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Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao 37 The Plans of the Cheng Clan

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Chapter 37: The Plans of the Cheng Clan
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"Brother Cheng!" Ling Dong Xing immediately plastered a smile on his face, raising his clasped hands towards Cheng Wen Kun in greeting.


"Come, come, come, you're the guest of honor today, I was worried you wouldn't be coming!" Cheng Wen Kun tugged on Ling Dong Xing's arm, presenting an image of cordiality and enthusiasm.


"This is Brother Cheng's banquet, how could I not give face to you?" Ling Dong Xing laughed loudly.


The two of them exchanged words, looking for all the world like a pair of old buddies. Those who didn't know the story would definitely not think that they were arch-enemies--either of them wanted nothing more than to see the other dead.


Ling Han gave a shrug. He had an utmost dislike for this kind of false politeness. Thankfully, in his last life, he was a genius of alchemy, thus there were only those who would flatter and curry favor with him and there was no need for him to do the same with anyone.


Cheng Wen Kun didn't even glance at Ling Han, as if he did not know that this was the person that had injured his two sons, and also the culprit behind the economic war between the two clans.


"Han'er, don't go too far," Ling Dong Xing instructed.


"Yes, Father!" Ling Han answered and followed him with Liu Yu Tong in tow.


Under the guidance of Cheng Wen Kun, they arrived very quickly at the Main Hall, where there were about a hundred banquet tables. At the moment, there were quite many who were already seated. As there was a name written on every banquet table, an incident of sitting at the wrong table would not happen easily.


The one who had made the arrangements for the Main Hall was a very attentive person, as he had considered the fact that some guests may arrive with female companions. As a result, although there was space for ten people at every banquet table, there would only be about five names written on each.


After Ling Han and Liu Yu Tong found their table, they took their seats.


"Young Master Han!"


There were already three others seated at this banquet table. They all greeted Ling Han, their faces filled with respect.


They were all young people, and also students of Gray Cloud Academy. Not too long ago, they had all witnessed Ling Han display his invincible might and defeat Cheng Xiang and his brother, plus they've also heard the fact that he was in the seventh layer of Body Refining Tier. Thus, they naturally dared not to display the slightest bit of contempt.


A sixteen-year-old in the seventh layer of Body Refining Tier.... in Gray Cloud Town, this kind of individual would more than deserve the name of genius.


Ling Han smiled in response. After all, they were giving him face, so naturally, there was no reason for him to give them the cold shoulder.


After a short while, Ling Mu Yun too took his seat at this table, and while he looked as if he had not seen Ling Han at all, his whole face was stiff. After another short while, Cheng Xiang walked over and also took a seat at this particular table.


"Ling Han, you're not looking too bad!" Cheng Xiang smiled coldly at Ling Han.


Ling Han gave him a look over and said, "Hehe, the injuries on your face seem to have recovered quite quickly."


Cheng Xiang's face reddened instantly. He considered the fact that he had been publicly defeated by Ling Han a great dishonor. Moreover, he was even forced to beg for mercy. Every time he recalled the incident, he wanted to commit suicide. However, after today, he would be able to completely erase this blemish on his honor and regain his pride.


"You can only have this short while to be pleased with yourself!" He said, coldly smiling, "Later, you will be kneeling in front of me to beg for my forgiveness!"


"Have you not taken your medicine? Or have you had an overdose?" Ling Han said, smiling.


Cheng Xiang did not say anything more, but the corners of his lips lifted up slightly, forming a mysterious smile.


The number of guests quickly increased. At first, most of the guests were still freely walking around. After all, this kind of banquet was also a good chance to endear yourself to your betters and to discuss business. But as more and more guests arrived, most sat down in their respective seats to wait for the banquet to begin.


The hostile relationship of the Ling Clan with the Cheng Clan was observed by all. They were the two greatest parties in Gray Cloud Town. If Cheng Clan decided to yield to Ling Han now, then after this, the Ling Clan would become the most dominant party in Gray Cloud Town.

As a result, there were many guests attending the banquet tonight; they were all here to witness a possibly historical moment.


Very soon, Cheng Wen Kun stood up and waved his hands in various directions, signifying that he had something to say. Most of the guests who had been whispering to each other also ceased their respective conversations, and the Main Hall became extremely quiet.


Was he going to admit defeat to the Ling Clan in public?

"The reason why I've invited all of you tonight here is to introduce someone to you," Cheng Wen Kun began.


As these words were heard, all those present put on blank expressions.


What was going on here? Wasn't the Cheng Clan supposed to be admitting defeat to the Ling Clan? How did this become someone's reception banquet? If they had known earlier, most of the guests would not have attended this banquet.


"Shua," the attention of the guests all switched focus to Ling Dong Xing. Now that the Cheng Clan has made such a move, then the one bearing the brunt of it would naturally be this Clan Head of the Ling Clan. They wanted to see how he would react.


But what invoked disappointment of most of the guests was the fact that Ling Dong Xing's face still maintained a serene smile, as if he couldn't care less.


Cheng Wen Kun continued to speak, "This person would be my nephew, Cheng Xiao Yuan, who left the clan at thirteen years old to become the disciple of one of the Elders of Stone Wolf Sect. Now that he has become slightly skilled, he has returned for a family visit."


Stone Wolf Sect!


All present experienced shock. The Stone Wolf Sect was the overlord within the surrounding thousand miles, and held ultimate power over tens of towns--including Gray Cloud Town. They could be considered the ultimate local tyrant. Cheng Wen Kun suddenly revealing this hidden card obviously meant that he had no plan to admit defeat to the Ling Clan. Instead, he was planning to use the Stone Wolf Sect to suppress the Ling Clan.

However, no matter how it was, Cheng Xiao Yuan was just a disciple of one of the Elders of Stone Wolf Sect, so his ability should be quite limited, right?


"Xiao Yuan has also very fortunately invited a very respected, noble guest!" Cheng Wen Kun was all smiles. This was his real trump card, "Let us welcome Chen Feng Lie, Elder Chen!"




An Elder of Stone Wolf Sect? That was a powerful existence in Gushing Spring Tier!


Cheng Wen Kun took the lead in clapping his hands in welcome, and consecutively, the other guests all joined in the applause. At this moment, an old man walked out of the living room and appeared in their midst. He had a medium-sized figure and was clad completely in vermilion. He had a full head of black hair and a rosy complexion that shone with a strange glow.

Behind the old man closely followed a young man, who had his hands held at his sides and brow lowered, presenting an image of utmost respect.

Without doubt, this old man must be Chen Feng Lie, while the young man should be Cheng Xiao Yuan.


Chen Feng Lie strode towards the host's table and, as if there wasn't anyone else around him, took his seat, appearing extremely arrogant. But no one dared to express disapproval towards this kind of attitude from him, because he was a powerful warrior in Gushing Spring Tier. Even if the man was only in the first layer of Gushing Spring Tier, he'd be able to easily dominate a person in the ninth layer of Element Gathering Tier. This was the ironclad rule of martial arts.


He did not speak a single word the whole while. In his eyes, this was the natural order of events. There was absolutely no one here that deserved to speak to him--had Cheng Xiao Yuan not begged and pleaded with him for many days, he would not even deign to show his face at such a setting.


Cheng Wen Kun directed a self-satisfied glance at Ling Dong Xing. His meaning was more or less, 'I've even managed to invite an Elder from the Stone Wolf Sect here, and you still dare to oppose me?'


Cheng Xiao Yuan did not sit with Chen Feng Lie at the host's table. Instead, he made his way to sit next to Cheng Xiang grandly.


This guy was in the Element Gathering Tier. He should not have broken through too long ago, as he was still in the first layer of Element Gathering Tier.


"Young Brother Xiang, I heard you had a spar with someone some days ago and lost?" Cheng Xiao Yuan asked Cheng Xiang.

"I was less skilled than my opponent, ai!" Cheng Xiang gave a deliberate sigh.

"Oh?" Cheng Xiao Yuan rose a brow, and said, "Who did you lose to? I would like to take a look at this person!"


"Hehe, he's seemingly far away, but actually close at hand!" Cheng Xiang's gaze turned towards Ling Han.

"So you lost to this young genius?" Cheng Xiao Yuan smiled coldly, also looking at Ling Han, and said in challenge, "Do you dare to have a spar with me?"
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