customers could compare with. Their food not only contained demonic beast meat, there were even various valuable medicinal herbs included, and it was prepared into medicinal food for them. These medicinal herbs had grown inside the Black Tower for at least about a month of two, and were at least a hundred years old. What kind of concept was that?

It could be said that only Ling Han, in his last life, had that kind of tremendous wealth that allowed him to squander so lavishly in this way! However, he was only in the Spiritual Ocean Tier now, and was also in the north region, an area that could be considered relatively poorer than the others. Even a party like the Winter Moon Sect could not do something like that!

In front of delicious food, all of them began to fight over the grub without care for their personal image. Of course, none of them could overcome Hu Niu; this little girl was a born foodie.

"This…" They were just eating in high spirits when they saw that young man in embroidered robes approach their table and say with a salivating expression, "Can I sit down and eat with you? I won't eat for free, I'll pay for this meal of yours!"

Ling Han smiled and said, "Those eight dishes are not enough for you?"

The young man in embroidered robes rubbed his nose and said, "They're indeed not enough. Moreover, the food on your table looks even more delicious!" His eyes lit up as he spoke, saliva practically dripping from his mouth.

True, with different ingredients, the aroma that wafted out was also different. Just take a look at how all those waiters were swallowing as if their lives depended on it.

Ling Han looked at the young man in embroidered robes, and thought him to be an interesting looking fellow. Thus, he said with a smile, "If you still have the appetite, please sit."

The young man in embroidered robes was greatly delighted and hurriedly sat. He drew out a pair of chopsticks and immediately began eating. He had already seen how things were like at this table; if he wanted to eat, he would have to fight over the food. No one would act reserved with him.

"En, wonderful! Too wonderful!" He took a bite of meat and his face instantly bloomed with pleasure. "This is the meat of the Level Two demonic beast, Confused Fragrance Deer, isn't it? No, that's not right; I've also eaten a considerable number of dishes with the meat of the Confused Fragrance Deer inside, but their taste was definitely not as delicious as this! Moreover, there is also a great number of precious herbs inside. One bite is enough to make all the pores on my body open wide and bring a slight increase to my cultivation!"

He could not help but complain as he said, "Waiter, with such good stuff, why didn't you serve it to me? Is it because you think that I can't pay out the Origin Crystals for them?"

Ling Han laughed and said, "These dishes are not offered to customers."

The eyes of the young man in the embroidered robes lit up. He asked, "You're the boss of this restaurant?"

"That's right." Ling Han nodded.

"How about if you supply this kind of ingredients to me every day? You can ask for any price!" the young man in embroidered robes offered quickly.

Ling Han shook his head and said, "I've already said that these dishes are not offered to customers. They are only reserved for my own people."

The eyes of the young man in embroidered robes flashed, and he said, "My name is Gong Letian. How do I address you, brother?"

...If these words were heard by those people in the young man's circle, they would definitely exclaim in disbelief. That was because this guy came from a shocking background and had always maintained a prideful demeanor. Even in the Extreme Yang City, there were not many people that he took seriously. Yet now, he actually would so cordially and warmly address someone as brother... it was really inconceivable.

But that also showed that this guy was really a foodie.

Ling Han smiled calmly and answered, "Ling Han."

"Brother Ling, from this day onwards, you are my brother!" Gong Letian said cordially. "And since we're brothers, then these ingredients..." He stared at Ling Han anxiously, looking like a little puppy.

"Heng!" A cold humph was heard, and a young man was seen walking in. He had an ugly, dark expression on his face. "What insolence, to actually treat my subordinates like this!"

It was Lang Jun Cai.

Liu Yu Tong instantly stood up and said, "This place does not welcome you, get lost!"

"What a joke; in the Extreme Yang City, who would be qualified to tell me to get lost?" Lang Jun Cai sneered, an indignant expression on his face.

It should have been a cinch, yet they actually encountered a setback! He had been teasing a new girl at the Listen to the Rain Pavilion as per usual when he suddenly heard his servant report that the people that he had sent out that morning had all been taken down and were currently hung up as a public spectacle.

This matter drove him to fury, and he did not care even if he hadn't yet "devoured" that attractive little ****. He immediately rushed over here.

"Che, Lang Jun Cai, when have you become so high and mighty?" Gong Letian said suddenly. Moments ago, he still had the look of a pitiful puppy, but with a turn of the head, he assumed an austere, prideful bearing, "I'm not qualified to tell you to get lost, either?"

"Gong, Young Master Gong!" Lang Jun Cai was immediately stifled, and a fearful expression appeared on his face.

The Lang Clan could be considered as a respected clan in the Extreme Yang City, but the real source of their confidence came from that Earth Grade alchemist they depended on. However, the Gong Clan itself was a clan of alchemists. All three generations, aside from Gong Letian, were alchemists; furthermore, Gong He Can of the older generation was a low level Earth Grade alchemist!

Compared to the Gong Clan, the Lang Clan naturally paled greatly in comparison. There was no way to compare the two at all.

The competition criteria for profligate young masters like them was of course their background. Even if Lang Jun Cai and Gong Letian were similarly in the fifth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, Lang Jun Cai did not have the slightest confidence in front of Gong Letian.

"Don't affect my dining mood, get lost!" Gong Letian showed his forceful nature.
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