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Chapter 373: Total Knock Out
Translator: _Dark_Angel_ Editor: Kurisu

Ling Han walked downstairs slowly. As his eyes swept over the whole area of black-clad people, he smiled and said, "It is now time for lunch. Everyone, you all can either begin to make your orders, or leave and get lost. Don't affect my business."

"F***, can't I study the menu for a while longer and think about what I want to eat?" one of them immediately shouted, slamming a hand onto the table.

"That's right. What kind of damn restaurant is this that won't even allow its customers to look at the menu, and force them to order? Is this what it means when they saw a big shop will bully its customers?" someone sneered.

"We are not people who can easily be trifled with, so I'd really like to see how they want to bully us!"

"Waiter, come here and tell us what's on the menu. You've got to be clear, and don't stutter."

A waiter came forward, trembling. He was only a waiter and received a small salary, so he really did not want to get involved. But having a Gushing Spring Tier elite pointing at his nose, how could he, an ordinary man, dare not go over?

He began to recite the dishes on the menu.

"Louder, did you f******* not eat?" that black-clad man immediately yelled.

The waiter could only raise his volume, and began to recite the menu in a louder voice.

"*****, how dare you actually spit in my face!" The black-clad man glared fiercely, and pa , delivered a harsh slap directly to the waiter's face. The force of the blow caused the waiter to spit out three of his teeth.

The waiter was slapped dizzy. Three other waiters hurriedly took a few steps forward and supported him. They all looked at that black-clad man with angry expressions, but did not dare to voice out their resentment.

How could he bully them like that!

"What is it, you still dare to glare at me?" The black-clad man glared back at them, his ferocious nature on full display.

"Hehehe." The other black-clad people broke out into laughter. In their eyes, this was only a farce.

Ling Han strode over, a carefree smile still on his face, and arrived in front of that black-clad man.

"You're the manager? Then you come and recite the menu to me!" The black-clad man turned his fierce eyes onto Ling Han. The command they had received was to threaten the people of this restaurant as much as possible.

"Recite your sister!" Ling Han moved and grabbed his head, which he then slammed onto the table. With a bang, the pearwood table was instantly broken into pieces. That black-clad man fell down onto the ground, groaning as he held his head in pain.

Even if he was in the Gushing Spring Tier, it was not pleasant when Ling Han slammed his head onto the table like that. It felt as if his head was exploding in agony.

Shua , at least 90% of the black-clad people stood, and the only people seated were seven black-clad people who were in the Spiritual Ocean Tier. They were still calmly and coolly seated, as if nothing had happened at all.

"You f******* actually dare to commit a crime!" Those black-clad people all glared fiercely at Ling Han.

"This is considered a crime? Hey, hey, hey. You all really have too little experience." Ling Han shook his head. Pa , with a stomp of his foot, the head of the black-clad man who was still lying on the ground was stepped into the floorboards. He maintained a kneeling stance, his backside raised high, as if he was waiting for someone to pamper him.

Qiang, qiang, qiang . Those black-clad people all drew out their respective weapons, all of them wearing expressions of rage.

Hu Niu immediately bared her teeth at the people around them. The little girl was the really violent one; her large eyes were filled with killing intent. In her mind, there was completely no laws, no logic, and no rules.

Whoever treated her and Ling Han well she would only consider as non-enemy, but whoever treated them badly was her enemy! A wild beast's attitude towards enemy… would be to slaughter them!

"Subdue him, take off all his clothes and hang him at the door to allow everyone to admire the view," a black-clad man called out.

"This idea's not too bad!"

"But we have to give him a thrashing first for daring to hurt one of us."

"Let's go!"

Immediately, eight people came forward, brandishing their weapons to attack. When Hu Niu saw this, she instantly leaped down from Ling Han and attacked. Peng, peng, peng, peng . The weapons flashed, and those eight people were instantly all knocked over, lying on the ground and moaning in pain.

This naturally was because Hu Niu had been merciful—Ling Han had shook his head at her, not allowing her to kill anyone. Though the little girl was very unhappy at this, she would still not defy Ling Han's order.




When they saw that Hu Niu was actually so powerful, the seven people in the Spiritual Ocean Tier could no longer sit by calmly, and they all stood up as well.

This was just a newly opened restaurant and the owner was a newcomer. He had just come to the city, so what kind of background, or power, could he possibly have? As a result, now that the seven of them in the Spiritual Ocean Tier moved, it should be a cinch for them, but they could not see through the oddness of Hu Niu.

"I'll go!" One of the black-clad men at the Spiritual Ocean Tier acted, stretching out a hand to grab Hu Niu.

"Invincible Little Tiger Fists!" Hu Niu somersaulted in midair, and with speed as fast as if she was a flash of light, arrived behind that black-clad man. She punched with her tiny fist, and peng , the force of the blow instantly caused the man to stumble and spit out a mouthful of blood.

Ling Han could not help but smile. Did Hu Niu now had an additional attribute of making others laugh?

"Let's all attack!" The remaining six people in the Spiritual Ocean Tier were greatly shocked and hurriedly advanced all at once.

Ganging up on someone... anyone with a little bit of status or pride would definitely feel that it was beneath their dignity to do something like that, what more when the opponent was only a little girl. However, these six people were mere servants, so how could they possibly have the bearing of elite martial artists?

If one was not enough… then of course all of them should attack at once; as for whatever pride, could it fill their stomachs?

Hu Niu was calm and unafraid. Her tiny figure dashed left and right, and here and there. Even Ling Han could not capture her movements at that kind of speed if he did not activate the Eye of Truth, what more for these six people? Within a few moments, all six of them had been completely knocked over.

"Yay!" Hu Niu skipped around happily, 'I'm so awesome' written all over her face.

The other black-clothed people all hissed. Oh no, they were finished— they'd kicked an iron plate! 1

Before this, they had all thought that this restaurant was opened by a little martial artist in the Gushing Spring Tier. At most, there would be one or two Spiritual Ocean Tier elites on standby here; seven of them came in one go, so they should have been sufficient to quash any opposition.

Indeed, only two people in the Spiritual Ocean Tier came from the other side, but they were all too f****** powerful, weren't they? They managed to thrash seven great elites like them as if they were mere stray dogs, what the f***.

"Flee quickly, report to Young Master Lang!" Someone immediately thought of fleeing immediately, yet saw that Ling Han was currently looking at them smilingly.

"I told you all to leave just now, but you refused. Now, it's too late for you to leave!" Ling Han moved and slapped them unconscious one by one. Soon enough, all of them lay on the ground, unmoving.

Those waiters all watched on, dumbstruck, thinking, 'So the boss was actually so mighty. As long as news of this battle spread, no one would dare come to make trouble again in future.' But they were still a bit worried. The Extreme Yang City was a place filled with crouching tigers and hidden dragons. Even Spiritual Ocean Tier martial artists could only be considered minor characters here.

"Young Master Han, what do we do with them?" Zhu Wu Jiu asked.

"Tie them all up and hang them at the door," Ling Han answered calmly.

"Doing that would affect our business," Zhu Wu Jiu said with a bit of hesitation. Ordinary people would definitely want to avoid trouble, and when they saw that kind of scene, who would dare to still enter?

"It's fine. Just let them see our power," Ling Han said. As an Earth Grade alchemist, did he need to be afraid of them? He smiled slightly at that waiter who had been slapped and said, "You go and collect ten silver coins from the counter. Your salary is doubled from now on."

"Thank you, Sir!" The waiter was instantly elated. If three of his teeth could get so many benefits in exchange, it was worth it!
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