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Chapter 367: Duan Zheng Zhi's Pursuit to Kill
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The carriage rocked and swayed. The journey to the Extreme Yang City would take close to a month's time, and this was only possible because Ling Han had hired excellent steeds like the "Crimson-Eyed Horned Beast". It was said that this kind of beast could travel 10,000 miles in a single day. If it had been a carriage pulled by ordinary demonic beasts, then even if the journey took three or four months, one shouldn't resent the journey for being too long.

The carriage was pulled very smoothly. He could indeed feel rocking movement from within the carriage, but it was not very strong. Furthermore, Ling Han spent most of his time in the Black Tower, so there was not much significance whether the carriage jolted or not.

Guang Yuan turned his anger into motivation. Added with the fact that he himself had remarkable talent as well as how Ling Han now supplied him with an endless amount of resources for cultivation, it was as if wings had sprouted on his cultivation. He now already had one foot in the Spiritual Pedestal Tier.

Can Ye had also begun to attempt breaking through to the Spiritual Ocean Tier. Liu Yu Tong and Zhu Wu Jiu, meanwhile, had yet to reach the boundary to the next major cultivation tier, and were currently advancing rapidly on the path of the Gushing Spring Tier. In comparison, Li Si Chan's rate of advancement was much slower.

However, the majority of her talent lay in alchemy anyways, which made Ling Han very satisfied. He guided her attentively in alchemy, but as for her cultivation? She could just advance her cultivation level with alchemical pills—so long as it did not delay her advancements in alchemy.

The most shocking one was naturally Hu Niu. After she reached the ninth layer of the Gushing Spring Tier, she broke through to the Spiritual Ocean Tier without any stagnation at all. Whatever 'barrier between major cultivation tiers' and whatever 'unstable foundation' were no issue for her at all.

It was as she if was born to be the strongest being so there was no barrier to the next major cultivation tier for her and her foundations were strengthened the moment she took the next step so there was no need for her to go out of her way to do that.

Most importantly, no matter what she ate, she was perfectly capable of transforming the food into her own Origin Power. Thus, she was constantly improving.

Ling Han had sparred with Hu Niu before. Under ordinary conditions, he was actually not the little girl's equal. He had to use a Mystical Power like the Eye of Truth to be able to glimpse the little girl's movements, and even then, they still tied.

The little girl's speed was really incomparably awesome, making Ling Han unable to display his ability even though he was stronger.

A few days later, they had left the jurisdiction of the Winter Moon Sect, advancing towards the Extreme Yang City.

Xilulu , the carriage suddenly halted.

Ling Han just happened to be in the carriage, and he only heard the carriage driver shout, "This is a carriage of the Sun Business, who dares to rob this carriage?"

"Heng, let the person inside come out!" A cold humph was heard.

Ling Han's brow wrinkled into a frown. It was Duan Zheng Zhi!

He opened the carriage door, and indeed, he saw that Duan Zheng Zhi was currently standing about ten metres away from the carriage. The latter wore a large felt hat on his head to block the sunlight. After a member of the Thousand Corpse Sect cultivated Corpse Qi, though they did not fear sunlight, they disliked it immensely.

This guy actually chased him all the way here?

Ling Han leaped down from the carriage and said, "You all leave first and wait for me ten miles ahead of here. If I am not able to make it there within an hour, then you all no longer need to wait for me."

When the carriage driver heard Ling Han say this, he was naturally pleased that he would get to relax. Usually, they would have the responsibility to protect their employer.

Duan Zheng Zhi did not stop them, either. His target was Ling Han, and as for the two carriage drivers, it did not matter to him whether they lived or died.

"You are really considerate. You obviously know that there are elites of the Winter Moon Sect searching for you, and you still dare to search for me in the city. Moreover, you even successfully found me." Ling Han shook his head, seemingly slightly surprised.

Duan Zheng Zhi smirked coldly and said, "If I do not behead you, what face do I have to face Elder Jiu Yun!"

Ling Han grinned and said, "Are you really that confident that you can take me down?"

"If you had not had the instant movement talisman, how is it possible that you would be able to escape from me?" Duan Zheng Zhi sneered. "I don't believe you would still have more of such a precious item!"

"Then, I'm afraid I'll have to disappoint you," Ling Han said, smiling, and directly flashed into the Black Tower.

Unless he used the one-time instillation of power from the Black Tower, with his current cultivation level of the first layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, there was no way he would be capable of killing an opponent in the Spiritual Pedestal Tier—mainly because there was too much of a power gap between them. When the power gap was wide to a certain extent, then it would become a dominating factor. As the saying went, enough power would be able to defeat 10,000 techniques. That was something that could not be compensated by any kind of technique.

Moreover, he still had to leave Duan Zheng Zhi to Guang Yuan. If such a huge feud was not settled by Guang Yuan's own hand, then Guang Yuan would not be able to rest in peace even after his death.

Duan Zheng Zhi was astonished. He had not foreseen that Ling Han would actually still possess another instant movement talisman. One had to understand that this kind of object was really too precious. It was a divine item that could preserve your life; furthermore, it had disappeared since the ancient times. And Ling Han not only had it—he had more than one. This stunned him completely.

'Heng, now that this brat has been contaminated by the Yin Qi in the giant tomb, he will not be able to hide from my nose within this half year's time. I will definitely find him again and kill him!' he declared inwardly.

Ling Han cultivated in the Black Tower for a while, then left in a flash. Hu Niu followed him out as well. The little girl was planning to cling onto him again. Ling Han thus held onto her small hand and walked forwards. Indeed, ten miles ahead, that carriage was waiting for him.

When the two carriage drivers saw Ling Han actually appear with a little girl in tow, they could not help but be extremely astonished.

Who would experience such a thing, encountering an enemy in the middle of their journey, but eventually when he reappeared, he had a delicate, pretty little girl with him?

Ling Han naturally did not pay attention to their confusion, and had no intention to explain, either. He and Hu Niu both boarded the carriage and continued on their journey. However, after only one day had passed, Duan Zheng Zhi had once again caught up to them and Ling Han used the same trick, which was entering back into the Black Tower.

He had originally thought that it was because of the carriage. As a result, this time, he had the carriage return. He'd just have to hire another. However, after only another day, he was once again stopped by Duan Zheng Zhi.

He shook off Duan Zheng Zhi for the third time, and even changed his appearance again in the Black Tower. He hired a third carriage, but after only a day, Duan Zheng Zhi still found him for the fourth time.

"Haha, so you are even proficient in changing your appearance!" Duan Zheng Zhi sneered.

Ling Han rubbed his chin and said, "In that case, then you should have some kind of unique trick that allows you to detect me from a very far location, and not because you are especially smart and found me through some clues I left behind."

"Heng, you can slowly make your guesses!" Duan Zheng Zhi would naturally not reveal the secret. Who knew how many "instant movement talismans" Ling Han still had on him?

"Then, according to our old rules, I should leave, so you need not see me off!" Ling Han did not continue to say any more unnecessary words and immediately entered the Black Tower.

Duan Zheng Zhi was astonished. How many instant movement talismans did this guy actually have—why did it seem like they were endless? With a leap, he began to once again search for Ling Han as far as the eye could see.

After entering the Black Tower, Ling Han immediately used the power of the Black Tower to scan himself to find out whether someone had planted their martial intent on him or not, which allowed Duan Zheng Zhi to find him successfully.

But the result was that he was very "normal".

He could not help but feel curious. What was going on here then?

'Guang Yuan is about to break through, and by that time, I'll toss Duan Zheng Zhi over for him to deal with.' Ling Han considered the matter for a moment, then came to a decision.

He could not bother to leave the Black Tower, either, and so he began to cultivate endlessly within the Black Tower.

After another three days, he broke through to the second layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, and heard two pieces of good news—Guang Yuan had broken through to the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, whereas Can Ye had broken through to the Spiritual Ocean Tier.
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