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Chapter 360: A Ghostly Manor?
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Only Guang Yuan and Ling Han were to participate in the movement this time round.

They were only going to take a look at things, and not going there looking for a fight. Thus, they did not need too many people with them. Furthermore, only Can Ye could be considered as an acceptable fighter amongst their group; the others were still too inexperienced.

As for Yue Kai Yu, he was still snoring loudly away. After drinking so much, he would definitely not be waking up before tomorrow.

Ling Han and Guang Yuan made use of the darkness of the night to move, and wove through all the main streets and small alleys of the Sea Breeze City. Soon, a massive manor appeared in front of their eyes. Multiple lanterns were hung all around the manor, hinting at the tremendous wealth the manor's owner possessed.

Ling Han leaped up onto the roof, and as he swept his eyes over, surprise filled his expression.

Although it was completely bright all around the manor, inside the manor itself, there was only darkness as not one room was lit. Even if it could be explained by saying that it was already midnight and thus most people would have slept by now… it was still strange for such a huge manor to be completely as dark as ink like this.

Guang Yuan instantly wanted to climb over the walls and enter, yet was restrained by Ling Han.

"There's an alarm array in place," Ling Han said. Even without making use of the Eye of Truth, he could still sense it with his divine sense of the Heaven Tier.

Guang Yuan immediately stopped. He naturally did not have the slightest bit of doubt about Ling Han's words. This young man was too terrifying. He was only seventeen years old, and not only was he already an Earth Grade alchemist, Ling Han was also his equal in martial arts.

"Can you dismantle it?" he asked quietly.

Ling Han smiled faintly and answered, "It's not too difficult."

This was only an alarm array, and not a massive array like the Mountain Protection Great Array. Furthermore, because Ling Han had entered so many ancient historical sites in the past, this was the type of array that he was most familiar with.

The Black Tower was getting more and more abundant in materials, and only a thought from Ling Han was needed to withdraw them one after another. Soon enough, he had torn a hole into the alarm array and stepped into the manor with Guang Yuan at his side.

"How eerie!" Guang Yuan could not help but fold his arms.

Ling Han nodded. From the outside, he had already sensed that there was something off with how dark the manor was. Now that he had stepped into the manor, there was an additional feeling of eeriness and terror.

The two of them passed through the garden and entered a courtyard on tiptoes.

They observed silently from the corner. In an uncertain situation, it was naturally best to be extremely careful and cautious. However, after only a short while, the both of them looked surprised, and exchanged a look.

...Such a massive manor was actually as silent as a grave, and there was not the slightest bit of sound to be heard.

Even if it was the middle of the night and the residents were all asleep, there should still be the sound of breathing, right?

However, this place was so quiet that there wasn't even the sound of people breathing. It was as if all the residents of this manor had been massacred and no one was left alive.

They entered the courtyard and began their search. However, as they searched one room after another, their expressions became increasingly dark.

There was no one in any of the rooms.

There was neither any living person nor any corpse.

What was going on here?

"Let's go take a look over there." Ling Han pointed at another courtyard.

Guang Yuan nodded, and the two of them went to search the other courtyard. However, the results were the same. There was no one, alive nor dead.

"Let's separate and search. After one hour, we will meet back at the place we came in," Ling Han said. This manor was very large, and for courtyards alone, there were close to twenty of them here.

"All right!"

After an hour, the two of them appeared back at the point of their entry.

They shook their heads respectively. Neither of them had found anything.

There was not a single person in this whole manor!

How could this be?

"Let's go out first and examine it from the outside," Ling Han said. The two of them exited the Duan Residence and waited for daybreak.

When the cockerel crowed, they saw the manor suddenly come alive. One after another, people came out of their rooms, and life came back to the manor instantly.

Ling Han and Guang Yuan exchanged a look, yet a cold feeling rose up from their very hearts.

This was too abnormal!

"If you look closely, the crowd seem to have all come from that room," Ling Han said. Currently, he and Guang Yuan were seated on the top of a loft. Thanks to their high position, they could see very clearly.

Guang Yuan nodded. "En, I've seen that room before. It should be a very ordinary hall. But it definitely can't contain so many people. Moreover, I've checked it before. At that time, there was definitely no one inside! Not even a damn shadow of a person!"

Ling Han looked curious at this, and said, "Then there must be a secret passage inside. At night, they would enter through this secret passage, and then come out at dawn. No wonder we didn't find anyone yesterday. They should have hidden themselves in an underground secret chamber. But what makes me curious is, why would they have to do that?"

This was the Duan Residence, their own territory. What was the reason for them to leave their comfortable rooms and hide undergound instead?

"We'll go back first, then come back tonight for another probe," Ling Han said. This time, even he was starting to feel very curious.

When the two of them returned to the inn, Yue Kai Yun had finally woken up, but he still had a hangover and was currently gripping onto his head. Any slightly loud sound was enough to make him bare his teeth in pain.

"Ha, let's see if you dare to get yourself drunk again." Ling Han laughed deliberately loudly.

Yue Kai Yu hurriedly covered his ears and asked, "I seem to remember you were the one who had purposely encouraged me to drink?"

Ling Han laughed and said, "Go and drink some ginger soup. I'll bring you to a nice place tonight."

Yue Kai Yu instantly looked at Ling Han strangely and said, "I say, you already have two beautiful girls, and you still want to go to indulge in sensual pleasures? It'd be fine for me alone to go to that kind of place."

Ling Han was at a loss at first before he finally realized what he was taking about. He couldn't help but shake his head, then said, "What filthy thoughts!"

"Pei. I'm not as filthy as you. You already have two beautiful girls, and you're still interested in those women outside." Yue Kai Yu expressed his disdain.

After Yue Kai Yu meditated for a while and completely recovered from his hangover, Ling Han introduced Zhu Wu Jiu, Can Ye and Guang Yuan to him.

"Haha, since you all are Junior Brother Han's friends, then you all will be my friends from now on as well," he said very boldly. This was to give face to Ling Han. If it was anyone else, the Young Master of the Yue Clan would not be in such a good temper.

He was at first planning to urge Ling Han to set out, yet Ling Han said he wanted to buy some items at the Sea Breeze City and prepare a bit. Additionally, he also wanted to bring Yue Kai Yu to a nice place tonight. As a result, he could only suppress this urge and went to buy some rations as well. It would at least take them half a year after they had entered the Dark Devil Forest, so he had to ensure that they were sufficiently prepared.

As the only grandson of the Yue Clan, he naturally had a spatial ring of his own.

He was initially a bit proud, but when he saw that even Hu Niu had one when she took out some dried meat to chew on, he was instantly struck with a blow. Furthermore, when he smelt the delicious aroma of the meat, he could feel his mouth begin to water.

This guy had really thick skin, he actually went to beg for some meat from Hu Niu. And Hu Niu, who usually thought of food as if it was her very life, very generously gave him a piece, which made Yue Kai Yu scarf it down with his eyebrows twitching.

Gods, how could there be something so delicious in this world.

Within a few moments, Yue Kai Yu was completely bought over by Hu Niu.

At night, when Ling Han called over Guang Yuan and Yue Kai Yu and the group set out towards the Duan Residence, he heard Yue Kai Yu deadpan, "Junior Brother Han, so Hu Niu is your cup of tea! Tsk, tsk, tsk. You really have a unique taste, to like this kind of young sprout."
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