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Chapter 366: Leaving Sea Breeze City
Translator: _Dark_Angel_ Editor: Kurisu

The biggest benefit of cultivating with the use of Origin Crystals was that there was no time limit.

The process in which a martial artist absorbed Spiritual Qi and transformed it into Origin Power would require him to expend his spirit to stimulate his Spirit Base to absorb the Spiritual Qi. However, if one cultivated with Origin Crystals, one could skip that step and greatly conserve his spirit.

Thus, the cultivation time could at least be extended to twice or thrice the normal time. One could practically cultivate for the whole day then sleep. When one woke up, his spirit would naturally have recovered already, so he could again continue to cultivate.

This was also why the disciples of great sects could improve so fast. They not only had a large amount of Spiritual Medicine to break through the shackles of their cultivation level—they also had endless Origin Crystals to speed up the accumulation of their Origin Power.

In only half an hour, a hundred Origin Crystals were completely used up.

Ling Han hissed. The rate he used Origin Crystals at was already so fierce now, then when he reached the Flower Blossom Tier, and the Deity Transformation Tier, wouldn't his body become an endless pit? So how many Origin Crystals would he need at that time to ensure that the rate of his cultivation would not slow down?

'Thankfully, I have the Black Tower, which has its own herb garden and is capable of speeding up the growth of Spirit Grass. Otherwise, how could I manage to earn so many high grade Origin Crystals?' Single Star Origin Crystals were practically useless for the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, and when he reached the Deity Transformation Tier, he would need at least Five Star Origin Crystals to be able to speed up his cultivation rate.

In his last life, he had not been as monstrous as he was now. As a result, the alchemical pills he concocted added together with some Origin Crystals were enough to support his flight-like cultivation rate. But now… hehe.

He continued to cultivate as one pile of Origin Crystals after another shattered into pieces. He quickly absorbed the Origin Power to increase his cultivation level.

'However, there is no bottleneck to my current cultivation rate. As long as I have an ocean's worth of Origin Crystals, my cultivation level would still be raised extremely quickly.' Ling Han smiled slightly. He estimated that with another ten days, he'd be able to step into the second layer of Spiritual Ocean Tier.

After another few hours, he could hear banging noises, and the whole basement had exploded.

This implied that the members of the Duan Clan had completed all the things they needed to do to retreat.

"It's time to leave." Ling Han flashed out of the Black Tower and immediately could feel pressure—he was buried under debris.

He was already prepared for this. The Thunder Battle Armor showed its might and released the terrifying power of thunder. Pa, pa, pa . The bricks all around him were instantly shattered into pieces as he blasted a hole in the rubble.

He calmly advanced as the Thunder Battle Armor continuously released bolts of lightning. He very easily walked out of the ruins and arrived on ground level.

At this moment, the whole Duan Manor was already a scene of complete disorder. There were huge fires burning, which a considerable number of people outside the manor saw and quickly came to help extinguish the flames.

Ling Han used his movement technique and left quickly. In a remote alley, he summoned Yue Kai Yu and Guang Yuan out of the Black Tower. Then, he released a pillar of water that spewed onto the two of them.

"Eh!?" The two of them jumped up at the same time and moved into a defensive stance. However, they quickly looked confused in the next instant, because their memories were still stuck on that time when they were under the combined attacks of Duan Zheng Zhi and Nong Qing Yue.

"How did we get here?"

"Hiss… My head is a bit painful. Yi, I remember now, you were the one who knocked me out!" Yue Kai Yu stared at Ling Han.

Ling Han quickly shook his head and said dramatically, "Your eyes must have blurred, how could it be possible that I would hit you? That's because I used a Great Various Heaven Instant Movement Talisman to bring us out of the Duan Manor. The two of you could not withstand the powerful pressure of instant movement, so you two passed out."

This bluff made Guang Yuan and Yue Kai Yu stare blankly. Neither of them had ever used any kind of talisman for teleportation, so naturally they did not know what side effects would result from its use. They might be of the mind to doubt Ling Han's words, yet it seemed like they had no basis for their doubt.

"We should go back!" Ling Han said.

Yue Kai Yu said quickly, "We should return to the sect first and report the information about the Thousand Corpse Sect to the upper ranks! Junior Brother Han, we discovered the base that the Thousand Corpse Sect have built here, this is a great achievement. I'll ask our Grand Elder to speak a few words of you and your punishment will definitely be cancelled, so you would not need to venture to the Dark Devil Forest anymore."

Ling Han merely smiled and said, "That's all right. I was planning to go out and travel a bit anyways. You go ahead and return to the sect to make a report, and I will bring them to the Dark Devil Forest for a stroll." He had already found out some information about his mother, and for the moment, it was not possible for him to rescue Yue Hong Chang, so it would be better for him to go and find the two remaining main ingredients for the medicine for Ling Dong Xing.

Thus, even if this trip to the Winter Moon Sect could not be considered completely satisfactory, he had basically achieved his goal.

Yue Kai Yu nodded. The Thousand Corpse Sect had appeared in this Sea Breeze City—that was practically right under the nose of the Winter Moon Sect. This was a huge matter, so it had to be made known to the sect at the very first instant.

After he left, Ling Han and Guang Yuan returned to the inn.

Guang Yuan looked very awful. His goddess from years ago had been refined into a Corpse Soldier, and this filled him with bone-deep hatred for Duan Zheng Zhi.

"If you want vengeance, you must first increase your own power," Ling Han said calmly. "With your current ability, there is no way you would be able to get your vengeance. You would only be delivering food to Duan Zheng Zhi. I am not going to help you. This vengeance is up to you to obtain."

Guang Yuan curled his hands into fists, and a strong fighting spirit could be seen on his face.

"Very good. In terms of cultivation resources, I will satisfy you completely, but whether you are able to step over this threshold into the Spiritual Pedestal Tier—whether you would be able to catch up with Duan Zheng Zhi—will still depend on your own effort," Ling Han said calmly.

Guang Yuan nodded. He did not want to entrust something like obtaining vengeance for the woman he loved to someone else, either.

"Previously, I had indeed knocked the two of you unconscious," Ling Han said abruptly. "I have a Spirit Tool that is similar to a spatial ring, but it is capable of containing living things. Just now, I drew the two of you into it, and that was how we managed to escape from Duan Zheng Zhi."

He kept this from Yue Kai Yu because this guy couldn't keep any secrets after he got drunk—how could he possibly tell him?

Guang Yuan was astonished. A Spirit Tool that could contain living creatures—he had never even heard of something like that. However, because of the limitations of his cultivation level, he did not know how valuable such a treasure was, so he was only shocked for a short while.

"I am now going to draw you into it. You may use the Origin Crystals inside as you like. First, you need to solidify your foundation with the Return Spirit Pill, then break through. Otherwise, in a battle between equals, how could you possibly defeat the combined forces of Duan Zheng Zhi and a Corpse Soldier, what more when he has an uncommon Spirit Tool in his possession," Ling Han continued.

"All right!" Guang Yuan nodded.

"Don't go against it; I'm going to draw you into it now." Ling Han stretched out a hand and laid it on Guang Yuan. With a thought, xiu, Guang Yuan had disappeared from where he was standing. Naturally, he had entered into the Black Tower.

Ling Han took large strides, and soon returned to the inn.

"Ling Han!" Liu Yu Tong and Li Si Chan immediately came to receive him, whereas Hu Niu directly pounced into his arms. At this moment, Yue Kai Yu was no longer here, so the two girls naturally called Ling Han by his real name.

Ling Han nodded and said, "Let's go. We should leave."

He called over Can Ye and Zhu Wu Jiu, and after briefly explaining, Ling Han drew all of them into the Black Tower and told them to cultivate within, whereas he left the Sea Breeze City. He hired a carriage and headed towards the Extreme Yang City.

The Extreme Yang City could be considered as the center of the north region. It was very prosperous in trade and commerce. The headquarters the Alchemist Society had in the north region was located here—as well as the headquarters that the Spirit Treasures Pavilion had in the north region. It possessed all the most bountiful resources of the whole north region.

It could be said that all valuable items would first appear in the Extreme Yang City, be gathered, then delivered to every corner of the north region.

He should be able to obtain the remaining two main medicinal ingredients that he needed to concoct the Restore Spirit Pill here.
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