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Chapter 370: Killing Duan Zheng Zhi
Translator: _Dark_Angel_ Editor: Kurisu

Peng, peng, peng, peng. The dragon images crushed them, and the demonic noise disappeared completely.

Previously, the demonic noise easily shattered the dragon images, and even managed to wound Guang Yuan. Yet the situation was turned around now. The dragon images crushed the demonic noise, and majestically rushed towards Duan Zheng Zhi.

Duan Zheng Zhi could not help but pale in shock. How could this be? Guang Yuan's ability actually rose to a point that he could only look up to in a single instant.

This was the seventh or the eighth layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier... how could it be so powerful?

The higher one's cultivation level, the more they would feel the gap of one or two minor cultivation layers. Duan Zheng Zhi was only in the third layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, and even if he had a Level Five Spirit Tool, the seventh layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier would be sufficient to suppress him.

After all, he himself was not some kind of outstanding battle genius, but had depended entirely on his imitation Demonic Noise Saber.

"You can go to hell and ponder over it!" Guang Yuan charged out. He did not have much time, and by the time the effects ended, not only would he have to return to his original cultivation level, he would even have to fall back down to the first layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier.

Duan Zheng Zhi somehow managed to parry his attack, yet repeatedly threw up blood from Guang Yuan's attacks. In front of absolute power, his counterattack looked so weak.

"Angzhi!" he suddenly released a strange call, and within a moment, a coffin slid out of the forest, as if it had legs of its own. Peng , a loud thump was heard, and a Corpse Soldier leaped out of the coffin.

It was Nong Qing Yue.

"Qing Yue!" Guang Yuan could not help but gasp.

"Haha, now that you've seen your old lover, you should be very happy, right?" Duan Zheng Zhi sneered. "Could you bear to kill your old lover?"

Shua, shua, shua . A Corpse Soldier had no concept of emotions, and she immediately launched a fiery attack against Guang Yuan. Her skeletal claws waved in a series of attacks, and there was a black-colored Corpse Qi surging forth. If it came into contact with flesh, especially an open wound, this Corpse Qi would enter the body. It had to be removed from the body at the very first instant—if not, the Corpse Qi would invade the body and he, too, would become a Corpse Soldier.

It was extremely terrifying.

Guang Yuan could not bear to assault the remains of his old lover. He merely continued to dodge endlessly, yet this gave Duan Zheng Zhi enough opportunity to act wildly. Demonic noise gushed forth in a sound wave, and endless streams of blood splattered from Guang Yuan's body.

Ling Han did not say anything. If Guang Yuan could not be decisive and stubbornly chose to do this, that was his matter. He had already created a chance for Guang Yuan to obtain his vengeance, but if the latter was not able to make use of it, then he would not give him any other chance in the future.

"Hahahaha, I know that you managed to have such battle prowess because you took an alchemical pill. The problem is how long would the effects of an alchemical pill last?" Duan Zheng Zhi smirked. He had now returned to the upper hand in this battle.

Guang Yuan did not answer, and only looked dumbly at Nong Qing Yue. Though this was a Corpse Soldier, she was quite well preserved, and looked as if she was merely asleep.

Chila, chila , the clothing on his body was endlessly torn, and multiple wounds appeared. The black-colored Corpse Qi wove around his wounds, as if venomous snakes trying to enter his body through his wounds.

"Allow the Corpse Qi to invade obediently, and I'll be kind enough to refine you into a Corpse Soldier to allow you and your old lover to be a pair!" Duan Zheng Zhi laughed loudly. The match was set. He was destined to rise within the Thousand Corpse Sect.

"Die!" Guang Yuan suddenly exploded, and shot out a punch that hit Nong Qing Yue's face directly. The terrifying power behind his blow directly shattered the Corpse Soldier into pieces.

How terrifying was the ability of one who had half a foot in the Flower Blossom Tier?

Duan Zheng Zhi looked on dumbstruck. He had never thought that Guang Yuan would suddenly show his might. There was a sliver of his divine sense in the Corpse Soldier and that was how he could control it according to his will. Now that the Corpse Soldier had been destroyed, this sliver of his divine sense was also obliterated, which instantly caused a backlash on him.

"Ah!" he screamed, and spat out a mouthful of blood.

"Guang Yuan, you are too cruel, you actually shattered Qing Yue's remains!" he hurriedly called out. Guang Yuan was even capable of shattering a Corpse Soldier, so how could he possibly be able to oppose Guang Yuan? He could only use words to attack him, and try as much as possible to drag the battle on until the effects of the alchemical pill in Guang Yuan's body disappear.

"You are the one who has defiled Qing Yue's remains, I am only letting her rest in peace!" Guang Yuan's expression was determined, his eyes sharp. He had already thought things over enough, and would no longer be moved by Duan Zheng Zhi's words.

He waved his fist and attacked. One punch after another, they seemed like they would topple the mountains and turn over the seas.

How could Duan Zheng Zhi dare to receive these attacks head on? He hurriedly turned and ran, wanting to flee. He would immediately bring the information that Ling Han had a Spirit Tool that could contain living creatures back to the sect. Though it would not be as high a credit as him personally getting hold of it, it would still be a great credit.

"Do you think you can flee?" Guang Yuan sneered. Like an arrow, he shot forward and caught up with Duan Zheng Zhi. Peng , he landed a solid punch on Duan Zheng Zhi's back.

"Ah!" Duan Zheng Zhi yelled again. He had already suffered a spiritual backlash in the first place, and now that he was punched, the impact was so powerful that he felt as if his organs were turning around in his body; it was absolute agony for him.

This was still because he had cultivated Corpse Qi, so his body was different from an ordinary person. Otherwise, his torso would definitely be like a water sack that had exploded, with blood gushing endlessly.

Guang Yuan pursued him again and launched a series of fiery attacks without any hesitation. Peng, peng, peng, peng . After a successive series of five punches, Duan Zheng Zhi had literally been punched to death.

"Ah...!!!" he howled to the skies. Though he had gotten his vengeance, he was still left with innumerable regrets. If he had been slightly more forceful all those years ago and directly brought Nong Qing Yue away from this place, would the tragedy of today still happen?

Ling Han walked over to Guang Yuan, drew out a wine sack and handed it over. The thing that the latter needed the most at this moment was possibly to get utterly drunk.

On this night, Guang Yuan indeed drunk himself stupid, and Ling Han drew him into the Black Tower. He continued to advance and hired another carriage at the next town. This time, no one else appeared to block his way, and the carriage, with him within, travelled slowly towards the Extreme Yang City.


Xiu , not long after Ling Han left, a figure appeared beside Duan Zheng Zhi's body.

This was an old man who looked to be in his seventies. His skin was dry, and it was as if it was sticking to his bones, but his eyes were filled with a dignified aura. If a normal person met his eyes, they would most likely shiver in fear from just that one look.

"Dead?" He examined Duan Zheng Zhi's body closely, and murmured, "He was literally beaten to death. Looking at the force of the punches, the attacker should be in the ninth layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, or could even be one who has half a foot in the Flower Blossom Tier.

"Could it be that the elites of the Winter Moon Sect discovered traces of Duan Zheng Zhi, pursued him all the way here, and finally battled here?

"I can only choose to refine him into a Corpse Soldier. Taking advantage of the fact that he's just died, perhaps I can draw out some memories from him."

The old man picked up Duan Zheng Zhi's body, and his figure actually rose into mid air.

The Flower Blossom Tier!

This old man was Elder Jiu Yun of the Thousand Corpse Sect. He was at first supposed to go to the Sea Breeze City for an inspection and to issue a new mission, but had never thought that he would receive the news that the secret of the branch had been discovered by the Winter Moon Sect and could only retreat before he even arrived.

He had yet to meet Duan Zheng Zhi, but was informed that the latter was currently in pursuit of the person who had exposed them. In the end, when he chased him all the way here, the only thing he saw was Duan Zheng Zhi's body.

In a mere five days, Duan Zheng Zhi's corpse was refined into a Corpse Soldier.

...If he had known this when he was still alive, who knew if he would regret joining this sect. They were really deranged.

"Yi?" Elder Jiu Yun continued to draw out Duan Zheng Zhi's memories. Though there were only a few shattered pieces, but his final battle was preserved quite fully.

"A Spatial Spirit Tool that can store living creatures?

"Hahahaha, the gods are on the side of our Thousand Corpse Sect, we will prosper! We definitely will!"

A dark expression appeared on his face, and he immediately rose up into the skies. He wanted to find Ling Han and snatch that extremely valuable Spirit Tool.
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