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Chapter 364: The Battle Armour Shows Its Might
Translator: _Dark_Angel_ Editor: Kurisu

If it was an intelligent lifeform, it would cut its losses and cut off this arm that was turning into dust to prevent the effects from spreading. However, the Corpse Soldiers, with their lack of fear of death or pain, had become disadvantaged at this point, because they did not feel it at all—or in other words, didn't care about it at all.

It still continued to attack Ling Han, as if it was not the one turning into dust.

Yet Ling Han took advantage of him being flung away by the impact, and continued to charge towards the second Corpse Soldier. Like before, he delivered a punch, and the demonic patterns flashed faintly.

If these Corpse Soldiers were human, then after they had seen how their companion suffered, they would definitely have made adjustments to their strategy, and would not attempt a direct clash with Ling Han again. But how could Corpse Soldiers possess any intelligence? It similarly struck out with a palm strike aimed at Ling Han.

Peng , their attacks collided, and Ling Han was once again thrown back, but the second Corpse Soldier was also beginning to turn into dust.

Three, four, five. Ling Han shot forwards, and in only the time needed to take two breaths, there were already five Corpse Soldiers that were turning into dust, whereas for the first, the effects had spread to its head, chest, and soon enough, only two legs were left still running around. This scene… was a bit spine-chilling.

"Look out! Look out!" The disciples of the Thousand Corpse Sect continued to call from one side, and issue commands for their Corpse Soldiers. Yet these Corpse Soldiers were simply battling on instinct, so how could they possibly understand what 'look out' meant?

Six, seven, eight… more and more Corpse Soldiers were dissolving, and completely turning to dust.

Within only the time to take seven breaths, fourteen Corpse Soldiers were all hit, and the earliest six had already completely turned into dust.

The disciples of the Thousand Corpse Sect, as well as Yue Kai Yu and Guang Yuan, all wore expressions of extreme shock. With this, they were all dealt with? So simply?

Ling Han smiled calmly. He had not drawn out the Demon Birth Sword yet. If he had, with the destructive power of a Tenth Tier Spirit Tool, it would be capable of delivering an obliterating attack on these Silver-Armored Corpses. If he activated the Thunder Battle Armor, with the natural ability of thunder and lightning to subdue evil, it was also enough to destroy all of these creatures completely.

He had more and more trump cards under his sleeve.

"So how is it?" he asked Yue Kai Yu.

"You're awesome!" Yue Kai Yu gave him a thumbs up. He'd personally fought them before, so he was naturally clear how troublesome these Corpse Soldiers were to deal with. Yet Ling Han dealt each a punch, easily and happily, leaving Yue Kai Yu no choice but to admit his admiration.

"Duan Zheng Zhi!" Guang Yuan roared. His black hair was fluterring in the air, and his rage was about to burn.

"Ai, what a bunch of trash!" Duan Zheng Zhi's faint voice was heard. "I am in a crucial stage of my cultivation, yet I was first disturbed by three rats that had snuck in here, and after mobilizing so many Corpse Soldiers to kill them, you were still unable to deal with the problem. Tell me, then, what purpose do you have in continuing to live? It would be better if you all became Corpse Soldiers instead!"

Those disciples of the Thousand Corpse Sect shuddered in fear, cold sweat collecting on their foreheads. They all knelt and said, "Please forgive us, My Lord! That brat seems to have got a hold of a unique Spirit Tool, which is very effective against the Corpse Soldiers."

Duan Zheng Zhi appeared again. His eyes swept over the ash that the Corpse Soldiers had turned into, and he frowned slightly. He made a hand gesture, and with a zi , a metal coffin slid towards them as if it had legs on its own. It was incomparably strange.

Peng , the coffin opened. A woman jumped out from within. Her beautiful features could still be seen, but her skeletal face and arms all proclaimed that she was long dead, and this was only yet another Corpse Soldier.

Guang Yuan's expression changed drastically as he called out in a trembling voice."Qing, Qing Yue!" Then, his eyes reddened, and he roared at Duan Zheng Zhi in fury, "You animal, you actually turned your own wife into this miserable creature!"

"In any case, that's a Spiritual Pedestal Tier material, so wouldn't it be a pity to waste it?" DUan Zheng Zhi said uncaringly, then he said calmly, "Kill all three of them!"

Xiu , Qing Yue immediately charged towards the three of them. This was only a Corpse Soldier. It did not have any feelings nor memories; it only had the instincts to kill.

"Qing Yue! It's me! It's me!" Guang Yuan called out loudly.


A palm strike assaulted them, and Ling Han and the others were simultaneously smacked away; they all threw up blood due to the impact. Putting aside Guang Yuan first who did not have much fighting spirit against his old lover, though Yue Kai Yu was a powerful individual in the Spiritual Ocean Tier, but how could the ability of one in the eighth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier be enough to resist one in the Spiritual Pedestal Tier?

Ling Han was indeed a monster, but his cultivation level of the first layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier was definitely too low. How could he possibly oppose Nong Qing Yue, whose ability was close to the fourth layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier?

Furthermore, Nong Qing Yue was too powerful, and there was absolutely no opportunity for Ling Han's demonic patterns to come into contact with her as he was long smacked away forcefully.

The gap between the two of them was a little too wide!

Ling Han stepped out and said, "The two of you, step back!"

He activated the Thunder Battle Armor, and instantly, blazing white bolts of electricity wove around his body. Nong Qing Yue had at first pounced towards him, but when she sensed the power of thunder, she actually forced herself to a halt and an expression of loathing actually appeared on her face.

Corpse Soldiers could have expressions too?

That was proof enough of how powerful and effective the Thunder Battle Armor was in restraining such evil creatures.

"How could this be possible!?" Duan Zheng Zhi exclaimed in shock. Was this brat specifically born to subdue the Thousand Corpse Sect? How could the Spirit Tools he had all have this kind of effect?

Ling Han laughed loudly. With a wave of his hand, hong , seven images of dragons appeared, all formed from blazing white lightning. These dragons charged towards Nong Qing Yue. Spirit Tools had the ability to compound "Qi". For example, after Ao Xing Lai used the Black Star Sword, his Sword Qi was capable of easily shattering even Ling Han's Fist Qi. Now, these flashes of Fist Qi had been upgraded by the Thunder Battle Armor, so how powerful would they be then?

...Even if Ling Han was unable to make use of the full might of the Thunder Battle Armor.

Against this punch, Nong Qing Yue did not dare to receive it head on, and she retreated quickly.

A Corpse Soldier that had no fear of death would actually flee on its own? This was definitely a rare sight, and struck the disciples of the Thousand Corpse Sect dumb. They practically did not dare to believe what they were seeing.

"Heng!" Duan Zheng Zhi stepped up, and said, "Hand this brat over to me, and you go and kill those two!"

Nong Qing Yue immediately turned and charged towards Yue Kai Yu and Guang Yuan.

"Don't be in a rush to leave!" Ling Han laughed loudly, and delivered another punch. The Thunder Battle Armor showed its might, and a total of seven dragon images appeared in pursuit of Nong Qing Yue.

"Brat, die!" Duang Zheng Zhi charged towards him.

Ling Han did not pay him any attention, but rather continued to chase after Nong Qing Yue and attack.

"How dare you!" Duan Zheng Zhi was enraged. He, someone in the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, used his full ability, and yet this brat in the first layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier actually didn't even care to pay him any attention? How much did this brat look down on him?

Then you must pay the price!

He smirked, and struck forwards with a palm that was aimed directly at Ling Han's back.

"Look out!" both Yue Kai Yu and Guang Yuan exclaimed in shock.

Pa , his palm strike hit its target, but only a flash of lightning was seen. Ling Han stumbled a bit, whereas Duan Zheng Zhi emitted a muffled humph, a stream of blood trickling from the corner of his mouth. His palm was charred black.

This was not because Ling Han had logic-defying power and was capable of wounding even someone in the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, but rather the Thunder Battle Armor was showing its might.

"Hahahaha!" Yue Kai Yu rubbed his hands and laughed loudly. "If the Elder of the Ao Clan saw this sight, his nose would definitely be bent out of shape from his extreme anger! But it's really strange. This battle armor has fallen into the hands of our sect for a few hundred years, yet there has never been one capable of activating it. Why, against all expectations, was this brat able to do it? Could it be that this battle armor was waiting for him in the first place?"
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