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Chapter 363: Great Battle Against the Corpse Soldiers
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"Duan Zheng Zhi!" Guang Yuan's fury had reached extreme depths. He exchanged a furious series of attacks with that Corpse Soldier, wanting to chase away this rock that was blocking his way, catch up to Duan Zheng Zhi, and make him pay for his evil deeds. Yet, the Corpse Soldier, having no fear of death nor the sensation of pain, did not step back a single inch and continued to battle furiously with him.

"That's odd; Duan Zheng Zhi left just like that?" Yue Kai Yu was surprised. It would be a piece of cake to subdue three people in the Spiritual Ocean Tier like them if Duan Zheng Zhi who was in the Spiritual Pedestal Tier had acted personally.

Ling Han smiled and said, "Duan Zheng Zhi disdained from making his move, most likely because he has full confidence we will not be able to escape."

"You can still smile in this situation when we're heavily surrounded?" Yue Kai Yu forced out through gritted teeth.

"Then what other expression do you want me to have?" Ling Han laughed loudly, and continued to say boldly, "Don't worry. Since I've brought the two of you out, I will bring the two of you back as well!"

"Hopefully not as three corpses!" Yue Kai Yu sighed.

"Not as three corpses, but rather three Corpse Soldiers!" A voice was heard from outside the doorway, yet it was not Duan Zheng Zhi. Instead, the voice belonged to another man.

"There's someone else here?" Yue Kai Yu's expression abruptly changed.

Ling Han rolled his eyes at him, and said, "Aren't you spouting nonsense now? How many people are there in the Duan Clan? If they were all Corpse Soldiers, then wouldn't their cover be completely blown during daytime? They are the real disciples of the Thousand Corpse Sect, and Corpse Soldiers are merely their tools."

"Yi, a mere boy is actually so familiar with our sect?" A shocked voice could be heard from outside.

Ling Han nodded at Yue Kai Yu and said, "You go and help out Big Brother Guang, and then we'll charge out!"

Yue Kai Yu nodded and immediately took a great leap. He flew over Guang Yuan's head and charged to attack that Corpse Soldier. The exchange of blows between Guang Yuan and that Corpse Soldier had just forced the two of them to retreat successively, and with this added attack from Yue Kai Yu, the Corpse Soldier was forced to retreat even further backwards.

"Yi, why do I have to listen to that brat?" Yue Kai Yu scratched his head in confusion. He had not considered things carefully before he had moved to do as Ling Han had said, but now that he thought about it, he felt a little depressed. He was the senior brother here.

Yet Guang Yuan took his place, and shot out another punch of his own.

How big was the stone chamber? With the onslaught of these three successive attacks, the Corpse Soldier was forced out of the room, and Ling Han and the others took advantage of the opening to rush out. However, when they saw the scene outside, they could not help but grit their teeth.

There were a lot of Corpse Soldiers, but there were also a lot of normal-looking people. Obviously, these people were the disciples of the Thousand Corpse Sect, and they were the people controlling these Corpse Soldiers.

"Yi, that's the Third Elder of the Zhang Clan, Zhang Hu!" Yue Kai Yu suddenly exclaimed in shock, pointing at one of the Corpse Soldiers, then turning to point at another. "Li Ding Yi of the Li Clan!" He pointed at a third Corpse Soldier. "Gu Shun Tong of the Gu Clan!"

He pointed out one Corpse Soldier after another, and managed to call out the names of at least ten Corpse Soldiers from when they were still alive. He could not help but look aghast, and exclaimed, "You people are really deranged. These people are already dead, and you still dug them out and refined them into your Corpse Soldiers!"

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. What do you mean by deranged? These people are already dead anyways, so wouldn't it be better to exploit them of the last of their usefulness and make them contribute more to this society?" a man who was about fifty years old said. "And the three of you as well, when we act later, we will try to be as gentle as possible and not damage your bodies too seriously. For three people in the Spiritual Ocean Tier, if we're lucky, we may still be able to preserve that kind of ability after we refine them into Corpse Soldiers."

"Maniacs! You're all maniacs!" Yue Kai Yu shouted angrily. He withdrew a pair of knuckles from within his spatial ring and put them on. They were immediately activated and multiple golden patterns lit up. His battle spirit was soaring like flames of war.

"Kill them!" Those people of the Thousand Corpse Sect manipulated their Corpse Soldiers, which surrounded Ling Han and the others.

Limited by their cultivation level and the condition of rearing corpses, disciples of the Thousand Corpse Sect were usually only capable of rearing a single Corpse Soldier, though a few might be able to rear two. The disciples gathered here were obviously of a normal level, and could not possibly possess the Three Lives Corpse Caskets like Rong Huan Xuan. As a result, eack of them only reared a single Corpse Soldier.

But there were more than ten people here, so naturally there were more than ten Corpse Soldiers as well. All of them were in the Spiritual Ocean Tier and were First Tier Silver-Armored Corpses. With absolute superiority in numbers, together with how the Corpse Soldiers did not fear death and injury, wouldn't it be extremely easy to deal with three people in the Spiritual Ocean Tier?

Both Yue Kai Yu and Guang Yuan wore serious expressions, especially Guang Yuan. He wanted to seek justice for Nong Qing Yue, so it was even more necessary for him to preserve his own life. Only the weak mourned, whereas the strong would used their fists to make their point.

The Corpse Soldiers had no emotion, and did not know how to speak. With their commands in place, they charged towards Ling Han and the others.

Yue Kai Yu and Guang Yuan immediately moved. Peng, peng, peng, peng , and they were embroiled in a battle with the Corpse Soldiers.

These two had not had any experience battling Corpse Soldiers, and treated them as if they would any other opponent, yet this made their situation dangerous. Because you might deliver a punch to the head of a martial artist and force him to retreat, but the Corpse Soldiers did not care. You could hit them as you liked, and they would still continue in their path of attack to return a punch as well, or direct a slash at your throat.

If a Corpse Soldier was hit, at most, their heads might be bent out of shape or completely detached. That was all right; they could simply attach it back. But if a martial artist was hit with such a strike, would he still be alive?

However, the two of them were experienced in battle, and soon adapted their styles of attack. However, they still could not deal with the Corpse Soldiers, because no matter how much these things were wounded, it would not affect their battle prowess. So how were they supposed to continue fighting against them?

"You two are really too weak. It's already been so long, and you are still unable to deal with these things?" Ling Han sighed.

"Easier said than done. Why don't you give it a try then?" Yue Kai Yu said in irritation. He and Guang Yuan had to battle seven Corpse Soldiers each, and every single one of them seemed to have indestructible, immortal bodies. It was only because of his shocking battle prowess that he managed to hold on until now. If he only had about nine Battle Stars, then he would have definitely been overwhelmed by now.

Ling Han laughed, and said, "You really want me to act?"

"Of course. Come on, I'm about to die from exhaustion!" Yue Kai Yu urged. He put a considerable amount of trust in Ling Han's battle prowess.

"Let's have a bet then. In the time for ten breaths, I can kill all of these Corpse Soldiers!" Yet Ling Han was not in a rush at all.

"Ha!" Yue Kai Yu naturally did not believe him. Though he also hoped that Ling Han could show off his invincible might and resolve the crisis, but even he only just managed to hold on, yet Ling Han was capable of destroying so many Corpse Soldiers in the time of ten breaths?

That was obviously impossible.

"What do you want if you win?" He was a man of forthright and bold character, and was not one to yield easily either.

"I haven't thought of it yet, so why don't you promise to do one thing for me in the future!" Ling Han said after some thought. "Don't worry. It'll definitely be something within your ability."

"Fine, then hurry up. If you really manage to kill all these Corpse Soldiers, I will even be willing to owe you my life!" Yue Kai Yu called out loudly. The pressure that the seven Corpse Soldiers exerted on him was getting higher and higher.

Ling Han laughed. His body moved, and he had already charged to attack a Corpse Soldier. He shot out a punch and black-colored demonic patterns wove around his fist.


He clashed directly with an attack from the Corpse Soldier, and his whole body flew backwards from the impact, showing that his ability was actually beneath that Corpse Soldier's. But the strange thing was, the arm of that Corpse Soldier began to flake off and dissolve, as if it had become an old skeleton which, with the corrosive power of time, was turned to ashes.
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